Victoria Cece


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Victoria is a spirited writer with a love of storytelling. She supports her clients in carrying out targeted content strategies that foster organic SEO growth, increased traffic, and lead conversion. I am also skilled in developing creative email marketing and social media strategies.


Victoria is an experienced canine researcher and writer focused on empowering dog owners to better care for and strengthen their bonds with their pets.
Beyond dogs, there’s nothing that she loves more than food and wine. She is invested in learning more about wine production. There isn't a grape varietal or vineyard she wouldn't mind exploring. The stories you find and the people you meet through wine (and food!) are truly magical. Her winemaking experience includes 2 wine harvests, one in Sonoma County and the other in Panzano, Italy.


Victoria graduated from New York University with a BA in Global Liberal Studies, Law, Ethics, and Religion.

Expertise: Global Liberal Studies

Location: New York, USA

Title: Writer

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