The Cutest Grinch You’ve Ever Seen – Police Dog Steals Donated Toys And Evades Arrest

For weeks, officers with the Franklin Police Department have worked diligently to put together a local toy drive. They’ve been collecting new toys to make sure every child in their area has something to open up for Christmas. Their hard work has paid off, and they have quite the stash being stored at the station. But when they noticed a few toys had gone missing, they opened an investigation. It didn’t take long to discover the culprit. They even caught him red handed…erhm, pawed.
Ben Franklin is a therapy dog with an official position within the police force. He makes regular appearances at schools, senior centers, and community events. His job is to help people who have experienced trauma or are feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed. Ben is good at his job, but he can also be a bit…mischievous.

The police dog was quickly identified as a suspect in the case of the missing toys. Ben is a great therapy dog, but he’s not such a great thief. He was caught on camera pilfering a baby doll and tried to evade officers when he realized he was caught.
An intense chase broke out, and Ben ended up leading his pursuers to evidence of past crimes. Franklin Police Deputy Chief James Mill told Boston25 News,

“The facility is locked down, so we knew it was pretty simple to figure out it was Ben. When Ben saw the toys, he thought they all belonged to him.”

It’s an easy mistake to make for a police dog who loves attention and toys.  The internal investigation into the misappropriation of donated goods is ongoing, but Ben is likely to be let off easy. Despite showing absolutely no remorse for his crimes, officers don’t plan on pressing charges.
When you’re as cute as Ben, it’s easy to get away with things. Franklin police officers say Ben is “like a ray of sunshine,” and his grinch-like crimes are a fluke in his otherwise spotless reputation. He’s no longer allowed in the room with the toys, but we can be sure he’ll have his own Christmas presents when the time is right.

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