How Fast Can a Beagle Run – Best Beagle Exercise Tips

Beagles are charming dogs loved for their sweet nature, brilliant brain, and adorable drooping ears. Their hunting nature makes them super athletic dogs – a Beagle is always ready to play! So, how fast can a Beagle run? And, what makes Beagles speedy hunting dogs? It all comes down to their fascinating history.

There are various ancient breeds linked to Beagles. Some even believe that Beagles’ ancestors date back to ancient Greek times. But, what’s most profound about a Beagle’s lineage is its ancestor the Talbot Hound. In the 8th century, this hound was said to be bred with the Greyhound. This could explain how the Beagle came to be such a speedster.

No matter if this history is true or not, Beagles for sure know how to run. Let’s explore just how fast beagles are and all the ways we can keep our Beagles active.

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How Fast can a Beagle Run?

Surprisingly, Beagles aren’t considered one of the fastest dog breeds. But, that doesn’t mean that these pups aren’t quick on their feet. Beagles can actually run anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. That’s pretty fast especially when you compare it to the average dog running speed, which is around 15 to 20 miles per hour.

What makes Beagles so fast? We have to remember that these are hunting dogs. They have an amazing sense of smell. Let’s put it in perspective: humans have 5 million olfactory receptors. These receptors are what help us detect smells through our noses. A Beagle has about 225 million receptors. Imagine what it would be like to smell things 45 times more intensely, aka have a Beagles nose.

Having such an impressive sense of smell definitely affects the way Beagles engage with their environment. If you were able to smell something delicious so powerfully, like a slice of pizza, you’d probably run so fast towards it too, so no one else would steal it. That’s essentially the life of a Beagle, except they hopefully aren’t looking for pizza. If they are, you better hide your slice!

Understanding a Beagle’s sense of smell explains why Beagles are more sprinters than long-distance runners. Beagles have excellent stamina to run short distances very quickly. As hunting dogs, they need to be quick on their feet to pounce on their catch. With a beagle's nose, there's no need for a marathon of chasing. A Beagles can sense things that are miles away.

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Can Beagles Run Long Distances?

Some pet owners believe that the speediness and athleticism of a Beagle mean that these dogs can be trained for long-distance running. Pet owners don’t all agree with this statement.

That's because Beagles aren’t built for running longer distances. They are small dogs that aren’t long and lean like Greyhounds or Weimaraners. Beagles may have high energy and strong stamina, but not one tough enough to endure miles of running. This is why many oppose training a Beagle for long distances.

Yet, it’s important to note that every Beagle is unique. Some can keep up for maybe just a mile, while others are excited to try to go 3 or 4. It all depends on your Beagles’ training and observing how tired your pup is. So, if you go on a run with your Beagle, be vigilant of how your little guy feels.

Training a Beagle for long-distance running takes time. It’s always important to gently test how far your Beagle can run. You shouldn't begin this training with a Beagle puppy – it's best to wait until your Beagle is grown up.

Take your adult Beagle pup on a moderate run and see how it reacts. If your Beagle can handle 3 miles, then he could maybe go a little further next time. But, do not expect your Beagle to run a 10k. Running exceptionally long distances can only injure your Beagle.

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Possible Issues to Look Out For

When playing and exercising with your Beagle, you should always be aware of how your dog feels. Your Beagle’s behavior can tell you whether the exercise is benefitting them or is doing them more harm than good.

Signs of Exhaustion

The biggest sign to look out for is exhaustion. There are few major symptoms of exhaustion in Beagles. Sweating, sluggishness, and dehydration are the main ones. If you spot any of these signs, stop running or exercising with your Beagle immediately. These symptoms mean your pup needs a rest!

It's also super important to pay attention to signs of heatstroke. It doesn’t need to be 100 degrees outside for a dog to suffer from this condition. Since dogs work a little harder to cool off (they have a ton of fur to deal with!) they are more susceptible to heatstroke in less intense temperatures.

There are a few symptoms of heatstroke you should always pay attention to. The most common are drooling, have a high heart rate, or having redder gums and tongue. Also, your Beagle will probably be very hot when you touch him or her.

As the heatstroke progresses, your Beagle's blood pressure can drop and your dog may begin hyperventilated. If the heatstroke symptoms aren’t treated by now, your dog can be a risk of muscle tremors and passing out.

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Will my Beagle Run Away?

Earlier, we touched on just how incredible a Beagle’s sense of smell is and how it influences a Beagles’s speed. Sometimes, a Beagle’s mighty nose can cause them to run away. It’s not that they don’t want to hang out with you. It’s hard for Beagles to ignore what they smell!

There are two main things that will distract a Beagle when outside. First, it could be just one random scent, whether that’s a burger on the grill or a bird in the trees. Your Beagle could also smell another dog’s pheromones. These chemicals are little signals dogs give off when experiencing stress.

Remember: Beagles can smell things we can’t. There isn’t a way you can keep them from smelling things miles away. So, to prevent your Beagle from running off, you need to use a different approach.

The most reliable way to keep your Beagle from running off is by using a leash. An extendable leash is the best choice, as it gives your pup enough room to sniff and explore. You can easily find an affordable leash on Amazon or any online store.

Another way to prevent your Beagle from running off is to avidly exercise with your Beagle. If your dog only gets out once or maybe twice a day, he or she is going to have a ton of energy stored up, waiting to be used. Regular walks and playtime will make your pup tire out just a little faster on each walk or run, making them less likely to sprint away!

Different Ways to Exercise

Just because a beagle can’t run long distances, doesn’t mean you can’t do exercise activities with your pup. Beagles have a ton of energy. There are plenty of ways to get in some physical activity with your Beagle that is healthy, safe, and fun.


Beagles are fantastic hiking companions, as long as the trail isn’t very long or advanced. Your Beagle will love exploring and sniffing everything on the trail. It's best to keep your Beagle pup on a leash, as scents may send them running!


Once you know just how comfortable your Beagle is with running, you can definitely make them your running partners. Going on a short distance run with your Beagle will help you both to get some cardio in a healthy safe way. Just make sure you always check in on your Beagle and double-check your pup is keeping up. If he or she seems tired, let them rest.


Beagles are awesome at playing frisbee. That’s because they're hunting dogs. Their instinct to catch things makes them very quick to learn this fun outdoor game. It will take a few tries to get your Beagle puppy's attention. You can try using a tennis ball first, as Beagles adore them. Then, you can slowly introduce a frisbee!

 Dog Park

Beagles are gentle and sweet dogs. Bringing them to a dog park is always a great idea, as it boosts your Beagle’s social skills.

Dog parks will teach your Beagle how to engage with all different kinds of dogs. Of course, you need to observe your Beagle when you first bring him to the dog park. Keep your Beagle on a leash and watch how your pup interacts with other dogs. If your Beagle is consistently friendly, you can slowly let him off the leash to make friends on his or her own.

Hide and Seek

Hunting dogs are the best to play hide and seek with. They can sniff their way into finding nearly anything. Hide and seek is also a fantastic way to stimulate your Beagle’s mind and keep it sharp.

So, how can you play a game of hide and seek with your Beagle? You'll need your Beagle’s favorite treats. Place the treats somewhere in the house. Instead of counting, you can give your Beagle a command to go find them.

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How Much Exercise Does My Beagle Need?

The activity levels of a Beagle vary from dog to dog. In general, adult Beagles need a good balance of basic exercise and cardio. These dogs do have tons of energy. If not used, you’ll have to deal with a very restless pup!

It's best to walk your Bagle twice a day, at a minimum. Walking is such a healthy form of exercise, for dogs and humans alike. It allows us to build strength in our muscles, especially our heart, without doing any severe damage.

Cardio is where you need to be a little more observant of your pup. Every Beagle has different ranges of energy levels. But, all Beagles can keep up, especially when a great game of fetch is involved. Throwing a tennis ball around, playing frisbee, or short-distance runs are reliable ways to give your Beagle some cardio.


Beagle dogs are some of the most intelligent and playful dog breeds. They have high energy and a vibrant personality. By knowing how to safely exercise with your Beagle, you can increase your pup's life expectancy and overall happiness. tiny beagle puppy

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