15 Fun Places to Take Your Borador

What do you get when you mix a labrador retriever and a border collie? A borador, of course. Boradors are a mixed breed, bred for their family-friendly personalities. They are loving, friendly, and outgoing dogs that make great family pets. They also have a ton of energy thanks to their blend of two energetic and curious dog breeds. Your borador pup will require a lot of attention as they are active dogs with plenty of energy to burn. But despite their high activity level, the border collie mix is an excellent dog for new pet owners. They are easy to train and have a naturally friendly nature. However, you will need to keep the border collie labrador entertained. Fortunately, there are plenty of places to take your borador that will satisfy their curiosity and energy needs. That's why we came up with 15 fun places to take your borador that you’ll both enjoy!

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15 Fun Places To Take Your Borador

The borador dog is fun to be around; they get along well with people, kids, and other dog breeds. The borador dog breed thrives in social situations and makes great loyal companions. Your borador will likely inherit some of the personality traits of its labrador retriever and border collie parent, namely, a herding instinct (from the border collie parent) and retrieving instinct (from the labrador parent). Their personality means they are most adept at places they can be social and burn off energy. Here are 15 fun places to take your borador that will keep the both of you entertained.

1. Beach

Most dogs love water (except for pugs), but your borador will likely enjoy it even more thanks to their labrador DNA. The labrador retriever descends from the St. John’s water dog; a dog breed used to help anglers retrieve fishing gear from the water. Labradors love being in the water and are superior swimmers. Your borador puppy will have a blast at the beach, jumping through waves and swimming along the coastline. Make sure you take proper safety measures when taking your borador (or any pet) to the beach.

If shade isn't available, always carry a tent, sun shade, or umbrella to set up so they can rest in the shade. Dogs can overheat and even sunburn if they are in direct sunlight. The shade will allow them to cool off and protect them from the sun’s harsh rays. Also, check to make sure they don’t drink the seawater. In addition to the heat, saltwater dehydrates, damaging your borador pup’s kidneys if they ingest too much. Keep plenty of fresh water available for your borador when they become thirsty. And while your borador is naturally a great swimmer, don’t let them swim in choppy water. Even a border collie lab mix is no match for strong undertows and large ocean waves.borador at the beach 

2. River or Lake

For the same reason your border collie mix will enjoy going to the beach, they’ll love spending the day by a river or lake. Taking your borador to swim in freshwater means you don’t have to worry much about undertows or choppy waves. Your borador puppy can swim safely without worrying about accidentally getting carried out to sea. And they may prefer freshwater over saltwater, which could irritate their skin. In addition, a river or lake surrounded by trees provides cooler temperatures and a much more relaxed atmosphere than a crowded and sunny beach.

Bring toys for your pup to play with in the water for extra fun. Play a game of water fetch where you throw their favorite tennis ball in the water for them to retrieve. Then they can splish and splash all day while you relax on the shore with a picnic. Just be wary of wildlife that might be dangerous to your borador pup. For example, water snakes or alligators are more common in tropical climates in Southeast North America. But these reptiles can and will attack dogs. To avoid this risk, stick to rivers and lakes where these creatures aren’t likely to be.

3. Hiking Trail in Woods

The borador dog breed requires a lot of vigorous exercise to burn off their extra energy. According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Labrador and Border Collies are energetic breeds, thriving when they have ample space to run and a job assigned. Large dog breeds like a border collie lab mix will require the maximum daily activity allowance, especially when they are puppies. However, puppies may need shorter but more frequent spurts of exercise. Hiking is an excellent exercise for both you and your borador mixed breed. Find a wooded hiking trail or a trail where shade is accessible, where you and your borador can walk and explore for hours. If you can, find a path where your borador can walk off-leash. They’ll have more freedom to roam and track down new smells.

Just be sure to check them for ticks when you get home! Ticks thrive in wooded areas, and if your borador is prone to sticking their nose in bushes or rolling around in the grass, there’s a good chance they’ll encounter them. In addition, ticks carry diseases like Rocky Mountain Fever and Lyme disease, which can affect humans and dogs. So if you spend time with your dog in the woods during summer, invest in a dog-friendly tick spray.hiking trail

4. Dog Park

Dogs are sociable animals, but not all dogs get along. The designer dog, known as the chihuahua, can be a great companion for its human mom or dad. But they are typically aggressive towards other dogs and pets. The borador, however, is a highly sociable and friendly dog breed. They get along well with other dogs and pets and are generally non-aggressive. For that reason, your borador would love a trip to the dog park where they can play and make doggy friends. Dog parks are great for dogs who are the sole pet at home and don’t get much social interaction with other animals. They can play for hours with each other while you get to watch from the sidelines. Dogs at a dog park tire themselves out without their owners having to lift a finger. Check out your local dog park if you want your border lab to be better socialized with their kind.dog park 

5. Dog-Friendly Pet Store

What child doesn’t love going to the toy store to pick out a new toy? Your furry child will also love getting a new toy like human kids. Dog-friendly pet stores are a fun place to go with your borador pup when you’re both looking for something to do. Your fur baby can peruse the different aisles, sniff the smells of pets who came beforehand and maybe even meet up with a doggy friend. Once they get to the toy aisle, you can let them pick out a new chew toy. Toys are important for stimulating dogs’ brains and staving off boredom. Chew toys especially are suitable for your borador as they love a good chew session. Chewing for dogs helps strengthen their jaws and acts as a tooth cleaner. It also helps to relax your borador and reduce their anxiety. Your pup will be over the moon at the chance to choose their chew toy at their favorite pet store.

6. Dog-Friendly Bar

Do you and your dog need to chill out and relieve some stress? Dog-friendly bars are like regular bars that serves alcohol, except they allow your furry friends to accompany you. Your borador is a great dog to take with you to a dog bar because of their easy-going nature. You won’t have to worry about them starting fights with other dogs or being aggressive towards people. Instead, they will sit by your side while enjoying your favorite beverages. And while your borador can’t imbibe on a cocktail themselves, dog bars will typically provide your pup with all the water they can drink. In addition, some dog bars have playtime areas for your pups to play with one another. It’s a fun experience for both you and your borador because you can hang out with your friends at the same time.

7. Starbucks

Like dog bars, some Starbucks shops are dog friendly. Starbucks offers a special treat for pups called the “Puppuccino." A puppuccino is whipped cream served in an espresso cup that you can give to your borador. It’s a small, sweet treat for your pup when they are being an extra good boy or girl. Find a dog-friendly Starbucks with an outdoor seating area where you and your borador can relax with your drinks. You’ll both get out of the house while having something to sip (or slurp). But be cautious of giving your borador too many puppuccinos; some dogs are lactose intolerant and will get sick from too much dairy. If you’re unsure whether your borador can tolerate dairy, give them only a small amount at a time to see how they do.

8. Soccer Field

Your borador needs space to let off steam, and a wide-open field is a perfect place for them to do that. Take your borador to a local soccer field and let them off leash to run around as they please. Bring a ball or frisbee to play a game of fetch if your border collie mix is partial to their labrador retriever DNA. Retrieving is what a lab was bred for; thus, a game of fetch is the perfect game to play with your borador. They will want to chase and retrieve continuously for as long as you allow them to. Running around a soccer field for half an hour is an easy way to meet your borador’s exercise requirements; continuous sprinting burns more energy than walking around the block. Your borador will tire themselves out more quickly and be ready for naptime when you get home. But be sure to take some water with you, especially if the walk or ride home is long. Dogs can overheat and exhaust themselves from too much play. They need water to stay hydrated and cool off properly.soccer field 

9. Dog-Friendly Pool

Pools are a cleaner and safer way to swim when you want to cool off in the water. Unfortunately, many public pools prohibit dogs from swimming, so unless you have a pool at home, you will need to find a dog-friendly pool for your friend. Dog-friendly pools offer you and your borador the unique experience of taking a swim. A dog-friendly pool is incredibly convenient if you live in an urban area without clean lakes or rivers nearby for your borador to take a dip. Some dog-friendly pools are only for dogs, like a dog park but with water. Other dog-friendly pools allow you and your dog to swim with other people and their pups. Check out dog-friendly pool parties near you for a fun experience to do with your borador.

10. Obedience School

The borador dog breed is generally good-natured and doesn't require much training because they are naturally obedient and non-aggressive. However, obedience training can benefit any dog whether or not they have behavioral issues. Dogs who are well trained are easier to handle and pose less risk of hurting other people or animals. It’s also an excellent way to keep their minds stimulated. Obedience training gives your borador a new challenge to overcome. They will learn new skills and be better-behaved dogs overall. Of course, positive reinforcement in the form of treats will make the training go even faster.obedience school  

11. Outdoor Picnic

Any time a border collie lab can be outside, they’re ecstatic. An outdoor picnic is a fun way to enjoy the outdoors while eating a yummy lunch. Pack some food for both you and your borador and find an open field or park to enjoy it. Then, you can spend the whole afternoon cuddling with your border collie lab on a picnic blanket or playing fetch. Your pup will love being outdoors, but more importantly, they’ll love spending time with you.

12. Go Paddleboarding

Thanks to their high energy output, your borador pup is as adventurous as they come. They are an outgoing dog breed ready to explore anything and everything. Because they’re such great swimmers, they make excellent companions for water sports. So take your border collie lab to the beach or lake and put them on a paddleboard. It will give them something new to learn and experience. And don’t be upset if they take to the sport better than you do. Remember, the labrador is made for the water.

13. Muddy Dog Challenge

Check out the Muddy Dog Challenge if you and your dog like to get dirty. The Muddy Dog Challenge is an obstacle course that takes you and your border collie mix through 2.5k of mud pits, tunnels, and more. You will compete with other pet owners and their dogs for the ultimate muddy dog experience. Very rarely will your dog get the chance to get muddy under your approval. They might think you’ve lost your mind but won’t dare hesitate to jump into an enormous mud pit. Just make sure you have plenty of dog shampoo at home for afterward.

14. Go On a Road Trip

Because your collie mix is such a naturally well-behaved dog breed, they make great company on road trips. Borador dogs love car rides, especially when sticking their head out the window. If you’ve been itching to take a road trip cross country, your borador will be the perfect companion. They can chill out in the back seat, enjoying the gentle hum of the car. Or you can roll the windows down and let them enjoy the wind in their ears. They’ll have fun exploring the rest stop and meeting other dogs when it's time for a potty break. They’ll love a chance to travel alongside their favorite human and see a change of scenery (and new scents).car on highway 

15. Dog-Friendly Farm

Many border collie mix dogs are great with other animals. They are more interested in them than they are in hunting them. If you know your borador to be gentle with other creatures, take them to a farm. A farm will give them plenty of new and exciting scents to pick up on. They will meet animals they’ve never had a chance to meet before and might even make a new friend or two. More importantly, it gets them outside and keeps both their mind and nose stimulated. Plus, it gives you both something new to do together.

The Takeaway

Having fun with your borador pooch isn’t hard because they are a friendly and energetic breed, always down for a good time. Your borador will be happy anywhere there’s water, or somewhere they can be close to you.

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