Bus Driver Helps Two Lost Dogs Make It Home For Christmas

There’s never a good time of the year for your dogs to get lost, but it’s especially heart wrenching when your fur babies go missing during the holidays. That was the grim reality for a family in Milwaukee. Their two dogs disappeared right before Christmas, but a kind bus driver went out of her way make their Christmas wish come true.

Jamie Grabowski was just finishing up her shift driving for the Milwaukee County Transit System when she saw something on the side of the road. It ended up being a pair of beautiful dogs. The dogs seemed unhurt, but the temperature had dipped below freezing and the dogs looked lost and confused.

Watch the video from Milwaukee County Transit below!

By this time, it was after midnight and Jamie had just finished a long shift right before Christmas. She was looking forward to going home, but she knew she couldn’t leave the dogs by the road. Without hesitation, she stopped her bus and got out.

Jamie approached the young pit bull and Doberman Pinscher and was greeted by their wagging tails and hopeful faces. They looked at her expectantly, and there seemed like only one thing to do. Jamie gently coaxed the two big dogs through the doors and into her bus. They were out of the cold, but they still weren’t where they belonged. Jamie knew the two sweeties deserved to be at home for the holidays, so she made a few calls.

Jamie waited with the dogs on her bus until help arrived. She stroked their fur and played with them hoping to keep them calm and relaxed during this stressful situation. When a police officer arrived to collect the dogs, they were finally on their way back home.

After a stressful night, the dogs were soon reunited with their family. The adventurous duo had escaped their home about two and a half miles away from where Jamie found them. Their family spent all night searching the area with no luck.

Thanks to Jamie, the dogs made it home just in time for Christmas.

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