Canine 411: All About The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are gorgeous and loyal pups that are a great addition to any family. But, how much do we know about this breed? If you’re curious to learn more about Cavs, continue reading to discover all the best facts about this regal breed!

These dogs do come from royalty

Spaniels may have their origins in Spain, yet the reason we have the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is actually because of the Brits…
There was a lot of foreign exchange in the 17th century, with one of them being Toy Spaniels, the most recent ancestor to Cavs. These adorable dogs were a favorite of British royalty, starting with the Tudors. Yet, it wasn’t until these Spaniels became the favorite of King Charles I and his son King Charles II, that these dogs received their royal name.
These dogs were so loved by King Charles II that he actually instituted a royal decree to let these dogs roam almost anywhere they pleased. This included even the House of Parliament. The best part – this decree is still in place today!
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy

Cavs aren’t just lap dogs

When they say ‘get you a dog who can do both,’ they’re talking about a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. These dogs can be cuddly and sweet lapdogs. Cavs can also channel their hunting roots and become the rowdiest pups around.
Whether it’s a game of fetch or just going on a walk with you, a Cav is always down to let out its energetic spirit. With that said, Cavaliers really do love attention. They aren’t the kind you can leave alone for a while. If they have energy, they rather spend it with you.

These Spaniels are the best companions

Any Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you meet, you’ll know quite immediately that the dog is a true lover. Cavs absolutely adore humans. This doesn’t just go for their humans at home – Cavs are super friendly to everyone they meet. This makes these dogs excellent for families, even ones with other animals.  Cavs were chosen by royals for centuries for a reason!
With that said, Cavs do not make the best guard dogs. Yes, these dogs can bark up a storm when they want to. But, their sweet temperament makes them more likely to gracefully greet a (potentially dangerous)stranger than to scare them away.
black cavalier king charles spaniel

Cavs making training easy

Cavs aren’t just pretty pups – they love to learn too. A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is willing to try out new things, especially if there are rewards involved. This makes teaching your Cav how to walk with a leash or do any tricks quite fun.
Just make sure you’re not too harsh with a Cav. These dogs are softies. They really don’t respond well to yelling or any hostile behavior. So, choose positive reinforcement instead. Cavs are always trying to please their humans, so reminding them that they’re doing a great job by giving them a treat can help your Cav pup continue on its best behavior.
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel facts

They also come in 4 different colors

Cavs come in not one, but four different colored coats. No matter their color, every Cavalier King Charles Spaniel has a smooth medium-length coat. Their hair is very silky, reminiscent of their regal history.
So, what colors can Cavs be? The most popular is Blenheim, which is a Cav with a white coat with chestnut markings. There are black and tan Cavs as well, which have a black coat with tan highlights. We cannot confirm if these dogs were named after the popular Guinness drink, though…
There are also ruby Cavs, which are just one color – chestnut red. Finally, there are tri-color Cavs, which you don’t see often. These Cavs have all of the colors. They even have tan ‘eyebrows’ – how cute!
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs

Cavs do best with a grooming routine fit for a King

What makes a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel beautiful to look at is its coat. To make sure a Cav’s coat stays as shiny as possible, you should brush a Cav daily. This may seem intense, but this dog’s coat can easily get tangled. More knots mean more painful grooming for your pup. So, regular brushing can help your Cav live a pain-free, fabulous life.

You should always keep an eye on a Cav’s health

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are susceptible to a few health issues. As purebreds, they can face genetically inherited diseases. In particular, Cavs suffer from heart issues, like Mitral Valve disease, and joint issues. It’s very important to bring your Cav to the vet routinely to make sure your pup’s in good health.
Do you or someone you know have a Cav at home? We hope this all about the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel inspired you to share fun facts with other Cav lovers you know.
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