The Best Dog Food for Beagles Revealed (Nutritional Guide)

best dog food for beagles

Beagles are happy, yappy, and energetic dogs. Their incredible nose is always leading them to something yummy. That's because Beagles are born and bred hunting dogs, with a nose that can find anything.
Beagles are great at finding food because they love eating food! Since Beagles are super active pups, they need a quality diet that sustains their energy levels, immune system, and overall wellness. A beagle, like many smaller dog breeds, can have a sensitive stomach and needs to eat foods that make its tummies happy. Also, a Beagle's body changes throughout its life, meaning its diet needs to adapt too.
All of these details can make shopping for dog food a little overwhelming. But, by learning a little more about Beagles, finding the right dog food will seem very simple. And, the right dog food will make your Beagle feel even happier too!
When it comes to deciding what is the best dog food for beagles, there are few things you must consider before making a purchase. We broke it all down for you so that your next dog food shopping trip is a blissful one. 

Beagle Basics

Hunters at heart, Beagles are very intelligent and loyal pups. They are always sniffing their way into something. That’s because Beagles are hunting dogs, who lead their lives by their noses. We aren't kidding – a Beagle's nose is almost 50 times stronger than a human. We can only imagine how hard it would be to resist food with a Beagle's nose.
A Beagle’s hunting nature also makes this dog breed a very active one. Beagles are nothing close to lapdogs. These dogs love to play and need to exert a lot of energy. A Beagle's dietary needs reflect that, as these pups have an intense appetite!

What weight should a Beagle be?

how fast can a Beagle run?

Watching a Beagle’s weight is very important. Despite how much these pups love to play, Beagles can easily become overweight. That’s because Beagles are very susceptible to overeating. It seems like a Beagle’s nose can be a little too powerful for its tummy!
Knowing the healthy weight range for a Beagle can help ensure your pup stays healthy. How much your adult beagle ways all depends on if they're male or female. Male dogs tend to be bulkier compared to females. Therefore, male Beagles are around 20 to 24 pounds whereas female Beagles are often a little lighter, at 20 to 22 pounds.
Making sure your Beagle is in a normal body weight range can help protect your dog’s health. Being overweight can put a Beagle at risk for multiple health problems, like diabetes and obesity.
If you are worried your Beagle is gaining weight, you can easily weigh your pup at home.  Since Beagles are medium-sized dogs, it's very easy to measure your Beagle on a home scale. Simply weigh yourself, then weigh yourself holding your Beagle. All you have to do is subtract your weight difference. 
Of course, your vet will always weigh your pup. But, to keep an extra eye on your dog's weight, you can always weigh your Beagle at home.

How to Keep a Beagle Active?

best dog food for beagles

Being a lapdog isn’t in a Beagle’s nature. Beagles are always looking to run around and play at all times of the day. So, it wouldn't be that surprising to hear that Beagles are notorious for getting restless. Without enough movement, these pups may start stirring up trouble at home (aka sniffing out your favorite pair of shoes and chewing them up!)
Keeping your Beagle active and entertained is a top priority if you have a Beagle. Adult Beagles need walks at least twice a day. We aren't talking a few minutes outside your door – Beagles need a long walk on a leash so that they can get all their sniffs and energy out. 
Overall, it's best to let your Beagle get as much activity as possible. And there are plenty of ways to do so! 
Since they’re hunters, the Beagles love a good game. You can even play hide and seek with your Beagle. You'll be surprised how quickly your pup can sniff out a treat hiding anywhere in the house. 
There’s nothing that the Beagles love more than tennis balls. Although these dogs can be a little stubborn, with training, you can teach Beagles to play an awesome game of fetch. You can also play frisbee with your pup too.
Taking your Beagle to the dog park is a great way to give your Beagle exercise as well. Being around other dogs will excite your Beagle and help boost your pup's social skills. Of course, always observe and keep your Beagle on a leash at first, to make sure your Beagle is safe and friendly around other dogs.
You can also take your Beagle on a run. However, it's important to know that Beagles are not long-distance runners. They prefer to sprint! With that said, Beagles can handle a couple of miles, but they may get distracted by all the outdoor smells and try to run in another direction.
No matter what activity you choose, an active Beagle is the happiest and healthiest. Consistent activity helps Beagles avoid weight gain and the health issues that may come along with it.

Ingredients to Look For and Which to Avoid

best dog food for beagles

cute beagle puppy

A Beagle's impressive energy comes with a hefty appetite. This means that a Beagle's dietary needs are very crucial – not just in quantity, but in quality. There are certain ingredients to keep an eye out for that do not promote a healthy lifestyle for Beagles or any dog breed. You may find these ingredients in both adult and puppy food.
There are various dog foods that contain fillers. These additives typically do not offer any nutritional benefit to dogs. Fillers are usually a form of processed carbohydrates, like corn, soy, rice, or wheat. Although there are some healthy fillers, Beagles are better off with more quality protein sources and complex carbs. Unlike fillers, these ingredients fuel and sustain a Beagle's energy. It's best to avoid fillers or ensure they are a limited ingredient in your Beagle's food.
Artificial ingredients are best to be avoided. Just as they aren't good for us humans, they are not good for dogs. Artificial preservatives, flavors, and colorings are what you should look out for. 
When it comes to preservatives, keep an eye out for BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin. Also, dog foods may have artificial colors such as Blue 2, Red 40, or Yellow 5. All of these can lead to allergic reactions or even cancer in dogs.

When it comes to protein, choose dry dog foods with real meat rather than meat by-products. By-products come from mysterious sources that may introduce more toxins into your dog's diet. By-products also do not offer the whole nutrient spectrum that real meat does. 
One interesting example of a by-product is "flavored" dog food. Oftentimes, this can come from artificial flavors or meat by-products. If you notice this on a dog food package, it's best to avoid it, as it could have harmful ingredients for your Beagle.
It's always best to pick a dog food with top-quality proteins. These will provide your Beagle with all the nutrient benefits, from antioxidants to amino acids. You can easily see if your Beagle's dog food has desirable ingredients by reading the package. 
There is also a lot of conversation around if a Beagle can eat more plant proteins. Since Beagles are very active pups, it's much better to supply them with high-quality animal proteins. Wholesome meats and fish will help keep your pup’s muscles strong. Nonetheless, your dog should eat an ample amount of vegetables. You can also supplement your Beagle’s diet with salmon oil, to help keep your Beagle’s heart-healthy!

Dietary Needs Based on Age

As Beagles grow older, their digestive system changes and so do their nutritional needs. A dog's diet will shift through all of its life stages, and this is important to know to ensure any Beagle stays happy and healthy.
Dietary Needs for Beagle Puppies
Beagle puppies (any Beagle up to 12 months old) should eat the best food possible. A puppy’s body is growing and needs all the support it can get. 
Puppy kibbles are made precisely with a young dog’s needs in mind. As we know, puppies grow fast. So, they need nutritious puppy kibble with wholesome ingredients. Puppies need lots of high-quality proteins and healthy fats, like omega-3s, to support their development.
Beagle puppies also need plenty of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Making sure there are veggies and sources of calcium in puppy food will help your Beagle grow big and strong.
Overall, puppy kibble should be filled with only natural ingredients. You want to keep puppies away from any harmful ingredients that could impede their growth, like artificial preservatives and processed grains. Instead, naturally sourced ingredients, like real protein and vegetables, will support a Beagle puppy’s health and set them on the right track for development. 
Need a few examples of natural ingredients? Real meat sources, from chicken to venison, are great for a puppy's growth. Whole grains and sweet potatoes are reliable sources of carbs. Superfoods are chock full of nourishment. Flaxseeds. are a great superfood, containing both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Dietary Needs for Adult Beagles

best food for senior beagle

Once a Beagle is over one year of age, the dog's now considered an adult. At this time, a Beagle should eat only dry dog food. 
It's super important that an adult Beagle is no longer eating puppy kibble. That’s because adult Beagles require less protein and fat. If they eat puppy kibble, they'll easily gain too much weight.
Adult Beagles do have a pretty voracious appetite, matching their activity level.  That means these happy pups need more carbohydrates to fuel all their playtime. Look for dog foods with quality sources of carbohydrates, like sweet potatoes and oatmeal. These, along with healthy fats, will help to balance your Beagle's energy levels. 
Also, just as it was for puppies, it's important that an adult Beagle's diet is rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. Adult Beagles also can benefit from prebiotics and probiotics in their food, promoting healthy and happy digestion.

Dietary Needs for Senior Beagles

Once Beagles reach 8 years old, they’re considered senior citizens! Unfortunately, as Beagles age, they become more susceptible to joint issues. One that is very common is hip dysplasia. 
To supply your older pup with joint and immune support, a senior Beagle should eat a diet rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Search for dog food brands that have two essential joint-supporting substances: glucosamine and chondroitin.  These are most often found in fish. meal. They can also be taken in supplement form.
Senior Beagles can also benefit from dog foods with ingredients great for digestive health. There are plenty of dog foods with probiotics, helping older dogs digest food more easily. It's also best to search for senior dog foods without gluten. This is harder to digest for humans and dogs alike. 

Our Top Picks for a Beagle Puppy

When it comes to nourishing a Beagle puppy, you will need food packed with protein, fats, and vitamins. These all need to be of the best quality possible, to ensure a Beagle puppy gets all the nutrients necessary to grow.

Wellness Core Puppy Formula

This puppy kibble offers the core nutritional needs any Beagle puppy needs. Its grain-free and features nutrient-packed ingredients.
Wellness Core Puppy Formula offers plenty of protein to support a puppy’s muscle growth, with 36% protein content. Even better, this protein is sourced from real chicken and turkey which are lean and easy to digest meats.
This kibble is also full of real fruits and vegetables. There are blueberries, kale, and other veggies to supply antioxidants. There’s even salmon oil for an extra boost of healthy fats. Not to mention the pre and probiotics to help support a puppy’s sensitive digestive system.

Life Protection Formula
$51.29 ($3.42 / lb)

by Blue Buffalo 

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05/15/2024 12:45 am GMT

Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Small Breed Puppy Food

This puppy food is one of the best for small breeds. It offers a whole spectrum of nutritional benefits for a Beagle puppy. Blue Buffalo features complete protein, free of any animal by-products and highly processed grains. The kibble is also carefully designed to be small and gentle on a small puppy’s jaw.
What really stands out about this puppy food is its unique ‘LifeSource Bits.’ These are like supplements added to the dog food, giving your puppy an extra boost of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. This kibble also includes fish oil – a natural source of DHA, which is an essential omega-3 fatty acid found in mother’s milk. This puppy food also has fish oil and flaxseed oil, supplying more fatty acids a smaller breed (like a Beagle!) needs to grow. 

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Recipe

Blue Buffalo Wilderness focuses on supplying puppies with top-quality protein from meats other than poultry. It’s completely grain-free, replacing processed grains with complex carbs like sweet potatoes and peas. With a unique blend of beef, lamb, and venison, Beagle puppies get a robust source of protein with a flavor that they’ll love.
What is also fantastic about Blue Buffalo Wilderness Puppy Recipe is that it also contains those amazing ‘LifeSource Bits’ that supply vitamins and antioxidants critical for a puppy’s growth. And, we can’t forget about those important fats our pups need to grow strong and tall. This puppy food has fish oil, fish meal, and flaxseed, providing your pup a whole spectrum of important fatty acids. 

Our Top Picks for an Adult Beagle

Once a puppy reaches 12 months, it’s time to start eating big dog food. Switching to adult food is a must. As an adult, your Beagle requires a different balance of nutrients. Proteins, fats, and carbs all need to be balanced to support your dog’s active lifestyle, without making your Beagle gain excess weight that could slow them down.

Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dry Puppy Food

by Taste of the Wild 

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Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Dog Food

This adult dog food provides Beagles with a concentrated source of nutrients. Rather than feature typical proteins like chicken or beef, this dog food sources its protein from smoked salmon. This fish isn’t just a source of protein – smoked salmon is also packed with DHA and other omega fatty acids that are excellent for your Beagle’s heart and skin healthy. Plus, this smoked salmon is sustainably sourced. 
Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream is also made with your dog’s digestion in mind. The recipe contains probiotics to support your dog’s immune and digestive system. Aos, this dog food recipe has no processed grains whatsoever. Instead, there are easy-to-digest sweet potatoes and other fruits, like blueberries, to add a sweet antioxidant-rich touch any puppy will love.
One awesome bonus about Taste of the Wild is that it’s a family-run company with 100 percent USA-made dog food!

NATURAL CHOICE Healthy Weight Adult
$79.98 ($2.67 / lb)


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Nutro Natural Choice Adult Healthy Weight

Nutro Natural Choice dog food focuses on sourcing high-quality ingredients in its kibble recipes. This dog food has very simple, non-GMO ingredients. From real chicken to wholesome brown rice, the entire recipe includes lean ingredients that are easy on your pup’s tummy.
Although this isn’t grain-free dog food, the grains it features are top-quality and help your Beagle maintain a healthy weight. Brown rice and barley are great sources of natural fiber and carbohydrates. This dog food also has other hidden healthy ingredients, like omega-rich chia seeds, pumpkin, and beets.

Classic Healthy Grains
$76.98 ($3.08 / lb)

by Merrick 

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Merrick Classic Small Breed Recipe

This dog food stands out with its unique ancient grains. This supplies your adult dog with energizing carbohydrates from quality grains.
Merrick also has a formula dedicated to sustaining your Beagle’s joint health. As we know, our Beagles are at risk for hip dysplasia and other joint issues. This dog food has supportive amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin to help strengthen your pup’s joints before they become senior pups! With all the omega fatty acids in this recipe, Merrick is an excellent pick to support the life of a super active Beagle.

Our Top Picks for a Senior Beagle

When Beagles reach around 8 years of age, they are considered senior Beagles. Around this time, a Beagle’s activity decreases. It’s not just because a Beagle is aging – like many highly active dogs, Beagles experience joint issues as they age. So, they need a diet that helps protect and support their joints so that your senior Beagle can remain as active as possible!

Natural Choice Senior Dry Dog Food
$62.99 ($2.10 / lb)


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Nutro Wholesome Essentials Senior Dog Food

Nutro Wholesome Essentials offers a gentle formula made with a senior dog’s tummy in mind. Its first ingredients are lean proteins, like chicken and split peas, followed by fiber-rich grains, like sorghum, brown rice, and barley. These are the kinds of foods a senior Beagle needs to feel nourished.
What makes this dog food’s recipe is a stand out is chicken meal, second on the list of ingredients. Chicken meal is full of glucosamine and chondroitin, essential components to support joint health for an aging Beagle. Having these two for joint support can help sustain your Beagle’s health into your pup’s older years.

 American Journey Senior Formula

Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, American Journey Senior Formula is a great immune-boosting food for an older Beagle. It features a plethora of ingredients that promote more activity in a senior pup’s life.
With blueberries, raspberries, and even kelp, this dog food provides a senior dog with nutrients that enhance brain, skin, and eye health. This includes even flaxseed and fish oil, for extra omega support. This dog food also has chicken meal as the second ingredient, lending a healthy dose of glucosamine and chondroitin to support a senior Beagle’s joints.

Senior Dry Dog Food
$72.98 ($3.32 / lb)

by Merrick 

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Merrick Senior Dog Food Formula

This grain-free dog food energizes your senior dog with its balance of top-quality ingredients. The recipe is almost a 50/50 split of protein and vegetables, minerals, and other naturally-derived ingredients. Substituting grains with complex carbs like sweet potato, Merrick’s senior dog formula is mild on an older pup’s tummy and guaranteed free of any fillers.
Just like other awesome senior dog foods, Merrick’s formula is fortified with glucosamine and chondroitin to promote joint health for senior dogs. The recipe also offers tons of omega fatty acids to keep your puppy’s coat looking young and their heart feeling healthy.


Feeding your Beagle the best dog food is the way to promote your pup’s best life. Beagles are a unique breed of dogs with their own needs. With so many dog foods out there, it's important to make sure that the food you’re getting is the one that will make your Beagle feel that best.

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