Canine 411: All About The Pug

Pugs a charming and chill pups that make some of the best companions. Their small size and adorable faces are hard to resist cuddling with. Even though these dogs come from quite the royal lineage, the pug breed is very low-maintenance. For all the pug lovers out there, we have just the facts you need to know about this sweet dog breed.
pug dog breed facts

Pugs are ancient

The pug is such an old breed that they survived dynasties. We aren’t kidding – the pug is an ancient Chinese dog breed that’s been around thousands of years. The oldest possible reference of the pug was around 800 B.C.E.  That’s nearing 3000 years ago!
Pugs weren’t wild dogs, lurking around in the streets. These dogs hung out with Chinese Emperors and were treated like royalty.
Another ancient record of the pug is in Tibet around 400 B.C.E. Pugs were great companions of Buddhist monks living in. these monasteries. Some believe that pugs were first bred in the monasteries before Chinese royalty ever had the idea to do so!
pug dog breed facts

These dogs are pretty royal…

Pugs carried on their royal lineage long after their time with Chinese royalty. This dog breed has made multiple appearances in royal history across various cultures. We aren’t surprised – its hard to resist a pug’s charm!

A Pug saved a Prince from assassination

One of the most incredible stories about the pug breed is how one pug may have actually helped save the Netherland’s independence. During the Dutch War of Independence (also known as the Eight Years’ War,) there was a special pug named Pompey, who was the Prince of Orange William the Silent’s dog.
Legend has it that, one night, Pompey heard the footsteps of Spanish assassins nearby his owner’s tent. Pompey barked and jumped on his owner to wake him up, saving the Prince of Orange from his assassination. This story made the pug the official dog breed of the House of Orange.
pug dog breed facts

This dog breed was Queen Victoria’s favorite

A couple hundred years later, pugs were as equally as loved in England as they were in the Netherlands. This might be because William III, the great grandson of William the Silent, ruled England for quite some time, with his pugs by his side!
Queen Victoria also had her own posse of pugs. History tells us that she. was actually a pug breeder herself, having around 36 pugs of her own. A true dog lover, Queen Victoria also banned ear-cropping and helped establish England’s the Kennel Club in 1873!

Pugs are a little lazy

One hilarious fact about pugs is that they love to sleep and eat. They aren’t the most active of pups – pugs would much rather take a nap than play. In fact, pugs sleep around 14 hours a day.
Pug owners should always make sure their pugs are getting sufficient exercise. Sadly, a pug’s nature makes it more susceptible to doggy obesity. This doesn’t mean that pug need to go on a run or play fetch for hours. But, they should be walked at least twice a day and fed moderately.
pug dog breed facts

A Pug’s face may be adorable, but it makes it hard for them to breathe…

If there’s one thing that makes pugs iconic is their cute and wrinkly face. Yet, a pug’s flat and short face causes them to suffer from Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome (BOAS.) This means its extra hard for pugs to breathe, especially when they exercise. This also makes hot climates not the best for pugs, as they have to work harder to cool themselves down.
So, if you have a pug, think wisely before bringing your pug on vacation. Since pugs suffer from BOAS and have short legs, they aren’t the fondest of swimming. If your vacation involves beaches and/or pools, be extra cautious with your pug. Also, if the destination is hot, make sure that your pug always has a cool place to be. Pugs overheat quickly and are very sensitive to heat stroke.
pug dog breed facts

Barking isn’t their forte

Because its much more difficult for pugs to breathe compared to other breeds, pugs tend to not bark unless necessary. This doesn’t mean that pugs are quiet dogs. Pugs are notorious for wheezing, snorting, and snoring. It all comes back to their flat, squished faces making it hard to breathe.
Pugs have long been some of the most popular lap dogs in history. With their unique wrinkly faces and relaxed attitude,  it’s no wonder that royals loved having pugs always by their side. Don’t hesitate to share more pug facts and anecdotes in the comments below!

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