Security Footage Shows Doctor Saving A Dog’s Life When It’s Nearly Strangled By Elevator

For the second time in the past few weeks, security footage shows a local hero saving a dog from an elevator. Originally shared on social media and then by WTSP News in Tampa Bay, the dramatic footage shows how an off-duty doctor sprang into action to save a dog whose leash got caught in an elevator’s door. The dog was seconds away from being strangled, but this story has a happy ending—and an important warning.
Mohammed Awad walked into the lobby of his apartment building carrying a takeout container. The dog turned and wagged its tail, but within a second, the medium-sized dog was lifted off its feet. The dog’s leash had gotten caught in the elevator doors. It was yanked off the ground by its collar and instantly started choking.

Watch the video below!

The dog’s frantic owner tried to pull the dog free, but every second was life or death. Awad dropped his food and ran to the elevator to try and help. It took several seconds and multiple attempts, but with one final effort, the dog falls to the floor. Security footage shows the terrified dog running through the lobby—it was traumatized, but alive.
Since Awad’s brother first posted the video on social media, people have come forward to call Awad a hero. The doctor told a local news agency,

“I’m busy trying to break the leash away from the dog’s neck. You can see in the video, my first try, I couldn’t get it. I basically looked up, all in one second, I said, ‘I can’t get it. It’s too hard. I’m going to try it one more time, give it everything I had. I jumped up again and I basically, last minute, got it. The dog basically had one or two seconds left.”

Awad’s quick actions saved a life, and the incident should also be a warning for all dog owners. This is the second time in recent weeks that a dog has nearly died due to their leash being caught in an elevator.
If you and your pup use an elevator, keep them close!

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