Jane Palombo


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Jane Palombo is a freelance writer who uses her knowledge and skills to help other dog owners care for their beloved pets.


  • Jane has a Bachelor's degree in English writing.
  • She's a ghostwriter and freelance author publishing in newspapers, magazines, and blogs.
  • She writes for BarkSpot, BreedExpert, CalmingDog, and Obuy.


Jane is a Denver-based freelance writer with a B.A. in English writing. Before freelancing, Jane worked at a zoo and volunteered for a local animal shelter. Jane also worked as a ghostwriter, contributing content to many dog blogs all over the world wide web. Jane uses her experience caring for shelter dogs to help her care for her own rescue dog, and she loves to share what she learns with others.


Jane graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a BA in English Writing.

Expertise: Psychology and Philosophy

Education: Berkeley

Location: Denver, Colorado

Title: Writer

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