13 Outdoor Activities Your Pocket Bully Will Love

Pocket Bully Overview

There are wide varieties of dog breeds that are mixed with smaller dogs to make a miniature version of the breed. American Pitbulls are known to be big muscle dogs, but when a Pitbull is mixed with a Patterdale Terrier, the outcome is a tiny Pocket Pitbull. These little pups are just as loyal, energetic, and affectionate as a regular size Pitbull puppy. Pocket Bully pups have a variety of coat colors and might have black, blue, white, or tan coats. This intelligent breed is perfect for any style of home. Pocket Bully puppies can live happily in houses or apartments, with families or singles. They need a lot of stimulation to keep them healthy and alert too.pocket pitbull brown and white

Pocket Bully Health

The Pocket Bully has very few health risks. This dog breed is a hybrid, and while that doesn’t automatically mean they’re healthier dogs, it does open up their gene pool. The average Pocket Bully can grow to weigh anywhere from 11 to 12 pounds and might stand between 12 to 16 inches tall. These dogs can live an average of 11 to 13 years as well, but since they’re hybrids, they may live longer than their average life expectancy. These adorable and intelligent dogs need plenty of regular activity to keep them in good shape. While taking your Pocket Bully for a walk once a day should provide plenty of exercise for their smaller bodies, there are tons of options when it comes to getting your dog out and about. Here are 13 outdoor activities your Pocket Bully will love.

13 Outdoor Activities

1. Take a Hike 

When you’re trying to choose an activity to do with your Pocket Bully, consider taking a hike. When deciding which hiking trail to follow, consider your dog’s endurance, size, and fur. You don’t want your dog walking a hard 40-minute hiking trail if they’ve never hiked before and have a thick coat of fur. Most Pocket Bullies have much shorter hair, but these smaller dogs have smaller legs, so long hikes can be difficult for them. 

The best way to hike with your Pocket Bully is to find a short trail less than 20 minutes long. The American Kennel Club makes a vital point when they say, “An important part of hiking safety and etiquette is having a well-behaved and properly socialized dog.” You need a well-trained dog to ensure you get the most out of hiking. Otherwise, you risk harm to your pet or others that may be on the same hiking trail. Dogs love hiking because it takes them out of a pedestrian area and into a more outdoorsy space where they can pick up on the scents and sounds of different animals. This encourages mental activity and curiosity. Plus, it can easily tire them out since hiking often takes them up and down hills and around obstacles.pocket pitbull in grass

2. Go on a Drive

Many dogs love car rides. If you have a Pocket Bully, take them on a car ride every now and then so they become more and more comfortable in cars. This way, they can enjoy all the benefits that car rides offer. Everyone has seen the stereotypical image of a dog on a car ride sticking their head out the window with their tongue waving in the wind. Many dogs that grow to love car rides do this because they love all the different smells that pass by. 

You should make sure your pet is safe, happy and comfortable during the ride. You can help them become comfortable by bringing things like their favorite toys and treats in the car with them. Give them treats when they sit or lay down to encourage good car riding behavior. It’s also very important to purchase a doggy car seat belt. These special seat belts can hook onto your dog’s harness and are tested to ensure that your pet will be safe in the case of an accident.

3. Take a Short Walk

Many dog owners take their pups for daily walks to encourage proper physical and mental health. Dogs need daily activity to maintain physical health, but many owners forget that mental activity is also something that’s vital to a dog’s overall health. Without enough mental stimulation, dogs will develop bad behavior or ignore their owner’s commands. However, when a dog gets the right amount of mental stimulation, they will feel more secure and confident. That’s why taking them outdoors where there are so many smells and sounds is a great idea.

Any owner can take their Pocket Bully puppy on a walk to teach them proper behaviors and bond with them. When a dog experiences a happy or exciting event habitually, they’ll associate their owner with that feeling and become even more bonded with their owners. So if you’re looking for fun outdoor activities to partake in with your Pocket Bully, practicing something as easy as walking is a great way to hit all the marks and more with your puppy. 

4. Go on a Doggy Shopping Spree

Many pet parents go on shopping sprees for themselves but don’t realize they can do this for their dogs too! Take your pup on a window shopping spree at the local pet store even if you aren’t looking to spend money. Take your dog around new treats, toys, or beds and see what they’re drawn to. While you’re out, your pup may show interest in a new toy, and you can plan to buy it for them later or buy it on the spot.

Pocket Bully puppies are sure to love shopping sprees since they’ll be able to smell all sorts of things and maybe even make new puppy pals in the dog store. Either way, reward your dog once you leave a pet store and again once you get home, so they associate it with a good time. Your dog will learn to become the ultimate shopping companion. 

5. Have a Picnic with Your Pup

Some people love going on picnics when the weather gets warm. Picnics are a nice way to relax outdoors while soaking up some sun or snacking on some food, but people forget that picnics are probably just as fun for their dogs. Animals love the outdoors, and getting the chance to sunbathe in a wide-open field is a great time for almost any dog.

Take your Pocket Bully to a picnic so they can enjoy the summer weather with you. When you bring them to the picnic area, remember to bring a dish for food and enough water for them to stay cool and hydrated. As much as pups love sunbathing, dogs shouldn’t stay out in the heat for too long, or they risk experiencing heat stroke. But a short picnic for an hour or two is a great way for your puppy to get fresh air while staying stimulated with all the noises and scents around them. pitbull with tennis ball

6. Go to the Park

Many animals love going to the park. Parks provide open space, fresh air, and tons of mental stimulation. So when looking for a fun outdoor activity to do with your Pocket Bully, consider taking them to a park. Some owners love taking their dogs to dog parks, and it’s a great opportunity for them to socialize with other animals and get their energy out. However, not everyone is comfortable taking their dog to a dog park. Owners of smaller dog breeds like the Pocket Bully don’t attend dog parks as often because their pet is often much smaller than the other animals there.

Most cities have local parks, natural parks, and dog parks in them. This means that if you don’t want to take your dog to a dog park, you can take them to a park that offers tons of space away from other people and pets or to a park that’s full of wildlife. No matter what you choose, make sure you bring water for your dog as well as some treats. 

7. Take Your Dog to the Farmer’s Market

When the weather gets nice, the farmer’s markets open up, and crowds of people attend them. Farmer’s markets are super fun, and you can find all kinds of fun knick-knacks to purchase. But one of the best parts is that you can bring your furry friend! If you’re constantly searching for something fun to do outdoors with your Pocket Bully, taking them to a farmer’s market can be a truly enjoyable experience for them.

You need to ensure your Pocket Bully is comfortable in crowds and around the heat. So if your dog is good around others, bring them along and make sure you have enough water in case they get too hot. It’s a good idea to only do a short visit to start with. Then, after your dog gets used to being at farmer’s markets, you can spend more extended periods there enjoying the environment. 

8. Play in the Sprinkler

Many animals love playing outside in the water. If you’ve given your Pocket Bully a bath and noticed they avoid water at all costs, don’t let this dissuade you. Many dogs dislike water when it comes to bathtime since it washes away their scent, but playing in the water is an entirely different ball game for most pets. Many animals love playing in sprinklers and getting dirty when they’re given a chance.

If you’re searching for a fun outdoor activity your Pocket Bully can do, playing in the sprinklers can be refreshing for them in warm weather. Just get your dog a long leash so they can run in and out of the sprinklers and encourage them with plenty of praise and treats.dog playing in sprinkler

9. Visit a Beach, Lake, or Pond

While it isn’t the same as a sprinkler, taking your pup to enjoy the beach or a lake is similar to them enjoying a sprinkler. Many dogs love playing in water and swimming, so giving them the chance to swim out in nature can be a rich experience for them. You can take your Pocket Bully to enjoy the open waters if you have a nearby lake or beach.

Ensure you have a life vest for your Pocket Bully, and try to look for bodies of water with calmer currents. Smaller dogs will struggle more with swimming, which is why the life vest is so important, but even with a life vest, your Pocket Bully puppy can get swept away in an ocean current if you don’t keep a watchful eye on them. If your pet is a little older or suffers from joint issues, swimming can be even better as it’s a great form of exercise and doesn’t put any pressure on the joints. Please keep your pet in shallow water and stay close to them at all times so your dog can have a super safe and fun time. 

10. Practice Obedience Training Outdoors

Obedience training is very important when caring for any dog breed. Poor training can lead to accidents or your dog putting themselves in danger, so teach your dog commands and help them master these commands. One of the best ways to help your dog master commands is to take them to a distracting area and instruct them to do certain things.

It’s best you don’t yell at your pet or chastise them for not listening to a specific command. Instead, practice a handful of different ones to test what your Pocket Bully has mastered. Then practice these commands in more stimulating areas, like the outdoors, to help them get more of a handle on that command. If they can concentrate and complete the commands you give them in a distracting environment, your dog deserves an extra treat! While practicing obedience training outside, ensure you provide your dog with water and keep plenty of snacks on you as rewards for good behavior.pitbull puppy black and white

11. Run Through an Obstacle Course

So many dogs love going through obstacle courses and find they are naturally talented at it. While Bully dogs aren’t known for their love of obstacle courses, they are a very intelligent and energetic breed and might flourish at an obstacle course when given the opportunity. If you’re on the lookout for fun outdoor activities, taking your dog to one of these obstacle courses can be a great time, and your dog can benefit from the physical and mental stimulation this course would give them.

Remember not to chastise your Pocket Bully if they don’t follow the course; instead, try to make the experience as positive as possible. This way, even if your dog isn’t great at it at first, they may grow to love it through your positivity and encouragement. 

12. Play Fetch

Fetching is a great outdoor activity, one of the most classic games to play with your pup. Dogs often love playing fetch and will happily spend time running around catching and retrieving whatever toy you throw for them. Pocket Bully pups are likely to love chewing on toys, but these dogs might not be so hot at playing fetch. Either way, fetch is a great pastime, and you can encourage your pet to play it by giving them positive reinforcement and plenty of treats.pitbull with tennis ball

13. Go on a Boat

As mentioned earlier, some dogs love playing in water. Being on the open water will give your dog a very different experience than what they’re used to. A boat ride can be a great outdoor activity your dog will grow to love. It’s important to make sure your Pocket Bully has a safety float vest on just in case they jump off the boat, but as long as you keep an eye on your pup and they’re well-behaved, you shouldn’t struggle with anything too troublesome. Just remember to keep your eye on your pup and give them plenty of treats to help them feel more comfortable. If you don’t know if your dog would like a boat ride, try going on a short one in the beginning to see if they enjoy this activity. 


The American Bully dog is a very lovable dog breed. Many people adore the American Pitbull and its miniature counterpart, the American Pocket Bully. Many Bully dog breeds get labeled as aggressive, but the truth is that these dogs are sweethearts with family-friendly temperaments and energetic personalities. The American Pocket Bully puppy can be a great fit for all home types. This small dog needs a reliable owner to ensure they receive proper care. While these activities are perfect for dogs in the Micro Bully arena, any American Bully can thrive with these activities. 

If you have an American Pitbull Terrier, Standard Bully, XL Bully, or even an Exotic Bully, they will likely enjoy all the same activities, no matter their size. The same rings true for other traditional Bully breeds like the American Bulldog, English Bulldog, or American Staffordshire Terrier. An American Bully puppy needs regular stimulation to stay healthy and happy; without constant stimulation, these dogs can become disobedient. Even though the classic American Bully stereotype paints these dogs as aggressive, a disobedient Pocket Bully will not become aggressive simply because of a lack of stimulation. But, the standard Bully might become depressed, stressed, or anxious because of a lack of activity. 

Use this list to help care for your Pocket American Bully dog, and keep in mind that your dog’s affection for you will only grow with more activity. In other words, the more time you spend entertaining your American Bully, the more they will bond with you and the more loyal they’ll be. Most Bull Terrier dogs are already super loyal, but when they experience a loving owner who gives them time and devotion, the American Pocket Bully will become even more inseparable from their beloved owner. 

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