15 Fun Indoor Activities to Do With Your Shihpoo

Shihpoo Overview

The Shihpoo hybrid dog breed is a mix of the Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle purebred dogs. Sometimes, this breed is spelled like Shih Poo instead of Shihpoo. Either way, the Shih Poo dog breed makes for great companion pets and is exceptionally loyal to its owners. These dogs are small, energetic, and lovable. Most Shihpoo puppies will have the grace and sophistication that many Shih Tzu dogs and Poodle pups have. These dogs are great in all types of homes and get along well with other animals like cats or dogs. If you have a Shihpoo puppy, you should know these excited little dogs are very intelligent and mostly easy to care for. They do have high-maintenance grooming needs, thanks to their hypoallergenic fur. This quality also makes them great for people with allergies. Your pet will have tons of affection and attention to give you as long as you’re prepared to provide these dogs everything they need to thrive. 

Shihpoo Health

Shihpoo puppies are overall healthy dogs that live long lifespans. Most Shihpoo dogs have an average life expectancy of 15 or more years. Full grown, these dogs can stand between 8 to 15 inches tall at the shoulder and will weigh between 7 to 10 pounds. Overall this breed suffers from very few health conditions, although they are likely to experience stress and anxiety. Smaller dogs are more prone to separation anxiety, and dogs who don’t receive enough activity will exhibit more anxiety. This is why keeping your Shihpoo puppy happy, healthy, and active is important. Physical activity is vital, and these small dogs can likely get all the physical activity they need inside, but it’s still a good idea to take these dogs out every now and then so they get enough exercise. Small dog breeds like this thrive when they get plenty of activity, which is why it’s important to come up with fun indoor activities to do with your Shihpoo puppy so they stay at optimal health. Shih Poo laying in grass

15 Fun Indoor to Do With Your Shihpoo

1. Sniff Out Their Treats Game

Everyone knows that dogs love treats, but there are so many fun ways to give your dogs treats that encourage them to have fun while they snack. Sniffing out treats is a cherished game where owners hide their dog‘s treats around their home and allow their dog to go on a scavenger hunt looking for these treats

When you want to play this game with your dog, you should make them follow a command for a treat first. Then, go about hiding the rest of the treats so your dog is aware they’re getting treats and knows which one they should sniff out. It’s important to start with easy hiding spaces. If your pup isn’t great at finding treats, you may want to leave some out in the open, just laying on the floor or on your dog‘s bed. You’ll have to help your dog into this game to ensure they can enjoy it. 

2. Obedience Training

A regular activity that you can do indoors is obedience training. Obedience training is a great way to help your dog develop good behavior while also bonding with them and giving them mental stimulation. Dogs need mental as well as physical stimulation to stay healthy. 

If you decide to practice obedience training with your pup, remember to always keep training sessions consistent. It’s very important to make sure your dog enjoys obedience training so that they take the most information away from their training sessions. When dogs are met with positivity, treats, and praise, they grow to love training and learning and become more obedient. But when they’re met with chastising, criticism, or yelling, they grow to dislike training and become disobedient. So remember, your Shihpoo puppy will benefit the most from a patient person with a calm voice and plenty of treats

3. Build Your Pup a Safe Space

Many dogs deal with anxiety, and the Shihpoo puppy is more likely to experience it because of how clingy and dependent they are on their owners. The best way to help your dog fight issues like this is to provide regular exercise and calming supplements like CBD. You can also make a safe space for your pup so they have somewhere to go when they feel the need to relax. 

Your Shihpoo puppy will really benefit from a safe space, and these areas can be fun to build for your pet on an otherwise boring day. You can put anything in these spaces as long as you’re sure your dog would receive comfort from those items being present. If your pet loves their crate, bed, or certain toys, you should include them in this safe space. Some people also enjoy putting aromatherapy or food and water in their dog’s safe space, but what you include in your Shihpoo puppy’s space is all up to you.adult shih poo black

4. Play Fetch

One of the most classic things people do with their dogs is playing fetch. If you’re stuck inside on a rainy day or for any other reason, you may be looking for entertaining activities to do with your pet. Fetch is a great activity for dogs and can be tons of fun for them. Your Shihpoo puppy should know the drop-it command for fetch to really work, but even if they don’t know it, playing fetch can be a great time to practice this command. Just make sure you have a toy ready, treats, and that there isn’t anything fragile in the direction you’ll be throwing the ball. 

5. Play Tug of War

As mentioned before, classic dog games like fetch are super fun to play, and your pet can benefit a lot from getting that activity and time with their owner. If you’re looking for a fun indoor game, and maybe you don’t feel comfortable playing fetch, tug-of-war is a great alternative.

To play this game, you’ll need a rope, but you can also use an old towel. Some people believe that tug of war can make dogs dominant or territorial, but this isn’t true. This game can increase a dog’s confidence rather than make them aggressive. Overall, tug of war is a great pastime for a bored dog, and it can help a dog bond closer with their owner. 

6. Hold a Grooming Session

All dogs need grooming sessions eventually. If you are stuck indoors with your Shihpoo, you can take this time to give them a nice relaxing grooming session. Not all dogs enjoy being groomed, but often dogs that experience grooming more often learn to love getting groomed. So it’s a great idea to have your Shihpoo puppy get groomed when you have plenty of extra time in the day.

The best way to help your pup slowly adjust to the feeling of getting groomed is to give them plenty of praise and treats while you brush and clean them. Most dogs hate the bathing portion of grooming, so you might want to skip it this time around. Shihpoo puppies have high maintenance fur needs anyway, so it would benefit dog owners to spend extra time grooming their dogs. shih poo puppy

7. Teach Your Dog to Clean Their Toys

It seems unrealistic, but owners can actually train their dogs to clean up after themselves. It’s unlikely your dog will ever pick up their own poop, but you can get them to put toys away once they’re done playing with them. 

In order to teach your dog to clean up their toys, they have to know the ‘drop-it’ command. Once a dog knows this command, you have to direct your pup to pick up their toy and then walk them to their bed or toy bin and say drop it. Don’t repeat the command over and over. Instead, say it once and wait a solid amount of time before repeating it, so your dog doesn’t lose the meaning of the command. Once your dog drops their toy, you can give them tons of treats and praise to show how great that action is. Over time, your dog will learn to clean up their toys habitually.

8. Give Them a Stuffed KONG Treat

A really popular toy is the KONG toy which you can fill with delicious goodies for your pup to eat. Many pet owners purchase a KONG when they get a dog because these toys last forever and are a great way to give your dog long-lasting, tasty treats. Some pet owners consider a stuffed KONG toy a treat because dogs have to work out how to get the snack or treat out of it. These toys do provide mental stimulation as well as a sweet treat. But if you’re giving your Shihpoo puppy a KONG, make sure they understand it’s full of yummy snacks so your dog can enjoy the benefits of their KONG toy. 

9. Give Your Dog a Dental Cleaning 

According to the American Kennel Club, “Poor dental hygiene can result in a host of medical problems.” Dental hygiene is vital to a dog’s overall health. A dog can face serious health issues without proper dental hygiene in the most severe cases. When dogs eat, their teeth gather plaque and bacteria, leading to tartar. This tartar and plaque can build up, cause inflamed gums, cause tooth loss, decay teeth, or even cause respiratory disease. The best way to help prevent your dog from experiencing these issues is to regularly clean their teeth. 

You can help your dog grow to like teeth cleaning sessions by doing it more often. Many dogs dislike having their teeth cleaned, but they must have proper health. Also, if you don’t want to brush your pet’s teeth, you can still give them some dental chews. Dental chews are great ways a dog can have cleaner teeth and still have fun since they get to eat a fun new chew toy. shih poo outside

10. Puzzle Games

There are tons of different styles and levels of puzzle games for canines. If you’re stuck inside and your Shihpoo puppy seems bored, a puzzle game can be the perfect form of entertainment for them. If you do purchase a puzzle toy, you must ensure that you teach your pet how to play with it first. Many dogs don’t inherently understand puzzle toys and need to be shown that the toys dispense treats and how they dispense them.

To begin with puzzle games, you should purchase the most beginner-level toy and then teach your dog that the game has treats. Puzzle toys require a lot of patience on the owner’s part as their pet slowly learns how to play with them. But once your Shihpoo puppy really understands how to play with a puzzle toy, you’ll see how easy it is to give them a puzzle to distract them for a long time, and then you can relax knowing your dog is getting all the mental stimulation they need. 

11. Play Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a super fun game to play and is great for dogs. Many dogs learn their owners’ names by listening to other people say it. When playing hide and seek, a dog should be in a separate area while their owner hides, and someone else has to ask the dog to find its owner. This works best if your pet is excited and encouraged to go searching and sniffing for their favorite human. 

When you first start playing this game with your Shihpoo, you should hide in more obvious spots. This way, if your dog sees a suspiciously large pile of blankets, they have a much higher chance of spotting it and not getting confused by the game. The more you play this with your dog, the harder you can make the hiding spots. 

12. Teach Your Pet the ‘Place’ Command

Many dog owners teach their dogs the ‘place’ command when they want them to go to their designated area. These areas are usually a dog bed or crate. You can teach your Shihpoo this command by pointing at their bed or crate and saying ‘place,’ and once your dog goes to that area and has all their paws on it, you can give them a ton of praise and pets. This is a great training exercise, so practice it daily to achieve the best results. shih poo on couch

13. Teach Your Pet to Grab Their Leash

If you want to practice a cute trick with your pup, you can teach them to grab their leash. Many dogs will grab their harness or leash out of excitement. They know these things mean they’re going outside, so they love these items. You can teach your dog to grab these things on command by praising them a ton when they do it after you say the word ‘leash.’ Having a cue word is almost as important as giving your dog lots of treats and positive feedback once they actually do grab their leash.

14. Watch a Movie and Relax

Sometimes when the weather is bad and you’re stuck inside, the best thing to do is relax at home by watching a movie. Get your dog to watch a movie or cuddle with you while you watch it. Most dogs are happy to lay next to their owners anyway, but you can convince your dog to lay with you even more by giving them treats and lots of encouragement when they do.

15. Play the ‘Which Hand’ Game

The ‘which hand’ game is a fun and low-maintenance game to play with your dog. This game is easy to play; all you need is a smelly treat. Just hold both your hands closed, but only keep the treat in one hand. Whichever hand your pet seems more interested in, you can then open that hand. Once you play this game enough, your pet will become adept at sniffing out their treats from your closed hands, and you’ll need to find something more challenging. Shihpoo puppies will love this game since it brings them closer to their owners, and they get a sweet treat at the end.  brown and black shih poo


The Shih Tzu Poodle mix hybrid breed is easy to care for and very intelligent. Shihpoo puppies are great companion dogs and one variety of many different Poodle mix hybrids. A Shihpoo dog owner knows these dogs are super energetic and mentally active, which is why they need consistent mental and physical stimulation. Without proper care, this little dog will not be a healthy dog and can risk becoming depressed, stressed, and anxious. No dog lover wants their pet to get anxious around the home, so it’s best to find fun activities to do with them. 

The Shihpoo gets all its good traits from both parent breeds. Many people have come to recognize the beauty of the Poodle breed, and that’s why they use the Miniature Poodle or Toy Poodle as the Poodle parent pup. This mixed breed might need a little more care when it comes time to potty train or when they need to be groomed, but overall these sweet puffballs are super easy to care for. Shih Tzu mix dogs also keep the energy and attitude of their parent breed, so it’s worth making sure you give these dogs enough activity. When dogs don’t get enough stimulation, they can develop bad behaviors and become disobedient. But any Shihpoo pup can be broken from their bad behavior with attention and activity. So use this list of 15 indoor activities for inspiration. The next time your Shihpoo dogs get a burst of energy, you’ll be happy you remember so many ways to help them release their energy in a healthy manner. 

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