13 Outdoor Activities Your Redbone Coonhound Will Enjoy

redbone coonhound in field

Redbone Coonhound Overview

Because dog breeds have existed for thousands of years and the United States is one of the youngest countries, not many breeds were created in the U.S. The Redbone Coonhound, however, is an original American breed born when settlers used them for hunting raccoons for meat and pelts.

Even though this breed began as a hunting animal, many Redbone Coonhounds are gentle, sweet, and great family dogs. They love their owners. They are also very vocal pets, which is why they aren’t great in homes that are close together and are especially not good apartment dogs. Dogs of this breed are great in family homes or singles because they’re happy in most environments. Hound breeds are often great with people of all ages, and they love kids. However, larger hounds like the Redbone Coonhound can sometimes show a little too much affection and might knock over small children because they’re unaware of their own size.

This dog still gets along with all types of families, which is why this adorable dog breed is loved by its owners. Owners can return that love by caring for their Redbone Coonhound and providing outdoor activity, stimulation, and attention to stay happy. 

Big Dogs With Lots of Energy

Many hunting dogs are larger animals, and Redbone Coonhounds are no exception. They can stand between 21 and 27 inches tall at their shoulders and can weigh between 45 and 70 pounds. These larger dogs have an average life expectancy of 10 to 12 years. As long as owners are sure to feed their pets right and give them plenty of mental and physical activity, the Redbone Coonhound will remain happy and healthy. According to the American Kennel Club, “The Redbone Coonhound is a friendly, energetic canine athlete,” so owners need to be able to provide all sorts of fun and activity to them. This list of 13 different outdoor activities can be a great place to find new ideas or draw inspiration for fun things to do with your Redbone Coonhound.

Redbone Coonhound sitting in the grass

13 Outdoor Activities Your Redbone Coonhound Will Enjoy

1. Go for a Walk

If you’re looking for an entertaining outdoor activity, one of the most trustworthy and original ideas is to take your dog for a walk. There’s a reason most people think of this option first: it’s the easiest, cheapest, and a more common practice for dog owners. Taking your pup on a walk is a great time to practice obedience commands, enjoy the outdoors, or simply allow your pet to release some of their energy in a healthy way. 

Taking your dog on walks also encourages a stronger bond between owner and pet. Redbone Coonhound dogs love going outside since their senses are stimulated by the many sounds and smells. When owners provide a happy experience for their dogs and do so habitually, the dog will grow to associate their owner with good memories and feelings. Also, taking your Redbone Coonhound dog on a walk every day will help them release their large amounts of energy and work towards getting in their daily exercise. They need a lot of activity to stay healthy and alert, and walking is the easiest way to provide this. 

2. Take a Hike

When searching for a fun activity with your Redbone Coonhound, consider taking them on a hike. Redbone Coonhounds are active dogs, and although they won’t be able to handle really advanced hiking trails, these dogs will easily handle moderate hiking due to their history of hunting other animals. Hiking is an extremely fun activity for Redbone Coonhound dogs because they can be immersed in a less pedestrian-like area. Hiking trails are usually in areas full of other wildlife and preserved in a natural state. These trails can be extremely stimulating for dogs and pique much of their curiosity.

Even though the Redbone Coonhound has a history as a hunter, you shouldn’t take them on an advanced hiking trail to start. Instead, find a hiking trail that’s similar to your dog’s regular walking route intensity and start there. Trails are often more challenging than simple walks since they require animals to go up and down steep elevations and across obstacles. Ensure your dog is prepared, and you’ll have a great time taking them on a hike. 

Redbone Coonhound on a walk with owner

3. Go to a Dog Park or Regular Park

If you’re searching for what to do with your Redbone Coonhound, think of going to an open wildlife park, a regular park, or a dog park. These options will provide your pet with lots of stimulation and fun. Remember to bring portable water dishes if you go to the park, and take advantage of the open space by bringing toys and snacks. Although, if you’re going to a dog park, avoid taking toys and snacks as this can encourage some Redbone Coonhound dogs to become territorial and aggressive. 

Before embarking on your journey, be sure that your Redbone Coonhound is friendly and relaxed while engaging with other dogs. If they are acting aggressively towards other animals, it might be a good idea to hold off on the trip until they are more used to interacting with other dogs. 

4. Go on a Drive

Many dogs love going on car rides, and for a good reason. If you know about that stereotypical dog behavior, where most Redbone Coonhound dogs stick their heads out the window of a moving car and have their tongue flapping in the wind, you’re probably familiar with the idea of dogs loving car rides. Taking your pet on a car ride is a great way to provide plenty of mental stimulation, as Redbone Coonhound dogs love all the smells they come across on car rides. However, even though many dogs love car rides, it’s important to help your dog adapt to riding in cars so they can enjoy all the benefits and stay safe.

Many dogs get nervous in cars when they aren’t taken on joy rides. Car rides can be associated with a trip to the vet if they don’t get to enjoy them regularly. So you should help your Redbone Coonhound enjoy car rides by welcoming them into it with things that make them comfortable. Sometimes the best way to help your dog enjoy car rides is to take them on as many short rides as possible so they get used to the feeling and give them treats while in the car. It’s also important to encourage good car behavior such as sitting or laying down in the car to encourage safety. You should also buy a dog car seat belt to ensure that even in the case of an accident, your Redbone Coonhound will be safe. 

Redbone Coonhounds playing at the dog park

5. Have a Picnic

Redbone Coonhound dogs love the outdoors, and when you’re looking for some of the best outdoor activities to go on, you should consider going on a doggy picnic. Dogs need a lot of activity and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy, and a picnic has all the potential to offer everything they need. Even though most picnics involve just sitting and eating, you could always take a ball to toss around or a rope to play tug of war. Either way, your Redbone Coonhound will likely love going out to eat. Just make sure you bring some of their favorite snacks or a portable food dish for their kibble. Your dog will end up loving being able to sit outdoors and relax with their human.

6. Play in the Sprinklers

As mentioned earlier, Redbone Coonhound dogs love outdoor activities. Even though most dogs don’t like bathing, it doesn’t mean they don’t like water. In fact, most Redbone Coonhounds love swimming or playing in the water, so running around in some sprinklers ought to be fun, too. If your pet is a fan of dirt or rolling around in the mud, playing in the sprinklers is going to be like Christmas for them. Owners should be sure they’re ready to clean their pup off after a day in the sprinklers and mud. If you have sprinklers, you should tie your Redbone Coonhound to a long leash and allow them to jump around freely throughout the sprinklers. If you’re feeling the energy that day, you should join them. Running around in sprinklers in hot weather is one of the fastest and most fun ways to keep cool.

7. Check Out a Local Farmer’s Market

Many farmer’s markets sell fun knick-knacks or fresh produce. Often people go and window shop the stands, but did you know you can take your dog with you? If your pet is comfortable in crowds, able to heel on command, and good at staying calm around other dogs, then a farmer’s market can be a great time for your pup. Also, some farmer’s markets sell homemade dog treats, so you might just hit the jackpot.

When you go to a farmer’s market, you want to ensure you have snacks and a water bowl for your pup. It can be quite warm out during farmer’s market seasons, and your pet might get tired of being so highly stimulated by all the company. So while this can be super fun, if your dog isn’t very used to being out in hot and crowded areas, keep your visit short to make it as fun as possible for your pup. 

farmers market

8. Go to Local Dog Stores

People love going window shopping or shopping in general when they have free time. Dog owners can do the same when looking for fun activities to do with their pup. If you have some extra money to spend or are planning on buying your dog some new accessories or toys, take them on a doggy shopping spree. You don’t have to purchase anything if you don’t want to; you can just go window shopping. But this way, you can take your Redbone Coonhound around shops and see what they are interested in and what toys they like.

A Redbone Coonhound needs to be comfortable around other people and animals to do this. So start slow, and take some time to make sure your pet is in a calm mood, and then allow them to enjoy the freedom of a doggy shopping spree. 

9. Take Your Pup to a Lake

Redbone Coonhound dogs love outdoor activities and usually love free water activities like playing in a sprinkler or running on a beach. Many Redbone Coonhound dogs actually love swimming. Often when dogs don’t like water, it’s because the only experience they have with it is through bathing, and no dog enjoys losing their signature scent when they get a bath. However, most Redbone Coonhound dogs will absolutely love swimming as an exercise activity.

It’s important to always keep a close eye on your dog when they’re swimming and keep them in a doggy life vest just in case. Some Redbone Coonhound dogs know how to swim, and some will need the practice to relearn, but most dogs naturally know the doggy paddle. Even so, you don’t want just to throw your Redbone Coonhound in the water and walk away. Make sure they stay in shallow waters and stay with them while they learn to swim. Your dog will love the feeling of swimming to cool down. This activity is even better for older Redbone Coonhound dogs or animals with joint issues as this can help them release energy without hurting their joints. 

Redbone Coonhound shaking off water from fur

10. Try Obedience Training Outdoors

Obedience training is a healthy way to provide both physical and mental stimulation to your pet. When thinking of activities to do outside with your Redbone Coonhound, you might not think of training lessons, but practicing commands outdoors is one of the best ways to ensure your dog has mastered certain commands. The more distractions there are, the harder it will be for your dog to listen and follow your commands. So if your pet is listening to you when they’re outside and there is noise and smells that are distracting them, you can feel sure that they’ve mastered that command.

Keep in mind that you should still have plenty of treats and water ready for your pet if they’re doing obedience training outdoors. Also, remember never to use negative tones or chastise your dog for not paying attention. Training should be made to be as fun as possible, and your dog is more likely to listen to your commands if you keep the environment positive and encouraging. This way, your dog will see obedience training and commands as similar to playtime rather than boring old commands. 

11. Play Fetch

A classic and excellent game, many Redbone Coonhound dogs love to fetch. Fetch can be played with a ball, rope, or a stuffed toy. Anything works as long as your pet is prepared to chase and retrieve whatever item you throw. Playing this game outdoors lessens the risk of breaking any household items and provides much more space for your pet to run around and release their energy.

Redbone Coonhound dogs were hunters in the past, so playing fetch outdoors can be especially fun for them. Owners can buy specially scented dog toys to play fetch with, so their Redbone Coonhound has a challenge. If you want to play a fun game of fetch with your dog, you’ll need to purchase a long leash you can safely attach to your pet and let them run wild. Any dog will have a great time playing a game of fetch outdoors. 

12. Practice Obstacle Courses

Not all Redbone Coonhound dogs will play on obstacle courses, but some animals thrive on them. If you’ve never taken your Redbone Coonhound to an obstacle course, you should try it at least once to see if it’s something your dog enjoys. Many animals love the idea of running on these courses and receiving treats when they do. When you try an obstacle course for the first time, remember not to yell or chastise your pet; encourage them with a light tone and plenty of treats. When dogs partake in an obstacle course, they’re being physically and mentally challenged, and if they’re voluntarily doing these courses, they’re probably having tons of fun! Many Redbone Coonhound dogs love obstacle courses once they begin them, and owners can have a great time giving their pets plenty of treats and encouragement along the way.

Redbone Coonhound in the forest

13. Go Boating

It might sound strange, but Redbone Coonhound dogs love going on boats. The open water is a fun and different experience that Redbone Coonhound dogs don’t have most of the time, but many of them love it. Water gives dogs a chance to explore an environment that is different from the one they usually spend their time in. If you have the chance to take your Redbone Coonhound puppy out on a boat, have them wear a floating vest to ensure that even if they jump in the water, they’ll be safe. 


If you have a Redbone Coonhound, you know that these dogs are great pets. The Coonhound breeds make great dogs in general, and they’re all pack dogs which means they love the company of family. However, a hunting dog like this needs plenty of activity, which is why they don’t always make the best fit for novice owners. A hound dog like the Redbone Coonhound puppy needs a lot of activity to release its energy. These 13 activities offer plenty of activity, and scent hounds like this need regular mental stimulation to keep them from becoming depressed. This hound will be happy and healthy in any home where they receive proper training, exercise, and stimulation on a regular basis. Dog owners should know there are plenty of creative ways to get their Redbone Coonhound exercise by finding great outdoor activities to do with them. 

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