15 At-Home Activities to Do With Dalmatian Puppies

Dalmation Overview

There are a few famous dog breeds, and the Dalmatians are one of those well-known breeds. These puppies have an iconic look with black spots over a white coat, and they maintain a hefty size while keeping a sense of grace. Most Dalmatians are great family puppies and get along well with kids and other pets. However, these puppies need proper socialization, training, and activity to maintain their best attitudes and behaviors.

The average puppy will grow to be an exceptionally large dog when fully grown. The Dalmatian breed has a great temperament and can be trained to be a guard dog, watchdog, or just a companion animal. Dalmatians are strong puppies with loyal instincts. They’re very intelligent and easy to train, as long as you’re consistent. In the past, Dalmatians accompanied fire trucks, horse-drawn carriages, and have nobility. Because of their station in a society of accompanying such respected groups, this carriage dog breed developed an elegant and delightful persona. They’re great service animals and fit in well with singles, families, apartment livers, or home buyers.

Living with a Dalmatian puppy can be very rewarding. They’re wonderful pets, and these puppies can create an even stronger bond with their owners when they’re cared for properly. Make sure you take your firehouse dog to your vet every year and train them properly. The more time you spend taking care of your pet and playing with them, the more they’ll learn to trust you and become affectionate with you. dalmation puppy

Dalmatian Dog Health

Dalmatians are a prevalent dog breed and are well known for their stature. These puppies can grow to stand between 19 to 25 inches tall and might weigh anywhere from 45 to 70 pounds. While some Dalmatians can be medium-sized puppies, most are larger and will need plenty of high-quality dog food and exercise to stay healthy. This breed has an average life expectancy of 11 to 13 years. They need plenty of activity to stay healthy and mental stimulation to keep them well-behaved.

If you’re a Dalmatian owner, you should find fun at-home activities to do with your dog. This list of 15 different at-home activities is a great way to keep your Dalmatian entertained, happy, and healthy.

15 At-Home Activities to Do With Dalmatian Puppies

1. Run Around the House

Every dog owner knows about their pet’s sprinting habits. These short sprints are affectionately called zoomies, and they happen for a few different reasons. One of the most common reasons puppies have these little sprints is because they’re excited, but if you’re stuck in your house and have a safe space to sprint up and down, such as a hallway, you can play this with your dog while you both run around the house. Puppies don’t have a ton of endurance, so you don’t have to worry about doing this for an extended period. Instead, just a run back and forth until you’re tired out will be sufficient. 

2. Play Fetch

One of the most popular dog games owners play with their pets is fetch. Fetch is a great game to play indoors as long as you don’t have a glass house. If you want to play fetch indoors, make sure you have an open area clear of anything that can be damaged or of any sharp corners your puppy can accidentally run into. A trip to the emergency vet is definitely not on this list! dalmation with football

3. Play Tug of War

The classic game pet parents play with their pooches is tug of war. If you have an old towel, t-shirt, or bought a rope, you can try to teach your dog this game or play with them for a good amount of time to tire them out. Tug of war is great since puppies actually bond closer with those that are playing the game, and puppies become more confident when playing. There’s nothing like a little competition between man and man’s best friend to really get the fun going!

4. Have a Doggy-Date

Dalmatians are known to be able to get along with dogs, but they do need to be well socialized for this to work. If you have a Dalmatian with other dog friends, invite them to come and play. You and the other dog’s owner can hang out while your dogs become besties. Ensure your pet is safe to be around other animals so you aren’t putting anyone’s pet at risk. It’s a good idea to put food away just in case since food can cause animals to become aggressive out of fear (this is called resource guarding). Also, consider putting away toys your dog likes but leaving out ones that they rarely play with. Dog pals can usually play tug of war together, which helps them each bond closer and have more fun. Feel free to get creative with your doggy playdate to maximize the fun your dog can have. 

5. Play Hide and Seek

One of the most fun games to play with your dog is hide and seek. Dogs love seeking out their owners, and when you teach your pet to play this game, you will have so much fun hiding from them. Dalmatians are very smart dogs, so teaching these pups how to play is not difficult. All you need to do is hide somewhere while someone else asks your dog to find you. It’s always better to hide in an easier place to begin with since your pup is just starting to learn this game. Try hiding somewhere obvious, like in the middle of a room, and just throwing a blanket over yourself so your dog can get a fundamental understanding of the game. Once your dog gets better at this game, you can hide in more challenging areas. Make sure you give your pet tons of praise and treats when they do locate you. dalmation playing

6. Play in the Backyard

Not everyone has a backyard, but if you live in a home with a backyard or shared courtyard, it can be a very fun activity to sit outside with your pup. Dogs love being outside, and they love the stimulation the outdoors provides. They can smell, see, and hear so many different things than they do when they’re stuck indoors. So if you can, take your Dalmatian outside every now and then just to relax and lay down. Your pet will have fun sitting with you while enjoying everything the outdoors offers. You can also give your pet some yummy treats to encourage better behavior and a calmer demeanor.

7. Build a Mini Obstacle Course

Some people are regular fans of dog shows and watch these pups racing up and down little ramps and jumping through hoops. Many pet owners train their pets for these tasks since it is usually fun for the dog and helps create a stronger bond with your pet, making them listen to you more. Dalmatian owners can build mini obstacle courses in their homes if they want to and train their dogs to run up and down them.

Remember that positive reinforcement is always key when training a dog to do an obstacle course. If you lead your pet through the course with patience and enthusiasm, they’re much more likely to listen and have more fun while they do it. You can use extra special and tasty treats to give your pup even more encouragement. dalmation in obstacle coures

8. Give Your Dog Puzzle Toys

If you’ve been searching for the perfect fun at-home activity, consider giving your pet plenty of puzzle toys to keep them occupied. Puzzle toys are great for animals because they stimulate their minds while entertaining them. Mental stimulation is necessary for intelligent dog breeds like the Dalmatians; without it, these dogs are likely to develop poor behaviors or become disobedient.

Dalmatians can learn to love puzzle toys, but their owner will have to walk them into the fun. Puzzle toys require time to understand, and if you want your dog to play with them, you should start by purchasing a beginner-level toy. Once you have a toy, show your dog how it works by sitting with them and showing them there are treats inside the toy. These games require plenty of patience so your dog can understand how they work, but after your Dalmatian gets a grasp of it, they’ll be able to do a ton of puzzle toys as they advance.

9. Grooming Session

Some owners think just because their puppies have short hair, that grooming isn’t important, but this isn’t true. Animals need to be groomed regularly to stay healthy and clean, and owners can either hire someone to do it or groom their pets themselves at home.

Grooming a Dalmatian is fairly easy; all that your pet needs will be a good brushing session and their nails trimmed. When you brush puppies with shorter coats, you’re helping spread the natural oils on their skin while also removing any dirt or debris. If your pet is currently losing some fur (husky, shepherd, fluffy dog owners, we see you), grooming them can also help make their shedding habits more manageable.

10. Give Them a Bath

Puppies can be dirty animals, and there aren’t many things owners can do to prevent that scent they get when they haven’t been cleaned in a good while. Owners can easily wash their dogs at home with some dog-safe body wash and conditioner (for those boujee animal companions). Most dogs dislike baths, but some may grow to love them once they get used to the pampering baths offer. When you bathe your Dalmatian, keep soap away from their ears or face and wash their bodies and feet carefully.

Owners should also clean their dog’s ears once they’re done bathing. Your dog’s ears need to be cleaned about once a month. When doing this, you must put the dog ear cleaning solution on something soft like a gauze pad or cotton ball. You never want to use something like a Q-tip as these can go too far in your dog’s ear and hurt their eardrum. One of the most important things to remember is to never try to clean the deep inside of your dog’s ear. Ear cleaning should be restricted to the outer flap of a dog’s ear, and you should carefully wipe this space clean. Then, you can put one or two drops of the ear cleaning solution in your dog’s ear and gently massage their ears. It’s a great way to incorporate the second activity in our list! puppy in tub

11. Dog Massage

A lot of people get massages to relax, and your dog would benefit from one of these as well. According to the American Kennel Club, “Massages may reduce stress and anxiety, increase circulation, decrease pain, and strengthen the bond between you and your dog.” Not all owners know how to give their dog massages, but if you’re interested in doing this, you can research the best way to give your dog a massage. Then just take time out of your schedule to sit down and help your pup relax. It can be a great bonding exercise, and if you tie this into a grooming session, it can help them learn to appreciate grooming a little more.

12. Make a Gourmet Dog Meal

Sometimes people will go out of their way to buy a friend or companion something nice. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of this act of kindness, you know it can be a great bonding experience as well as something very exciting and sweet. You can do a similar act of kindness for your dog by making them a random gourmet meal now and then.

Most dogs eat kibble or wet dog food, but plenty of human foods are healthy for puppies as long as they’re prepared correctly. If you’re interested in doing this for your pet, do some research on how to prepare human food properly and plan a day to create this meal for your dog. An example of a great gourmet meal could be unseasoned cooked chicken with fresh green beans and some cut-up pieces of cantaloupe along with rice. You can get as creative as you’d like when you gift your dog this delicious feast. dalmation eating out of bowl

13. Clean Their Teeth

Dental health is super important when it comes to a dog’s overall health. Many owners don’t realize that a dog’s oral health can severely affect the rest of the body (just like with humans!) if the situation gets bad enough. When dogs eat, plaque and bacteria stick to their teeth and then turn into tartar. Tartar is super hard to get off teeth, and these bacteria can slowly eat away at teeth causing them to rot. In fact, most dogs in the US have the first stage of dental disease, although many pet parents aren’t aware that their pets are suffering from this condition. The worst stages of dental disease can cause a dog to get respiratory or heart disease.

Most cases of oral health can be easily treated at home by brushing your pet’s teeth. Most dogs dislike getting their teeth brushed because they aren’t used to it, but the more it happens, the more comfortable your dog will get. Owners should brush their pet’s teeth twice a week and be sure to use a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste.

14. Obedience Training

Obedience training is a great at-home activity you should already be doing with your dog. Every dog owner should train their dog as soon as they get them so you can build a closer bond with your pet and encourage better behavior.

When owners practice obedience training with their dogs, they should ensure they only use positive reinforcement. It’s important to keep training sessions short, so your dog can have the best time without feeling overwhelmed. 

Maximizing obedience sessions comes down to helping your dog learn to love learning. You want them to have as much fun during training sessions as possible, encouraging them to learn new tricks and commands faster. Dog owners should try to have one or two training sessions daily, never allow them to exceed past 20 minutes, and make sure to never chastise their dog.

The best way to train Dalmation puppies is to give them praise. Pet them, and talk to them in an exciting voice. Using treats as encouragement is a great tactic when training puppies. Only ever give your dog praise, treats, or some form of enthusiasm. If your pet stops listening, it might be a sign that they’ve done all the training they can for now. The best way to help your pet train better is to keep sessions quick, simple, and fun.

15. Watch TV

It may sound like a cheat, but you can just have fun with your dog by watching some TV together. Some dogs do actually watch the television because it makes noises that intrigue them, but even if your dog doesn’t normally watch television, you can get them to watch TV with you. Just have your dog hop up on the couch or your bed and give them a nice treat like a bone or some other kind of chew toy to let them work on while you relax.

It’s All About the Time Spent Together!

Most young Dalmatian dogs will be excellent at dog training. Sometimes, dogs can develop health issues or destructive behaviors when they don’t get enough activity. This is why it’s so important that owners give their puppy training and take them on regular exercise activities. It’s just as important to come up with simple indoor activities to do with your Dalmatian dog. You can keep your Dalmatian puppy happy and healthy if you’re willing to put in the time, effort, and energy it takes to care for a dog properly.  

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