19 Ways to Improve Your Bond With Your King Shepherd

King Shepherd Overview

The King Shepherd dog breed is a popular growing breed that is great for families or singles. These big dogs are loyal companions that can be great in most environments. Their large size guarantees they need a decent amount of activity. Even though they seem more intimidating, these dogs are truly very affectionate. They are mixed animals from a group of dog breeds. For a dog to be a King Shepherd, they have to be mixed with a German Shepherd dog and either an Alaskan Malamute or a Great Pyrenees. Sometimes these dogs have the Akita breed mixed in their history.

These dogs need an attentive owner to make sure they stay healthy and happy. Even though they’re affectionate King Shepherd dogs, owners will have to spend time getting to know their dogs to build a truly loyal and trustworthy bond. dog playing in field

King Shepherd Dog Health

When a dog breed is mixed with a German Shepherd parent and an Alaskan Malamute, you have to know the dog is going to be big. King Shepherd dogs can grow to weigh a whopping 75 to 150 pounds, and they might grow to stand between 25 to 31 inches tall. This hybrid breed has an average life expectancy of 10 to 11 years and will live long and happy lives as long as owners are sure to care for their dog’s needs and take them to regular vet checkups. 

A dog’s health is dependent on its physical and mental well-being. Owners will need to provide high-quality dog dry food and plenty of water, so their dog stays hydrated. It’s also important to bong with your King Shepherd so you can help them find more fun activities to use their energy for. These 19 ideas are fun ways to improve your bong with your King Shepherd, but you could also draw inspiration from them and come up with some similar fun activities to do with your dog. 

19 Ways to Improve Your Bond With Your King Shepherd

1. Take Them for a Walk

As all dog owners know, dogs love walking. Many dogs love going outside and love taking a stroll around their neighborhood. These walks give your pet a chance to smell and see different sights and animals. Also, when you take your pet for a walk, they begin associating you with the good feeling of going on a walk. Train your dog to walk and give them great treats in the process to help them bond closer to you.  

2. Go on a Hike

Similar to a walk, hiking can be a great way to keep your King Shepherd happy, healthy, and loving. Hiking is a great way to expose your pet to the outdoors while also encouraging a stronger bond between you and your pet. 

When you want to take your pet for a hike, you should make sure you practice proper hiking etiquette. You must follow the B.A.R.K. rules to ensure your pet is safe and leaves the hiking trail clean. The National Park Service says, “B.A.R.K. stands for: Bag your dog’s waste. Always leash your pet. Respect wildlife. Know where you can go.” Following these guidelines will ensure your dog is safe while you hike. 

Pet owners should also remember their pets should start on easier trails before they go straight into more troublesome or difficult trails. It’s also important to bring a portable water dish and lots of fresh water and treats for your dog.king shepherd close up

3. Go for a Car Ride

Every dog owner knows that image of a dog in a car sticking its head out the window and loving life. Some dogs are scared of cars, but if you repeatedly take your pup for a joy ride, they can learn to enjoy the fun a car ride offers them. Your King Shepherd puppy can bond closer to you thanks to a dog’s love of car rides. These joyrides offer them the experience of being outside with the safety of being in an enclosed space. 

If you want to take your pet on fun car rides, ensure you purchase a dog seat belt so that your pup is safe even in the event of an accident. Also, try to make sure you have some treats for your dog so you can reward them for good car etiquette like sitting or lying down in the backseat. 

4. Take Them to a Dog Park

Many dog parks exist across the United States because dogs thrive by being social with other furry friends. King Shepherd puppies might enjoy running around the dog park and sniffing other pups. If you know your dog is dog friendly, a dog park can be a great way for your pup to release their energy in a healthy and fun way.

Keep in mind, though, that since your dog is very large, they should be absolutely comfortable with other dogs. If they are a little iffy sometimes, it’s best to avoid a dog park altogether.  Get them socialized slowly first. Most times, the most effective way to socialize a dog that isn’t dog friendly is by going to classes with your pet at local dog training facilities. Many certified trainers and behaviorists are coming up with new and effective techniques to train dogs to be less aggressive. Your pet has a chance of enjoying the company of other pups, but even with training, some King Shepherd dogs will only come to tolerate other pets and will not truly enjoy them, making a dog park more stressful than fun. It all depends on your dog. 

5. Take Them to a Normal Park

A normal park is a great alternative if your King Shepherd isn’t the biggest fan of other dogs or you don’t like dog parks. Natural parks open your pet up to great environments where they can be stimulated by a variety of smells, scents, and sights. Also, if you take your pet to a park, it’s a great time to play with them, so you should bring their favorite toys.

In addition, many owners will take their pets to a stimulating place to practice some commands because if your dog can do a command in a very distracting place, it’s a good sign they’ve mastered or are close to mastering that command. You should give them tons of treats and make sure you take water for your dog to have the most fun. They will start associating the fun with you, helping your bond grow stronger. 

6. Go to the Beach or Lake

If you’ve tried bathing your King Shepherd, you might notice they aren’t a huge fan. Many dogs dislike baths because it gets rid of their natural scent, which they acquire over time. But this doesn’t mean King Shepherd dogs don’t like water. In fact, many King Shepherd dogs love open water and enjoy swimming in a big body of water. 

If you want to bond with your King Shepherd puppy, consider taking them to an open body of water like a beach, lake, or pond. Remember to practice safety precautions. Keep an eye on your pet at all times, don’t let them go into deep water, and keep some canine flotation devices on them, so they’re sure to be safe when they enter the water. Remember to bring lots of fresh water from home and some of your pet’s favorite treats. Your dog will love you for their fun swim time.

7. Go Kayaking

If your dog loves swimming or going out near bodies of water, they will love kayaking. When owners take their pets on an adventure like kayaking, King Shepherd dogs get to experience things they don’t usually do. It’s rare for most dogs to go out on a boat or kayak, but it isn’t because they don’t like it. Getting your King Shepherd to feel comfortable on a kayak can be time-consuming, and some owners don’t have the patience for it. But if you want your dog to bond closer to you and trust you, bringing them on a kayak is a great way to do so.

There are a few steps you have to follow to help your pet get used to the kayak. You should also make sure your kayak is big enough to support you and your huge dog. Make sure you practice safety precautions like bringing water, treats, and a floating doggy device. 

8. Go to the Dog Store

Just like humans, King Shepherd dogs can go retail shopping. Of course, your dog will need you to take them and pay for anything, but they would love to go with you. A fun way to bond with your King Shepherd is to take them shopping and take note of things they’re interested in. You can find your dog new toys, treats, or a nice bed.

9. Try an Obstacle Course

This breed of dog is huge, and they need plenty of physical and mental activity to stay healthy. An obstacle course is a perfect way to do that. Make sure you bring tasty treats and a positive attitude, and after a successful practice at obstacle courses, your dog is likely to bond closer to you and listen to your commands more. You have to practice positive reinforcement for the best results. dog on obstacle course

10. Plan a Doggy Date

If your King Shepherd is pet friendly, taking them on a dog date can be a lot of fun for them. Make sure you only do doggy dates if your pet is friendly to other dogs. Remember that whenever you bring your pet to experience something fun, they’ll associate that feeling with you and develop an even stronger bond. You should slowly introduce your dog to the other dog outdoors prior to inviting them on a doggy date. This way, your pet can establish a friendship in a neutral place, and you can ensure your pet gets along with other dogs. Once you and the other owner are comfortable, you can try your doggy date. 

11. Go on a Boat

If you don’t want to take your 100-pound King Shepherd onto a kayak, that’s understandable. While these dogs can absolutely love that, many owners might feel uncertain about it, but a great alternative is a boat. Take your pet onto the open water in a boat to grow a closer bond with them. Make sure you practice regular safety precautions and bring water, food, and a floaty for your pet. Keep a ‘dog overboard’ plan in mind to ensure your dog is as safe as can be. 

12. Go to a Big Open Field to Play Fetch

One of the most classic games a dog can play is fetch. Not all dogs enjoy fetch, but if your King Shepherd likes this game, you should take them to a big open field to play with them. Playing these fun games with your dog will get them to like you more, thus improving your bond. dog running in field

13. Play Hide and Seek

Another fun game to play with your King Shepherd is hide and seek. King Shepherd dogs need mental activity, and making your dog search for you in the house is fun and challenging for them. If you want to play this game, you should have someone sit with your dog while you hide. Then, after you’ve hidden, the person with your dog should tell your dog to find you. Usually, your dog will go searching for you naturally, but if they need a little push, try whistling or calling their name from your hiding spot so they get closer to finding you. Hide in easier spots to begin with and then more difficult ones as your dog advances. Playing this game is a great way to improve your bond with your dog.

14. Play in Sprinklers

Sometimes improving your bond requires very little energy and a little bit of fun. If you have sprinklers in your yard, you can have a ball with your pet running around and through them. 

15. Do a Grooming Session

Not all King Shepherd dogs love grooming, so this can be a win or a loss, depending. However, dogs that get groomed more often find more pleasure in these sessions, so keep that in mind when you begin to groom your King Shepherd. If your dog does like grooming, then giving them a good brushing session can be very calming for them while they bond closer to you. 

16. Give Them Special Treats

A dog should get a special treat every now and then for good behavior or learning to behave in a new environment. But you can give your dog a special treat just for fun, too. If you want to bond closer with your pup, consider having a day where they get really cool treats that they don’t usually get. King Shepherd dogs usually love things like cream cheese, bananas, carrots, or cottage cheese. Just do your research to make sure your dog can eat the special treat safely, but this will help them bond closer to you. There are even some local shops that will offer dogs a small treat or pup cup for visiting, and this can be a great way to bond closer with your King Shepherd, too.dogs playing

17. Practice Obedience Training

When King Shepherd dogs practice training lessons, they immediately bond closer to their owner as long as training is kept positive. Since you command your dog and give them praise and treats, when they follow the command, it can be fun and exciting for dogs to be trained. However, yelling at your dog or chastising them can cause this bonding and good behavior exercise to backfire. So be mindful of your body language and tone, and be sure to always to use positive reinforcement. King Shepherd dogs also have shorter attention spans, and you want them to think of training as light and fun. It’s important to keep training sessions short to avoid your pet getting bored and disliking the training and ultimately misbehaving or ignoring commands. Training is much more successful in short, repetitive, and consistent sessions. Some trainers recommend training your King Shepherd for up to 25 minutes a session and having more than two or three sessions per day, depending on your dog’s attention. 

18. Watch T.V.

Sometimes all a dog needs to have a good time is some rest and relaxation. If you aren’t feeling particularly well or want to lay down for a while, get your pet to lay with you. Maybe give them a good dog massage or some yummy treats when they lay in bed with you, too. Most King Shepherds are more than happy to find a place on the couch or bed and lay down and nap next to their person. 

19. Make a Fancy Meal 

Just as with special snacks, you can give your pet a fancy meal every now and then. If a friend or spouse buys you a sweet gift for no reason, it’s likely to be very appreciated. Dogs want a little unwarranted gift every now and then, too. You can do the same thing for your dog, who will appreciate it so much they’ll trust you more and bond closer to you. Consider giving your pet things like fresh green beans, cantaloupe, or grilled non-seasoned chicken. Ensure you do your research to feed your dog something safe and healthy. side view of dog


When a dog gets positive reinforcement, socialization, and plenty of mental stimulation, they remain happy pups. Most large breed dogs are happy and have an even temperament when they receive the right amount of activity. This energetic dog breed will be delighted to partake in any of these activities with their owners. While there is no breed standard to bond with your King Shepherd puppy, there are plenty of choices. Ensure you give your dog training lessons, exercise, and a long walk daily to bond as close to them as possible. This family dog breed will develop the best personality when all their needs are met, including bonding with their owners.

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