Pineranian Dogs and 13 Indoor Activities They’ll Love

Pineranian Dog

The Pineranian dog breed is a hybrid mix between two toy breeds, the Miniature Pinscher and the Pomeranian. These two breeds come together to make a hybrid full of just as much energy and intelligence as its two parent breeds are. Thanks to the Pomeranian, this hybrid develops similar smarts and looks, including the puffy coat of the Pomeranian. And the Miniature Pinscher gives this hybrid the same signature attitude that’s both fierce and spirited. The Pineranian dog breed has grown in popularity a lot over the last decade and will likely grow in popularity as more people come to realize how lovable this hybrid toy breed is. 

Pineranian Dog Temperament

The Pineranian dog breed is a hyperactive dog that craves attention. These pups will be happy when they’re raking in every bit of eye contact they can. Their intense need for attention is part of the reason they’re better fit as only animals or in homes without children. These dogs can become jealous of the attention given to other dogs and children, although having older children can be good for these pets since they’ll reap attention from more family members. 

As mentioned briefly before, this hybrid breed is very hyper. These dogs are active and energetic, which makes them seem like they’d be difficult to train, but it’s quite the opposite. Suppose you begin training lessons immediately after adopting your pet and regularly provide them with daily training lessons. In that case, they’ll learn commands swiftly, and it can help prevent yippy behaviors that a lot of toy dog breeds suffer from. This is especially important because this toy hybrid is at risk of becoming aggressive towards other dogs or disobedient if their parent isn’t sure of how to train them properly. The best way to prevent your pup from becoming disobedient is to train them as often as possible. 

These dogs are incredibly playful and love spending time with their owners. If owners regularly provide praise for good behavior, these dogs are much more likely to develop well-behaved traits since they’re a breed that loves pleasing their owners. This dog breed is not for people who lack patience. These small pups can develop more rambunctious traits thanks to the temperaments of their parent breeds, so it’s important to have patience when bringing your dog home and even more patience when training them. Strong-headed breeds like this one might ignore commands at first. As long as you maintain calmness, these dogs will come around, and love their owners and listen to commands in no time.  pom with sunglasses and chain

Pineranian Health 

This small dog breed stands between 8 to 10 inches tall. They don’t grow to weigh much and will weigh between 5 to 10 pounds once they’re fully grown. Smaller dogs tend to have longer lifespans, and this breed has an average life expectancy of 13 to 15 years. These dogs are relatively healthy, and mixed breeds tend to have a wider variety of health risks, although they’re usually very mild problems. This breed needs a solid amount of daily exercise to stay healthy and fit. Mentally active dogs like this hybrid also need plenty of stimulation to keep them smart, sharp, and obedient. Pineraranian dogs will benefit from about 30 minutes of outdoor activity daily, although these dogs can get all the daily activity they need from indoor activities. It’s important to provide all the necessary mental and physical health requirements to encourage these pups to live their healthiest lives possible. Also, dogs like this breed can suffer from separation anxiety very easily. Because of this, it’s great to train them from a young age to avoid separation anxiety-related issues. It’s also a good idea to make sure these dogs get plenty of activity so their excess energy doesn’t lead to unwanted anxiety. Pet parents can partake in plenty of fun pastimes with their pups. Here are 13 activities you can do indoors with your Pineranian.

13 Fun Indoor Activities to Do With Your Pineranian Dog

1. Sniff-Out Treats Game

One game that many different dogs love is the sniff-out treats game. You can buy a special toy mat to play this, or you can use things your dog is already familiar with. When you want to play a sniff-out the treats style of game, hide your pet’s treats in places they can access more easily in the beginning. Making it easy to find the treats will help them learn the game and have fun. Once your dog is used to playing this type of game, you can make finding the treats more difficult. You should make sure your pet is aware you’re hiding their treats by giving them one and hiding them right after. This way, your pet can use the scent that’s already in their recent memory to sniff out more treats. At first, hide treats in areas like their dog bed, the crate, or in place sight on the floor. As long as your dog is going about sniffing for treats, you’re doing the game right.  

2. Teach Your Pet to Clean Up Their Toys

While it sounds impossible, teaching your pet to clean up their toys is not too difficult. In order to practice this good habit, your dog will need to know the ‘drop it’ command. If your pet has a toy in their mouth, lead them to their bed (or toy storage bin), tell them to drop their toy, and praise them like crazy. Give them plenty of verbal praise, pets, and treats. You can practice this more than once, and after enough practice, your dog will regularly get used to cleaning up after themselves. 

3. Stuff Your Dog’s Kong Toy

Another fun thing to do indoors when your dog is bored is giving them a treat. Sometimes dogs want attention, sometimes they want to nap, but most of the time, they want something that tastes good to chew on. A kong toy is perfect for this purpose. It has become incredibly popular with most pet parents to give their pups a kong full of delicious treats like peanut butter, cottage cheese, or cream cheese. Fill it up with whatever your dog loves most, and you can freeze it for an hour if it’s hot in your home. This way, your dog gets a nice distracting and refreshing treat they can play with for a solid chunk of time. dog under table

4. Play Tug of War

A classic option for your dog is to play tug of war. When you play tug of war indoors, it’s best to clear a space to ensure your pup doesn’t whack themselves on corners or bump into tables. Tug of war is a great game to practice with dogs since it increases their bond with their human and makes them more confident. Some people wrongly think that tug of war can make a dog exhibit dominant behaviors or aggressive attitudes, especially if they win the tug of war, but these things aren’t true. Instead, tug of war is just a generally great game for your pet. 

5. Give Them a Grooming Session

While many dogs need regular grooming, breeds that can inherit the thick furry mane of a Pomeranian might benefit from more grooming sessions than the average pup. The Pomeranian breed stems from a history of sled dogs, so their fur is thick, puffy, and high-maintenance. Even though grooming can be time-consuming, it can also be a lot of fun. According to the ASPCA, “Grooming is as important as bringing your pet to the vet for regular checkups,” so owners should definitely keep an eye on their Pineranian puppy’s grooming needs. 

Many dogs love grooming after seeing that it includes a bunch of petting and brushing. If you groom your pet often, they’ll likely already be used to grooming, but if not, use a lazy day to let your pet learn to love grooming. Give them gentle brushing sessions followed by treats. You can even bathe them and give them treats during bath time so they become more tolerant to baths. 

6. Puzzle Games

All dogs require a certain amount of physical and mental stimulation throughout the day to stay healthy. Puzzle games are great and popular methods of providing mental stimulation to dogs in an affordable and easily manageable way. Owners can purchase a beginning-level puzzle game for their dog and teach their dog how to use it. Teaching your Pineranian puppy to play with puzzle toys will require a lot of treats and patience.

Some animals don’t have the inherent understanding of puzzle toys and need a little help and a lot of practice before they can really thrive in puzzle games. Often dogs that don’t understand the puzzle give up if they don’t feel motivated enough. This is why it’s so important for owners to help their dogs grasp puzzle games before leaving them to figure it out on their own. Once your dog does understand the benefits of puzzle games, you can use this method as a fun indoor activity, or you can use it to distract them when you’re away from home. yellow pom

7. Teach Your Dog to Grab Their Leash

Does your dog excitedly grab their leash every time you put on your shoes? You can teach your dog to grab their leash on command even if they doesn’t. If you’re running out of indoor activities to keep your pet entertained, you can teach them to grab their own leash. This trick will require a lot of practice and won’t be mastered in one day, but it can be taught over time. 

You’ll need to use a signal word when you want to teach your dog to grab their leash. The word ‘leash’ is probably the best choice in this scenario, but you can call it whatever works for you. Just command your dog to grab their leash, but don’t repeat the word too much as this can make the signal word lose all meaning to your Pineranian dog. Instead, say the word once and wait for your dog to go towards the leash. Patience is incredibly important for this lesson to work, but once you train your pet to grab a leash on command, you’ll notice how cute this act can be. 

8. Watch TV With Your Dog

All people watch TV, but not everyone watches TV with their dog. If you want to put on your favorite show or movie and relax, you should do so. Try to get your dog to relax by giving them a treat for sitting or laying down while you watch TV. It isn’t the most beneficial indoor activity, but laying down while petting your pup and relaxing is one of the most peaceful and sweetest moments owners can have with their dog. So enjoy your time with your pet by doing something you like to do. puppy in blankey

9. Practice Clicker Training

While clicker training isn’t the only form of training, it is one of the most effective forms of training. Clickers are very effective when it comes to teaching dogs commands. If you want your Pineranian dog to become extremely well-trained, then investing in a clicker is a great idea. 

Dog clickers work by signaling to your dog that they’re doing something good. In order to have your dog associate the clicker with goodness, you have to click the clicker before you give your pet a treat. The more often you do this, the faster your pet will understand the clicking noise means they’re being rewarded. Once your dog understands this, you can really begin using the clicker to teach them certain tricks and commands. 

10. Play ‘Which Hand’ Game

Some dog owners regularly play the ‘which hand’ game with their pets. This game occurs when an owner holds the desired object concealed in one hand, like a toy or treat, while their dog figures out which hand it’s in. Preferably the hidden object has a strong scent so that the animal can sniff out the object. Then you can close your hands and allow your dog to try to open one hand more than the other. pom laying down with yellow bak

11. Play Hide and Seek

One of the most entertaining and fun games to play with your pet is hide and seek. You usually need two people to play hide and seek with your dog, at least in the beginning. When you’re first teaching hide and seek to your Pineranian puppy, the dog’s owner should hide somewhere semi-obvious, and then someone else should direct the dog to go searching for the owner. Often dogs learn their owners’ names by listening to other people call them that. It’s the same way a dog learns their own name. But it also means that if you hide and someone else says, “Where’s Jim?” then your dog will go looking for Jim if that’s their owner’s name.

It’s best to give your dog a chance to find you easily the first few times you play this game. You can hide in the middle of a room with a blanket on you or hide behind a door. Either way, you want your pet to be able to locate you easily. This way, your dog gets more excited to play this game. You can also give your pet a treat when they find you, and they’ll quickly learn to love this game. 

12. Give Your Pup a Dental Chew

A dog’s dental health is super important, and dogs need regular teeth cleaning sessions to stay healthy. However, many dogs hate having their teeth brushed, and many owners hate brushing their dog’s teeth. While there’s no way around this teeth cleaning necessity, there are other things owners can do to keep their pet’s oral health in check. Many dog owners give their pet dental health chews which can scrape off plaque and bacteria and freshen your dog’s breath. The best part is that most dogs love dental health chews, so they’ll have fun eating one up and cleaning their teeth at the same time. 

13. Teach Your Dog the ‘Place’ Command

Some pet parents will teach their dogs to go to their own place. This is often called the ‘place’ command, and it usually refers to a dog going to its own designated space, like a dog bed or crate. Teaching your pet this command can be a great way to ensure they are well trained and well behaved. You can teach your Pineranian puppy to go to its place by pointing at its bed and saying the word ‘place.’ Then, once all four of your dog’s paws are on the area, you give them treats and tons of praise, and over time they’ll master this command. pineranian looking up


Dog lovers can find plenty of activities to entertain their pups when they’re stuck indoors. Small size dogs like the Pineranian will be even easier to tire out since they don’t have nearly as much endurance as larger dogs like a Golden Retriever. When you care for your Pineranian puppy, you just have to ensure they’re having fun with these activities too. If your dog isn’t a fan of hide and seek or learning to clean up after themselves, move on to a different idea. The possibilities are endless as long as owners stay open-minded to the fun they could have with their Pineranian dog. 

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