Rescue Puppy Has A Tail On His Forehead, And He Looks Like An Adorable Unicorn

Mac’s Mission, an animal rescue in Jackson Missouri, takes in the neglected, dejected, and downtrodden.

They save dogs that would struggle to survive in a traditional shelter setting, and every day, they bring in animals with heartbreaking histories, injuries, and special needs. Every dog they take in is unique, but one of their most recent rescues is special in a surprising way. Everyone, meet Narwhal, the rescue puppy with a tail on his forehead.

Half Dog, Half Unicorn

It’s hard to imagine a puppy with a tail growing out of its face, but pictures that Mac’s Mission posted on their Facebook page prove this little fur ball is as cute as they come. Rescuers found the puppy wandering around in the cold with another older dog.
The pair of pups were freezing, hungry, and little Narwhal suffered from a foot injury. Mac’s Mission rescued them and immediately assumed the little puppy was half dog, half unicorn. How else can you explain his adorable good looks? He was named “Narwhal the Little Magical  Furry Unicorn,” and he already has a huge online fan base.

The biggest question Narwhal fans had was whether or not the pup’s extra tail could wag. A vet confirmed that Narwhal’s forehead tail is idle, and it doesn’t wag–although it would be cute if it did! It’s also not connected to anything and doesn’t seem to have any real use–besides, of course, making Narwhal the coolest unicorn puppy the Internet has ever seen.

Narwhal is looking for a forever family.

Narwhal doesn’t look like any rescue puppy we’ve ever seen before, but he’s still as playful and sweet as any other pup his age. His extra tail never slows him down, and rescuers expect he’ll grow up to be a normal, happy-go-lucky dog. As of now, Narwhal’s forehead tail doesn’t bother him, and there’s no reason to remove it. Veterinarians don’t want to subject the little puppy to painful surgery if it’s not completely necessary. And why remove something that makes him so special?
Mac’s Mission works hard to find every dog a perfect home. For Narwhal, that means waiting a while before he’s available for adoption. They want to continue to watch over him to be 100% sure his extra tail doesn’t interfere with his quality of life. In the meantime, he’s getting all the snuggles and love he could ever need. When the time comes for little Narwhal to move on to a forever family, we expect he won’t have any trouble finding an adopter. Just look at that cute face!
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Featured image via Mac the Pitbull

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