39 Ways To Improve Your Bond With Your Maltese Mix


The Maltese breed is a lovely, mild-mannered toy breed. She’s great for playing with because she gets along with everyone and makes a wonderful buddy!

It’s uncertain where the Maltese originated, but they have been a recognized breed in Malta for thousands of years, once known as “Ye ancient dogge of Malta.”

The Maltese dog has been a popular pet since ancient times and it was carried by royalty all around the world. Women might be seen wearing them in the pockets of their exquisite gowns and robes. Perhaps this explains why the Maltese enjoy being held!

Maltese dogs are a small dog breed that weigh between 2 and 8 pounds and have a beautiful, long, silky coat. Even when indoors they are quite playful, despite being a little dog. The Maltese is a relatively healthy mixed breed dog with an average lifespan of 14 to 15 years.

They are also recognized by the American Kennel Club as a purebred dog.


Combinations of a Maltese and Other Small Dogs To Produce a Maltese Mix

  • Maltese and Toy Poodle = Maltipoo
  • Maltese and Standard Poodle = Poodlemalt
  • Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier = Morkie
  • Maltese and Shih Tzu = Mal-Shi
  • Maltese and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel = CavaMalt
  • Maltese and Bichon Frise – Maltichon
  • Maltese and Border Collie = Border Colltese
  • Maltese and French Bulldog = French Maltese
  • Maltese and Golden Retriever = Golden Maltese
  • Maltese and German Shepherd = Sheptese

For 15,000 years, our link with canines has been unshakable. When your Maltese mix greets you at the door with a wagging tail or snuggles beside you, he’s communicating his connection.

It’s as clear as day when the bond is no longer present. “We see evidence in problems like separation anxiety, a dog’s dejection when being left with strangers, or relinquished to a shelter, and the sometimes overwhelming response some dogs show when they hear their owners’ voices after an absence,” says Dr. Liz Stelow, chief of service of Clinical Behavior Service at the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital at University of California, Davis.

However, these strong relationships don’t come about without effort on your part. “We do see stronger relationships between dogs and their pet parents when they do things together, such as taking walks and training,” says Robin Bennett, a certified dog trainer and co-founder of The Dog Gurus.


Does Bonding With Your Maltese Mix Take Time?

The phrase “love” is frequently used in connection with the canine-human relationship. However, we don’t often discuss the “bond” between a dog and its pet parent.

However, love develops naturally while the bond requires time and care. When you come home after work, your dog is dancing because they love you, but the bond keeps them from flying away without you when the front door opens.

In other words, you feel affection for your in-laws (maybe), but you share a connection with your closest friend from middle school. The foundation of your entire relationship with your Maltese mix is built on a solid bond.

When we examine dog-human relationships, we generally notice a succession of “human-made bond breaches” that have eroded the strength of the connection between dog and human.

Some are serious, such as physical punishment or a lack of exercise. Still, others are more difficult to identify—a lack of confidence or an aversion to having fun with the dog. Although basic training may help strengthen these “sparkless” relationships, we frequently encounter less-than-stellar training outcomes when there is a poor connection.

We require more than love and training to have satisfying, hassle-free relationships with our Maltese mix. We must establish a bond with our dog based on trust, mutual respect, and regard for each other for a relationship to thrive.

Strong VS. Weak Bonds With Your Maltese Mix

Of course, our relationship with our dog is wonderful! Why would it not be? Let’s look at a few of the signs to determine whether or not the bond is as strong as we think it is.

Signs of a Weak Bond With Your Maltese Mix

Despite your good nature, your dog may not feel a close connection with you.

Signs of a weak bond include:

  • An abrupt disconnection from you or others in your family. A lack of response to commands, especially the recall command
  • Lacking interest in playtime
  • An aversion to being touched or otherwise handled
  • Repeated attempts to run away
  • Poor eye contact and focus
  • Aggressiveness or belligerence against you
  • Behavior characterized by sadness or lethargy


Signs of a Strong Bond With Your Maltese Mix:

There’s no mistaking a dog who has developed a real emotional connection with you. There’s a genuine light in their eyes; they smile, wag their tail, nuzzle into you and make great eye contact. They brighten up when you return home, become active, and perhaps vocalize their delight.

Signs of a strong bond include:

  • Keeping track of your location while they are off-leash
  • Checking in regularly to see where you’re at
  • Obedience without hesitation or reluctance
  • When you play hide-and-seek, they make an effort to spot you
  • A desire to be in your presence
  • Frequently looking at you is an indication of a high degree of attention on you
  • Ability to express requirements, wants, and concerns effectively. (Do you know what your dog wants in most cases?)
  • A readiness to defend or assist you in a threatening scenario
  • A passion for bodily contact
  • Even when distracted, the pup comes when called (This one is difficult for even well-bonded dogs. If you’ve mastered this in the most distracting situations, congratulations!)

How To Improve Bonding With Your Maltese Mix: Don’ts

People enjoy doing some basic actions that dogs do not benefit from. For example, while dogs clearly express and seek affection, their “language” is typically non-verbal, and humans are more vocal.

Additionally, our non-verbal actions are typically more intrusive than most dogs are used to. Every dog is different and may accept the following behaviors in one form or another, but they may not necessarily enjoy them.

To make things simpler for yourself, keep in mind that implementing each of the points below may harm your relationship.

  • Commands With Too Many Words
  • Hugging Your Maltese
  • Petting A Dog’s Face or Patting Their Head
  • Kisses For Your Maltese
  • Picking Your Maltese Up Like a Baby
  • Prolonged Eye Contact With Your Maltese
  • Not Providing Rules and Structure For Your Maltese
  • Making Your Maltese Interact With Dogs or People They Don’t Like
  • Going For Walks Without Letting Your Maltese Sniff And Explore
  • Keeping the Leash Tight on Your Maltese
  • Being Boring According to Your Maltese
  • Teasing Your Maltese
  • Dressing Your Maltese Up
  • Forcing Your Maltese Into Frightening Situations
  • Strong Smells That Irritate Your Maltese
  • Your Maltese Spends Too Much Time Alone
  • Asserting Dominance by Leaning Over Your Maltese Puppy
  • Try to Remain Calm Around Your Maltese When You’re Upset

How To Improve Bonding With Your Maltese Mix

One of the most important reasons we choose to include dogs in our families is their strong connection with us. It’s also a good idea to bond with your new dog, whether a puppy or an adult. Our lives become more prosperous because of this easy friendship, and our hearts are nurtured.

Dogs are man’s best friend, but it’s their unwavering devotion that we value the most. They give us warmth, love, and unlimited companionship, but it is their fierce loyalty to us that we appreciate the most.


Here Are 39 Ways To Improve Your Bond With Your Maltese Mix

#1 Spend Some Time With Your Maltese Mix

Spending time with your beloved dog is a wonderful way to strengthen your connection, especially if you enjoyably spend that time. Try taking a “sniffari” and engaging in some great playtime with your Maltese mix.

#2 Make Sure To Communicate Clearly With Your Maltese Mix

Misunderstandings and confusion are the enemies of healthy partnerships; therefore, be as clear as possible when interacting with your Maltese mix. Make sure you’re using consistent training signals.

When communicating with your dog, use visual signals whenever possible. Dogs are more concerned with what you do than what you say, which implies that you should focus on actions rather than words when talking to them. In addition, you’ll have a sense of closeness if there’s greater mutual comprehension.

#3 Put Some Love in Your Dog’s Food

Many dogs’ hearts are opened when their stomachs are filled with delicious, nutritious dog food, and preparing healthy, delicious meals for your dog demonstrates that you care. You may either prepare meals for your Maltese mixed breed or concentrate on providing the finest nutrition in the most pleasurable way possible.

#4 Train Your Maltese Dog

Pups that have had adequate training are permitted more liberty. They are allowed to spend more time off-leash if they come when called. If they don’t go after the food on the table, they can stay nearby during meals.

Training also helps alleviate frustration since your dog understands precisely what you want them to accomplish after being taught something.

#5 Play With Your Maltese Mix

Researchers have found that in a wide range of species, a pet owner who interacts with their dogs have the best relationships with them. Playing games and having fun together improves your connection.

#6 Be Calm Around Your Maltese Mix

Losing your temper, shouting, or yelling affects everyone around you, even if it has nothing to do with them. So to ensure that your dog can trust you to remain calm, project an air of serenity no matter what’s going on.

#7 Learn More About Maltese Mix Behavior

When you can spot the indications of stress in your dog’s body language and facial expressions, it’s easier to safeguard or remove him from circumstances that make him nervous. When your Maltese mix can count on you to keep them safe, your relationship will improve, and so will the trust.

#8 Find Out What Your Maltese Mix Likes and Dislikes

Make a list of your dog’s likes (such as favorite games or foods), so you can provide them with what they truly desire and become the source of all happiness. Keep track of what your dog dislikes, too.

Knowing what most dogs dislike is an excellent place to start: head pats, citrus or strong floral scents, loud noises, being stared at, being clothed in clothes that restrict their mobility, and being held.

#9 Pet Your Maltese Mix

There’s a lot of evidence that physical contact, such as grooming and petting, reduces stress in shelter dogs, which is reflected in decreased heart rate and the stress hormone cortisol and an increase in the anti-stress hormone oxytocin. Researchers have come to believe that physical contact has a role in strengthening the connection between people and their pets.


#10 Teach Your Maltese Mix a Trick or Two

Training is a wonderful method to strengthen your bond with your dog. You may be teaching a simple behavior or something more advanced, but any training helps give your dog some mental stimulation.

You’re also building a closer tie between the two of you as he learns those training methods, and you shower him with adoration, praise, and a few well-deserved treats.

#11 Exercise With Your Maltese Mix

It’s not only beneficial to your health, but it may also help you and your dog develop closer. Walking or jogging is an excellent method to establish a fun routine that allows your dog to see new things and smells while keeping him close by.

#12 Start a Routine With Your Maltese Mix

Because dogs are creatures of habit, establishing routines for several actions might assist you in influencing their everyday habits. For example, setting and maintaining regular feeding hours, bathroom breaks, and other routines can help your dog feel at ease with you and the setting, promoting trust. In addition, dogs want to know what is expected of them to give you what you want consistently.

#13 Brush Your Maltese Mix

A quick grooming session not only keeps your dog’s coat clean but can also help you and your canine companion become closer. Your dog may be nervous at first, but they will come around with some gentle encouragement and care.

#14 Feed Your Maltese Mix by Hand Occasionally

Another approach to developing a unique relationship with your dog is to feed him a treat a few times each week. Because your dog might be cautious about eating from your hand, it encourages him to focus on you and your directives. In addition, your dog may learn that you are his source of food by rewarding good conduct with snacks.

#15 Cuddle With Your Maltese Mix

It’s wonderful to be active with your dog, but it’s also nice to take some time to relax together. Chilling on the sofa, sitting on the bed, or snuggling with your best friend on the floor is a great way to connect with your dog because physical contact might provide a sense of security and warmth that tells him you’re there for him.

#16 Give Your Maltese Mix Some Space to Themselves Once in Awhile

Sometimes, to strengthen your bond with your dog, give him a place where he can be alone. Dogs are den animals by nature. Make a safe haven in another room, such as a crate or a dog bed, where your dog may go to get away from it all for a while if he needs to.

#17 Praise Your Maltese Mix

You want your dog to feel accomplished. However, dogs need a reason for being, and if you don’t provide one, they may create one (such as chasing the squirrels in the backyard).

Your dog’s motivation may be as straightforward as pleasing you. Your dog will think he’s been productive if he makes you happy. So offer your Maltese mix plenty of snacks and praise to encourage excellent behavior, and they’ll feel more connected to you.

#18 Add Nutritious Toppers to Their Food

Treats are fantastic, but you want to be careful about weight gain. So what’s an easy way to show affection with food? Add some delectable, nutritious toppings or mix-ins to your dog’s daily meals.

#19 Add Something Unexpected for Your Maltese Mix

Dogs love predictability in their everyday lives, especially when it comes to meals. However, a little unpredictability might be just enough to help your dog realize that you’re always up to something exciting!

Taking a different walk route at another time of day may be enough to make a dog feel something new for the first time in its life.


#20 Give Your Maltese Mix Some Choices

Allow your dog to wander and sniff instead of keeping up with you during walks. For a change, concentrate on the trip rather than the final destination! Instead of forcing them to wear it, offer them the option of wearing that holiday sweatshirt. If your dog backs away when you extend the garment out to them, don’t make them put it on.

#21 Be Patient With Your Maltese Mix

When it comes to bonding with a new dog, patience is crucial. It may take a few weeks or even months for some dogs to form a bond with their new partner.

Each dog has its own personality, and some dogs take longer to get used to new people and places. When dogs are placed in a new environment, there is also an adjustment period.

#22 Stay Consistent With Rules

When bonding with your new dog, keep things simple. Make sure everyone in the family is on the same page regarding training.

Make a family agreement on what behaviors are not acceptable and which ones should be rewarded. A dog will quickly become perplexed and irritated if you have different rules depending on who’s issuing the commands.

#23 Relax With Your Maltese Mix

When it comes to bonding with a new dog, there’s nothing wrong with spending some excellent one-on-one time relaxing together.

Get down on the floor, invite your dog over to show off your doggie massage skills, or invite your dog onto the couch for some cuddle time.

#24 Take a Nap With Your Maltese Mix

Dogs require their daily exercise, but one-on-one time together need not always be organized around activities. For example, it’s just as essential to spend time together on the sofa as it is to play fetch.

#25 Be Consistent With Words and Signals

Make sure you use the same words and signals throughout your dog’s training. The importance of consistency is also true for rules. If your dog is allowed in the bedroom one day and punished the next, it will be difficult for him to comprehend and trust you. Effective communication is essential to a good relationship, just as with any other type of partnership.

#26 Talk to Your Maltese Mix

Even if you don’t completely understand each other, you may still connect with your dog verbally. Make time every day to speak to your dog. Tell him about your day, your big promotion, or even your darkest secrets.

Taking the time to speak with your dog face-to-face (perhaps a head scratch!) will not go unnoticed by him.

Dogs are more attuned to our tone of voice than our words, so you don’t have to use complete sentences. Instead, just the sound of your voice will be soothing and reassuring to your dog.

#27 Take Your Maltese Mix for a Swim

Swimming is an excellent exercise for dogs of all ages, be it in your backyard pool, a small inflatable children’s pool, the nearest river, a dog-friendly lake, or a dog-friendly beach.

#28 Help Your Maltese Mix Socialize

Your dog must be at ease in various settings, particularly if they’re still getting used to being in a new house. Taking your dog to socialization lessons will help them get used to other dogs and voices and know that you’ll be there for them throughout this growth phase.

#29 Run a Dog-Friendly Race With Your Maltese Mix

There are several pup-friendly races that you can participate in to get your heart rate up and bond with your Maltese mix.

There are various dog-friendly running events, including one-mile walks, low-speed jogs, and full-fledged 5Ks. Dog sports serve the dual purpose of fostering your bond with your dog while training and on the day of the event.

#30 Take Your Maltese Mix to the Beach

If splashing in the water on a hot summer day is something you enjoy, your Maltese mix will be thrilled. Play Frisbee in the sand, explore along the coastline, kayak down a river for two people, or plunge into cold water!

You may join up for dog-friendly water activities, such as doggie swim lessons and (simple) upright paddle boarding or surfing.


#31 Take Your Maltese Mix on a Hike

Grab the leash and go outside! Your dog will enjoy spending time with you exploring new territory, whether it’s a moderate walk up a local foothill, a tree-canopied stroll through the woods, or a tour of a pet-friendly state park.

If you really want to get away from it all, take your dog camping with you for an extended weekend of hiking and bonding in nature.

#32 Take Your Maltese Mix on a Road Trip

In a nutshell, dogs are extraordinary pets, and it breaks our hearts to be away from them on a journey. But, on the other hand, road trips make for a fantastic bonding experience with your Maltese mix.

Stop at different scenic points, try different foods, and make great memories with your furry friend!

#33 Take Your Maltese Mix Boating

What could be more exciting than taking your Maltese Mix boating? With the wind in their fur, intriguing scents, and dolphins leaping by, there are a plethora of activities that most pets adore!

#34 Take Your Maltese Mix for a Stroll in a Stroller

A stroller for your dog is more time spent with them. It allows you to go to more places with your dog than a leash or pet carrier.

With more businesses, malls, and restaurants becoming canine-friendly every day, a responsible dog owner who carries her dog in a stroller will always be welcome at any location.

#35 Take Your Maltese Mix to a Nursing Home

Owners of calm or older dogs might consider spending some time together while also assisting others. For example, visit hospitals or nursing homes to brighten the spirits of patients who are confined to their rooms.

#36 Watch Dog Movies With Your Maltese Mix

Choose a film with dog heroes (e.g., Homeward Bound, Milo and Otis, Dr. Dolittle, or Air Bud). Get yourself a bag of yummy popcorn and a bowl of delicious dog bones, then enjoy the movie with your fur buddy.

Invite your Maltese mix onto the couch with you, or make a cozy area on the floor for both of you. Even if he isn’t interested in the film, he’ll appreciate your time together.

#37 Have a Picnic With Your Maltese Mix

Look for a dog-friendly park to grab some food and bring it along with your pup. You and your Maltese mix may relax while eating a nutritious lunch without breaking a sweat here.

#38 Take Your Maltese Mix to Work

Many companies set aside a special day each year for pet owners to bring their pets to the workplace. Check if your employer will allow your dog in the workplace.

Take your puppy to the workplace with you and introduce him to co-workers and their pets. Then, on your lunch break, go for a long walk with him, and bring plenty of goodies to keep him entertained all day.

#39 Win Some Dog Titles With Your Maltese Mix

If your dog has already mastered the basic obedience commands, attempt to earn obedience medals. Learn more about how your Maltese mix can reach a companion dog status and eventually attain higher ranks at your local kennel club.

The most important thing is the additional time you spend together to earn it.



While not an exhaustive list, the 39 tips provided should give you some great ideas to start developing a solid relationship with your Maltese mix.

From providing plenty of exercise and socialization opportunities to ensuring they always have access to food and water, these basics will help ensure that you live happily together.

Your dog isn’t materialistic; they simply care about you. Small gestures of kindness fill the biggest space in your dog’s heart.

She’ll care about what she loves most, and that’s your time. She cares about you and wants you to be happy!

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