Why Is My Dog So Hyper?

Many dogs are hyper when they are puppies. Many breeds like Labs and Border Collies don’t seem to calm down at all until they reach about 4 or 5 years old. Milo was the worst and was always go, go, go until he reached 3 years old and I call him an Alabama Special, mixed with 5 different breeds according to the DNA test. All dogs get the zoomies at all ages when they are excited but some dogs only have one speed, about 100mph 24/7 and it can be exhausting. If this is your dog, keep reading to find out why your dog is so hyper. 
why is my dog so hyper?

Your Dog’s Breed Can Have Something to do With it

Many dog’s energy levels can be directly linked to their breeding. Like the saying I use all the time at the clinic, everyone wants a baby cowdog until they realize what their energy levels are. Believe me, we have 2 and it is nonstop playing and if they aren’t active, the anxiety levels start to rise. It is extremely important to keep this in mind when you are out shopping for a new puppy. If you select a high-energy breed, like those listed here, it is important that you have an active lifestyle that matches your dogs. If you don’t match, it isn’t fair to either you or the dog. Labs, Heelers, Border Collies, and German Shepherds are those breeds that are going to need an active lifestyle. 
If you don’t have an active lifestyle, choose a breed such as a Cocker Spaniel and toy breeds such as Maltese and Chihuahuas that do not need to stay active all the time. You need to be able to mesh well, whether you rather stay in and watch movies, or enjoy hiking and daily walks. 
why is my dog so hyper?

Boredom Can Result in Hyper Dogs

Do the hyper levels in your dog stay constant or is it only certain times of the day? Like when you come home from work while they stay in their kennel. If it is constant, it is most likely related to the breed. However, if it is only during certain times of the day, it is probably because your dog is bored, especially if they have been cooped up in a kennel for 8 hours. Once they are free from their barracks, they need to expend that energy somehow.
Bored dogs can get themselves into trouble. I’ve learned the best way to expend that cooped up energy is actually by utilizing a dog’s brain versus playing fetch in the yard for 3 hours. Puzzles are great and dogs love problem-solving games. Teaching new tricks can also help bring that hyper energy to ease. Click here for more information on how to help your dog use their brain. 
If you do all you can to calm the storm of energy in your dog and they are still extremely hyper, they could actually be having anxiety problems. In these cases, reach out to your veterinarian for a behavior consult. A combination of behavioral training, positive reinforcement, and sometimes medications can help. 
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