29 Activities To Do With Your Mini French Bulldog

Who doesn’t love the adorable, smushed face of their Mini French Bulldog? It turns out your French Bulldog also loves seeing the face of its owners as much as possible. You can create a wide variety of activities for your Mini French Bulldog, but keep in mind all activities need to consist of your presence and engagement with your dog in some way. This article takes a look at numerous outlets in which you can engage your dog’s physical and social needs to their great enjoyment!

The Personality and Needs of Your Mini French Bulldog

The Mini French Bulldog is part of the “regular” French Bulldog breed. As its name indicates, owners intentionally bred some of its predecessors, the English Bulldog, down to a dwarf size by crossing it with pugs and terriers. By definition, the Mini French Bulldog is less than 13 inches tall and weighs no more than 28 pounds. The name French Bulldog came from the fact that these dwarf dogs belonged to English factory workers who eventually crossed the English Channel to France looking for work.

The Mini French Bulldog possesses a lively and charismatic personality, with some describing it as the dog who has never met a stranger. This feature makes it a perfect dog for families, as it loves to play with children of all ages (and is very tolerant of kids being a little rough with it). To a fault, your Mini French Bulldog is loyal to its family, to the point where it can be clingy and experience severe attacks of separation anxiety. Its passionate devotion to its owners makes the Mini French Bulldog a popular choice for household pets.

The Mini French Bulldog is also highly adaptable to its environment. It can thrive in large homes, but it is also perfectly suited for small homes or apartments in urban areas. The French Bulldog needs a minimal amount of exercise per day, most of which can be done in your apartment or by taking your dog on its necessary bathroom walks. Your Mini French Bulldog also loves to play and sniff outside and will enjoy having the opportunity to explore the wider world any chance you give it.

However, there are two significant health issues that affect every Mini French Bulldog which you should remember for any activity they do. First, they can overly exert themselves easily, particularly in heat. All Bulldogs are susceptible to respiratory issues due to their shortened nasal pathways. Simply put, the volume of air that passes through their nose at any given time is smaller than nearly every other breed. Second, Bulldogs are susceptible to stomach tilt, a condition where their stomach can turn over or even twist. If that happens, it becomes a life-threatening condition if not treated immediately by a vet. As such, your Mini French Bulldog must refrain from hard play at least one hour before eating and at least two hours after eating.

29 Fun Activities To Do With Your Mini French Bulldog

Are you ready for some fun ways to bond with your Mini French Bulldog? Here are 29 can’t-miss activities that will enrich your time with your beloved Frenchie.

bulldog with treats1. Teach Some Tricks

A Mini French Bulldog is always eager to play and learn some tricks from you. Before you set off on this exciting endeavor; however, note one important fact. Your Mini French Bulldog has a stubborn streak. Your Bulldog will adore you to the moon and back, but it will make every effort to teach you how to do things its way.

As you decide what tricks to teach, keep your lessons short and entertaining. Otherwise, they will get bored and tune you out. Worse than that, if your training is tiresome to them, it will become increasingly difficult to do any work with them. A good rule is to focus on one lesson at a time. Make sure you teach a specific and consistent command for each trick to your Mini French Bulldog.

Once you learn to work within your dog’s short attention span, your Frenchie will take pride in knowing how to show off for you and other humans. As a bonus, you will have a grand time watching your dog enjoy itself and learning how to pay closer attention to your commands in any situation.

2. Dog Public Social

Communities often host public events in which one or two breeds of dogs are invited for a “meet-and-greet” with the wider neighborhood. It’s a great way for you to meet some of your neighbors, but it also provides socialization for dogs and an opportunity to educate the public on particular breeds.

Your Mini French Bulldog will enjoy the chance to meet new people and other Frenchies. If you find a social in which Frenchies are the featured breed, make sure you bring plenty of water. Because of its minuscule size, it’s a good idea to have a table on which you can place your dog. This makes it easier for people to see your Frenchie, and it also prevents them from feeling overwhelmed by a horde of people all standing over them. Let only one person at a time approach your dog.

The fun part of these socials is your French Bulldog will eagerly perform any tricks you have taught it in front of an eager audience. Make sure to have plenty of treats on hand, so each person can give a treat as praise for the floor show you and your dog can give them.

3. Hide and Seek

If your Mini French Bulldog loves to be with you, imagine how excited he will get when you ask him to come find you! The first time you play, “hide” yourself in plain sight. The important part of the game is giving the command to find or search for you, and when your Frenchie does, praise him for his good work. As the game progresses, go to other rooms. Make them stay until you give the command. Begin hiding in closets or harder (but still accessible) spaces. Your Frenchie will get a thrill from the hunt, but his reaction to finding you will be the same as if you had left the house for hours.

bulldog with ball4. Find the Ball

An appropriate ball is a diverse and entertaining toy for your Mini French Bulldog. One of the best games you can play with them is hiding the ball. It’s a great physical activity for your Frenchie, but it also is a shared experience your dog will thoroughly enjoy with you.

When you introduce this game, let your Frenchie see you hide the ball. Put it under some pillows, blankets, or other objects through which they will have to dig. Once it is hidden, give a short, specific command to go find it. When they do, praise them and give them a treat. You can repeat this over and over until they tire out, but as you progress, make the search a little harder for your dog. Find harder (but still safe) hiding spots, and you can get to the point where you can hide it while they are in another room as long as you give them some general direction.

You can also do this game with treats, which is always a pleaser for your Frenchie when they find that treasure.

5. Build a Den

As you discover how much your Mini French Bulldog loves to dig through pillows and sheets to find toys or treats, it becomes obvious they love having their own clubhouse as well. In other words, Frenchies love to have little enclosed areas in which they can hang out. Even better, they love it if you build one in which you can join them. Pile up some pillows around a couch or table, put a blanket on top, and curl up and snuggle with your Frenchie in this warm and inviting space.

6. Cuddle on the Couch

Speaking of snuggle time, a Mini French Bulldog loves its downtime, especially when they can do it with you. Find a good book or movie and just veg out. Your Frenchie will eat up the cuddles for as long as you are willing to give them.

7. Garden Activities

If you need to do a bit of light yard work, let your Mini French Bulldog help you. No, he can’t pull up weeds or dig flower beds for you. But as you work, your Frenchie will stay close by, playing with toys or perhaps playing in the grass or dirt near you. As with any outdoor activity, a Mini French Bulldog can get overheated on hot days easily, so limit your time outside in those conditions.

8. Walks

A Mini French Bulldog enjoys walks like every other breed. But, because of their sensitive respiratory issues, keep the walks short. Your French Bulldog does not need to walk any longer than 30 minutes (and less than 20 on a hot day). Early morning and late afternoon are the best times. If you keep these guidelines in mind, you and your Frenchie will form a daily ritual together both of you will eagerly anticipate.

9. Dog Park

Every now and then, in addition to their daily walk, your Mini French Bulldog will enjoy a good outing to a dog park. The same rules apply to this as to a walk. Keep the playtime short and go at cooler times of the day. The dog park is a nice treat for your Frenchie to have some outdoor playtime with you as well as getting an opportunity to socialize with other dogs.

10. Fetch

Whether you are inside or outside, a great staple activity for playtime is fetch. A ball is standard, but any of your Frenchie’s favorite toys it can carry in its mouth will work.

Start the game with short throws and gradually increase the length as your Frenchie learns the game. Your dog will naturally chase the toy, but you will need to teach two simple commands. One is to come back to you, making sure they bring the toy with them. Once they come to you, give them a command to drop the toy. For every successful circuit, praise them and give them a treat.

After you’ve praised your Mini French Bulldog, immediately throw the ball again. You want your Frenchie to associate following your command with continued play and that they won’t lose the toy. Once you decide the game is over, you give one more final praise to the dog and let them keep the toy. He will eagerly await the next time he can play this game with you.

11. Tug of War

Another classic game your Frenchie will eat up is tug of war. Use a sturdy toy, rope, or old rag. As you teach the game, it is vital you initiate when your Mini French Bulldog can grab the object. You want them to understand from the get-go that it is a game; otherwise, they may assume it is a competition for the object and get overly possessive of it. A command like “grab” can signal the start. Likewise, when the game is finished, give a command such as “let loose.” For the latter, praise them and give them treats for successfully completing the game.

Equally as important, pick an object that is long enough so your hand has plenty of separation from your dog’s mouth. Your Frenchie should never, under any circumstance, put his mouth on your hand during the game. If he does, immediately stop the game. You do not need to scold him since the cessation of play will be enough to let him know he has not followed directions.

When you play, move the toy back and forth instead of up and down. The latter motion can hurt your dog’s spine.

With these rules in play, your Frenchie will be in heaven sharing a game with their favorite object and their favorite person.

cute black bulldog on grass

12. Obstacle Course

Even in the smallest apartment, you can create a fun obstacle course for your Frenchie. Place pillows or towels on the floor, create little tunnels, and make a path that twists and turns through several rooms. Place a toy or treat at the end. Your Mini French Bulldog may not intuitively understand at first, so you’ll want to walk your dog through the course to start (make sure to show them the reward at the end). When they start the course, you can walk or run beside them as they traverse it. When they come to the end, praise them for a job well done. Ultimately they will learn to do the course without your help. Your Frenchie will begin to eagerly anticipate the next great course you will design for them!

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13. Tracking Games

Let your Frenchie put its sense of smell to work. In your yard or in any patch of park area, walk through the grass with small steps. At the end of the “path,” place one of your dog’s favorite toys.

Put your Mini French Bulldog on his leash and start him at the beginning of the trail. Place your finger to the ground and encourage your Frenchie to smell. Like the obstacle course, walk with them through the path the first time so that they can find the end. Once you’ve done this, start them again and let them lead the way on the path. If they struggle to find the trail, space a few treats along the path. Once they find the toy, praise them. You can then create another path and let them do the work.

14. Treat Puzzle

A treat puzzle is a great toy for any dog, but your Mini French Bulldog will find great satisfaction in working through it as they sit by or near you in the room. It needs to be the appropriate size for your Frenchie, but they will enjoy both the process of solving the puzzle and showing you what they find when they succeed in reaching it.

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15. Laser Pen

Have you ever seen those silly videos of cats chasing a laser pen? Your Mini French Bulldog will go just as crazy. On a rainy day especially, give your Frenchie some exercise simply by letting them try to catch the strange light they see.

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16. Balloons

In addition to a laser pen, balloons provide another opportunity to watch your Mini French Bulldog run around and chase uncatchable objects. You don’t need much imagination to envision the excitement your Frenchie will experience watching a balloon float through the air and move randomly as they jump at it and discover they can do headers with them. Even better, you get to assist them in this great chase.

17. Chasing Bubbles

Bubbles provide another wild and crazy chase game for your Mini French Bulldog. Most bubbles are non-toxic (if they are okay for humans, they will be okay for your dog). Bubbles will tire out your Frenchie fairly quickly, but they will have an amazing time trying to catch these flying circles.

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18. Doggy Stroller

Your Mini French Bulldog loves to play, but remember, they love having their downtime with you as well. Take them for a walk or a bike ride in a covered stroller. They will enjoy the sights and sounds outside with you while letting you do all the work.

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19. Car Rides

Ah, the image of a dog riding along with its head hanging out the window. The problem with Frenchies is they are too small to do this, and don’t even begin to think about propping them up to hold their head out the window. It is far too dangerous. With that stereotype ruined, your Mini French Bulldog will relish taking a road trip with you. He can ride in the front seat next to you, making his day. While he may be short, he can still see the world as it passes by.

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20. Massage

Speaking of downtime, your Mini French Bulldog will occasionally “invite” you for a good scratching session. Invite them into your laps and turn that session into a full-blown massage session, scratching and rubbing him all over his body. Who wouldn’t love a relaxing rubdown by their favorite person?

21. Doggy Spa

If you want an outing for pampering your dog, take your Mini French Bulldog for a day at the doggy spa. They’ll get their fair share of pets and treats while also getting needed brushing and a nail trim.

22. Kiddie Pool or Sprinklers

Please note an important disclaimer. Your Mini French Bulldog can’t swim because of his unique body shape. For any water games, don’t put them in any level of water where they can’t stand with their head well above the top.

While they may not be able to swim, Frenchies love to play in the water. Place them and some balls in a kiddle pool (no more than 6 inches deep) and watch them revel in fun. Let them run through a sprinkler in the yard. Both of these are great outdoor activities on hot summer days since the cooling effect allows them to stay out for longer than a few minutes.

23. Dining Outdoors

Do you have a favorite eatery that has outdoor seating and is dog-friendly? If the weather is not too hot, bring your Mini French Bulldog along for the experience. As you eat, they can sit with a treat puzzle, toy, or a small meal of their own. They’ll love being with you and watching all that is happening around them as you enjoy a relaxing and tasty outing.

24. Picnic

If you like a more intimate dinner setting with your preferred companion, take your Frenchie out to the park for a picnic. Spread the blanket out on the ground, give him some toys for some entertainment, and pack him his own meal to eat with you.

25. Camping

Camping offers you an extended intimate outdoor experience with your Mini French Bulldog. Sleeping on the ground next to you alone makes it worth their while. You can take them for hikes, go fishing, and cook food they can eat with you. A helpful tool to bring with you is a cooling vest, so your Frenchie doesn’t get overheated.

26. Dog “Popsicles”

On a hot day, your Mini French Bulldog will appreciate a cold treat. Ice cream is not the best thing for them, but you can make them a flavorful shaved ice concoction or some frozen mixed fruit that will be a tasty and cooling treat in the midst of summer.

27. Playing with Children

Because of their social and patient temperament, your Mini French Bulldog becomes a popular pet with children. Your dog loves the attention, and the children won’t tire of doggy licks and perhaps watching your Frenchie perform a few tricks for them. A good practice is to invite children known to you, and you should always supervise the play of children and dogs together.

28. Follow the Leader

“Follow the Leader” is a great social and obedience game for your Mini French Bulldog. The rules are simple. You start running and encourage your dog to chase you. When they do, reward them with praise and treats. Don’t let them go ahead of you. Make them follow you. You can repeat this exercise several times. This game will help your Frenchie learn to listen to you more carefully on walks and in public places off-leash.

29. Carry Your Frenchie Around

Sometimes all your Frenchie needs is to be held. Pick them up, carry them out, and sit down and give them some good lap time. They’ll get their pets, but they will be close to you, which is the best thing they could ever want.


Mini French Bulldogs are cute, spunky, and easily entertained, but they want your attention as often as possible. These activities give you a variety of ways in which your Frenchie can experience the depth of your love for them, and, in turn, they can show you just how much you rock their world.

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