Which Chew Toy Will Your Dog Love?

puppy chewing on rope hybrid dog toy

Are you curious as to which chew toy you should consider for your dog next? Take this quiz and find out what we recommend will be the best toy for your pup! 

What does your pup find most interest in chewing?

Little dog pulling laces of girls shoes in the house. Boston terrier. Adobe Stock

How does your puppy keep themselves entertained?

Adorable happy fox terrier dog at the park Adobe Stock

How would you describe your puppy’s chewing style?

White dog teeth and fangs of young terrier (close up) Adobe Stock

Does your dog chew on bones?

Funny dog eating appetizing treat, chewing toy bone, food for dogs close-up pet Adobe Stock

Is your puppy able to play outside yet?

Adorable golden Cockapoo puppy playing in garden outside Adobe Stock

Which thing do you think piques your pup’s interest the most?

Funny Andalusian ratonero dog on yellow background Adobe Stock

Which Chew Toy Will Your Dog Love?
Rubber ball with rope

rope ball hybrid dog toy in multiple colors

The rope toy can be used for your puppy to play with on their own and with other people.
Plush toy

A playful miniature poodle puppy with a soft chew.

The plush toy can have different sounds within it, and can even squeak in order to get your puppy's attention. The appendages on the toys can vary in textures and, thus, make different sounds as well, such as a crinkly noise.
A ball

Ball toy for dog on white background.

A squeaky, textured ball could be great for a puppy that can’t chew on hard surfaces.
Hybrid of bone and rope toy

Different multicolored pet care accessories: ring, bones, leash, collar, balls on wooden background. Rubber and textile accessories for dogs. Top view, flat lay

A hybrid of a teething bone and a rope toy is great for dogs that are teething. Some of these toys consist of bone material that can be refrigerated for a cooling, soothing effect on your puppy's gums.

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