German Shepherd Renamed ‘Miracle’ After Being Thrown Off Balcony

Call it luck or cat-like reflexes, but Florida residents and police officers are calling a dog “Miracle” after she walked away from a scary situation. The dog’s owner tossed the German Shepherd over a second-story balcony at a Daytona Beach motel. The body cam video of the incident is alarming, but the newly dubbed Miracle is feeling fine. In fact, she could end up finding a better life.

Warning: The following video shows animal cruelty.

According to the Volusia Sheriff’s office, police arrived at the motel after receiving calls about a “suicidal person.” A woman was threatening to jump from a second-story balcony, and she also allegedly attacked a hotel maid. Sheriff’s deputies knocked on the woman’s door multiple times before she eventually came out with her dog on a leash.
In a move that shocked everyone involved, the woman quickly picked up the dog and threw it over the railing. Thankfully, the dog landed on its feet and ran a few yards before it was stopped by bystanders.
After a thorough vet check, it was confirmed that the newly named Miracle survived the scary ordeal without sustaining a single serious injury. She did, however, have a sewing needle imbedded into her leg. After this was removed, she was transported to a foster home where she’s currently enjoying love from a new family.

Facebook/Volusia Sheriff’s Office

Seconds after Miracle went over the railing, officers apprehended the woman who so heartlessly tossed her aside. She has been charged with animal cruelty, and the sheriff’s office says there is a petition for custody to permanently remove the dog from the woman’s care. That hearing will take place in the next few weeks.
In the meantime, Miracle has already stolen the hearts of her foster family. She has proven herself to be both tough and affectionate, and the family has expressed interest in making their relationship official. As long as the court comes through and grants the dog freedom from her previous owner, the fosters hope to adopt Miracle as part of their family.

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