19 Activities To Do With Your Blue Pitbull

blue pitbull with mouth open, smiling or panting

No matter the time of the year, it’s always the time of the year to do something fun with your blue pit. A blue-nose pitbull is like any other dog — they enjoy a fun and engaging activity with their owner!

Because of this, here are 19 activities to do with your blue pitbull. These activities include anything from playing fetch or tug-of-war to going on a backpacking trip and even starting your dog’s social media account.

No matter the activity you do with your dog, so long as it’s engaging and a great way for you to spend time with your pet there’s no doubt that both you and your blue nose pitbull will absolutely love it.

Remember, even if the activity is something as mundane as going for a walk, any activity you do with your dog is going to let them have fun, and going to create a bonding experience and memory for both you and your puppy.

Because of this, there’s nothing wrong if you skip out on a few of the more extravagant activities on this list — so long as you and your dog are having fun, that’s all that matters!

blue pitbull swimming in a pool

1. Learning Games

A great activity for any owner of a pitbull puppy can be engaging your dog in some learning games. Activities for dogs are usually divided into the cognitive style and the more active activity. With that being said, many people think about “active” activities exclusively when they think about things they can do with their dog. This is hardly the case.

There are many learning games or cognitive games which can provide amusement, entertainment, and training for your dog. There are many such games, but some of the common ones include teaching your dog to make eye contact, solve puzzles, or solve food games.

Teaching your dog to make eye contact can not only provide a great, challenging activity for your dog, but it can also give a boost to your bond with your dog and even help you get your blue nose pit bull’s attention when needed.

2. Playing Tug of War

Another great activity to do with your blue pitbull is playing tug-of-war. Although many people are aware of this activity and will play tug-of-war with their dog, it’s not commonly known that playing tug-of-war actually has a plethora of benefits for your dog.

This activity not only strengthens impulse control but also builds a bond between the dog owner and the dog and builds your pit bull puppy’s confidence. Because of these benefits, playing tug-of-war is not just another activity, but an incredibly beneficial one for both you and your dog.

Because of this, tug-of-war is an activity that you can play regularly with your dog. This activity only gets better and more beneficial over time and should be one of your go-to activities for your blue pitbull.

3. Playing Fetch

Playing fetch is another great activity to participate in with your blue pitbull. This dog breed, like any other, will enjoy playing fetch and strengthening its bond with its owner.

It’s important to know how to teach your dog to fetch properly in order to make sure it doesn’t get out of control, but if taught correctly fetch can be a great activity for you and your dog.

Fetch is a favorite pastime of owners, but also provides benefits to the dog, even beyond the already-beneficial aspect of being active and expending energy.

blue nose pitbull running with a greenish-yellow ball in mouth

4. Going to a BBQ

If you’re going to a BBQ, why not consider bringing your blue pitbull along for the ride? Just like any other event, it’s important to follow proper safety precautions when planning your BBQ event, such as ensuring your dog can handle crowds, making sure your blue pit can’t escape and keeping your bull cool in the summer heat.

If the proper precautions are followed, though, taking your pitbull to a BBQ event or even hosting one of your own can be an incredibly fun summer, spring, or even fall activity.

Nothing beat’s a fun BBQ in the summer afternoon, and your pitbull is sure to agree — so why not host an event for both you and your blue pitbull to enjoy? After all, as a pit bull owner, it’s your responsibility to choose events that both you and your dog enjoy.

5. Using a Flirt Pole

Using a flirt pole with your dog can be a more uncommon and fun activity that you can do. Essentially, a flirt pole is very similar to a cat toy — a stick with a string and toy attached to the end of it.

It’s easy to make a homemade flirt pole or even buy one, and these toys can give almost unlimited entertainment to both you and your dog.

To play with a flirt pole, however, your blue pitbull does need to have a good understanding of basic commands, such as “drop” and “sit”.

Once your dog understands these commands, you can play with your dog by casting the toy here and there, letting your dog chase after it in a much more active and dynamic manner than playing fetch would allow.

6. Teach Your Blue Pitbull Painting

Another activity that you can try out with your pitbull is painting. Essentially, in order to paint with your blue pitbull, you have to make sure they know basic commands and are comfortable with their paws being touched and held.

Once this is the case, you can get to work creating paw print art with your dog. By using the proper and safe paint, you and your bully will be able to create artwork to either hang up on your wall, sell, or give to a friend as a gift.

Creating art with your dog can be a fun activity for both you and your bull, so there’s no doubt this is an activity you should consider trying out.

The only thing to remember is that it may get a bit messy! Remember, you are going to be painting — and your dog might have a different idea of what he wants to be painted.

7. Go on a Backpacking Trip

Another incredibly fun activity for you and your dog is a backpacking trip. Although this activity might take a bit of planning and time to execute, the results are almost always unforgettable.

Backpacking is an incredibly fun activity for anyone, and bringing your dog along with you will just make it better. If you want to have a great bonding experience with your bully, taking some time off for a backpacking trip may very well be the best decision ever.

blue nose pitcbull sitting alongside a trail through the woods

8. Take Your Pit Bull to a Dog Park

Although this is a classic activity, the benefits of taking your pit bull to a dog park shouldn’t be understated. Taking your dog to a park can provide much of the socialization your dog needs, as well as exposure to other breeds.

Plus, going to the dog park will let your pitbull mix with other dogs. Your blue nose pitbull puppy is going to appreciate going to the dog park, there’s no question about that.

Beyond that, according to the Humane Society, dog parks offer immense benefits to both humans and dogs. Due to the nature of dog parks, taking your blue pitbull to one is always a great option for an activity.

9. Go Hiking

If you’re looking to have a fun and energetic time with your blue nose pit, why not try to go hiking? It doesn’t matter how fit your American bully is so long as they’re well-trained. As long as your dog is capable of controlling itself and not getting sidetracked by too many smells and animals, going hiking could be a great idea.

Another great aspect about going hiking with your blue pitbull is that it provides companionship for you during your hike, which is always beneficial.

10. Go on a Vacation

If you’re looking for a more luxurious activity to partake of with your dog, why not consider going on a vacation and taking your blue nose pitbull with you?

Vacations are always fun for both a dog owner and their dog. Keep in mind that going on a vacation will give your dog access to a whole other area with places to explore and see, people to meet, and activities to try out.

Because of this, going on a vacation with your dog can be an incredibly fun and new experience for a pit bull owner.

blue nose pitbull sitting with a tropical view in the background -- volcanic rocks and palm trees

11. Start a Social Media Account

Another fun activity that you can participate in with your dog is starting a social media account. So long as you research how to make a social media for your dog, it could become both a source of enjoyment and even income for you and your dog.

Recording your dog’s tricks and activities, or even just snapping a few photos of your dog here and there in different poses could be extremely fun and engaging, and give you the push you need to teach your dog some new tricks.

Plus, going famous on social media definitely won’t hurt your dog, and can even benefit them in the long run.

12. Teach Your Bull Frisbee

Another great activity for your bully is teaching them frisbee, or even participating in some frisbee events, like the ones hosted by the United Kennel Club or a similar organization.

Teaching your blue pitbull frisbee can be a great activity to do with your dog, and can result in a new hobby and pastime for both you and your puppy.

Keep in mind that by teaching your dog frisbee, you’ll be bonding with your bully, allowing them to stay active, and helping your dog learn new tricks and exercise great self-control.

13. Go on a Doggy Egg Hunt

Another potentially fun activity that you can do with your dog is going on a doggy egg hunt. Although at first glance this may seem strange, letting your dog go on a “scavenger hunt” for eggs can be a great Easter activity that you can set up during the Easter season or at any time of the year.

In order to set up an Easter egg hunt for your dog, it’s important to ensure that the activity is safe. Some of the common things you need to do in order to make sure the Easter egg hunt is safe are buying large eggs so your dog can’t choke on them and making sure that none of the doggy treats are still in their wrappers.

Pit bulls, just like any other breed, will undoubtedly love scavenging for eggs filled with treats. There are no downsides, and it’s a great activity for your blue nose pit.

14. Take Your Pitbull to the Store or a Market

Taking your pitbull with you to the store or the market can be extra fun. By letting your dog go shopping with you, you’ll essentially be creating a “dog’s day out” activity, which undoubtedly has almost no limits to how creative it can get.

Another especially fun option is to take your pitbull to the open market and allow them to romp and play in the open air as you shop.

So long as your dog is capable of handling itself around people and large crowds. If you’re confident your dog is, then this is an awesome activity idea. Even so, it’s important to watch for any signs so you can handle bite prevention if the need arises, and make sure that your dog doesn’t get too uncomfortable and panic.

15. Go on a Playdate

If you have any friends who own a pit bull terrier, blue pitbull, or similar pitbull mix (or just a dog which gets along with your blue pitbull), why not consider going on a playdate?

Dogs enjoy having friends and companionship every bit as much as humans do, so letting your dog go on a playdate can be an incredibly great option and something which can be super fun for your dog.

It’ll allow you to socialize and catch up with your friend or acquaintance, while it lets your dog play and socialize as well.

blue pitbull and a bulldog running in a dog park

16. Go to a Festival

Another potentially fun thing to do with your blue pitbull is to go to a festival or even go tailgating. If you’re planning to go to a festival or sports game and this venue is animal friendly, why not consider bringing your pet along? Nothing will be more fun for your American pit bull than being patriotic about their namesake, right?

So long as your dog is confidently able to handle itself around loud noises and crowds, there’s nothing wrong with letting your pitbull puppy tag along to a game or event.

17. Play Hide-And-Seek

If you’re looking for an engaging and active indoor or outdoor activity to participate in with your dog, why not consider playing hide and seek? Take either a toy or a treat, hide it somewhere around the house, and watch as your dog does their best to sniff it out for a reward.

Although this activity does require some training for your dog to be able to execute it properly, it’s an incredibly fun potential activity for your blue pitbull.

This activity can provide amusement for any dog owner and allows their dog to have tremendous fun scavenging and hunting.

18. Go to the Lake

Going to the lake is an activity that not many people think about, but can be fun for your dog. This is especially true if your dog enjoys water, fetch, or swimming, as you can combine these activities and allow your dog to play fetch in the water.

Even if your blue pitbull doesn’t like these activities, though, you can still take it to the lake and just let your dog run free in nature.

American pitbull terrier running through water

19. Go for a Run or a Bike Ride

Finally, it’s time for a return to the classics. If you’re missing out on the nostalgia of some activities which are so simple they might be passed up at first glance, why not consider taking your blue pitbull for a run or a bike ride?

Taking your pet pitbull for a jog isn’t just beneficial for them — there are a plethora of benefits for both your dog and you as a dog owner.

Going for a jog or bike ride with your blue pitbull can be great for both the physical and mental health of both you and your puppy. Although activities like playing fetch and other games are great exercises for your dog, they don’t use the same muscles as consistently as going for a run or jog will.

Overall, the benefits of going for a run or a bike ride with your dog should not be understated.

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