The Seven Most Dog-Friendly Cities Around the World

Did you know that there are cities around the world that absolutely love dogs? Yup – there are super dog-friendly cities that will welcome your pup with open arms. Whether it’s water bowls at restaurants or awesome hotel amenities, these cities all capture the little details that will make your dog feel right at home.
No matter if you’re looking to travel or move, you can’t miss this list of the top 7 dog-friendly cities around the world!
dog-friendly cities

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dogs are warmly welcomed in this beautiful Northern European city. Dogs are allowed in most businesses and forms of transportation. You can stroll with your pup along Amsterdam’s idyllic canals and even devour some traditional Dutch pancakes with your pup right by your side. Want to venture outside the city limits? You can easily bring a dog of any size on the train or bus in Amsterdam.
It is important to note that sometimes tickets are required for pets on public transport. However, it’s always best to double-check, as often your dog(s) are free to travel with you!

Portland, Oregon

Did you know this city has the most dog parks per capita? That’s something to be pretty proud of. These parks make Portland an awesome city for even the biggest pups. This city is also home to tons of dog-friendly restaurants and even bars. This includes the amazing Fido’s Tap House, the first ‘dog’ craft beer taproom!
dog-friendly cities

Berlin, Germany

Besides a love for art, Berlin also has major love for dogs. You can see it in the streets – Berliners bring their pups with them almost any place they go. It’s not surprising, as Germany has the highest dog population in all of Europe.
Dogs are allowed almost everywhere in Berlin, including parks, restaurants, and public transportation. If you’re visiting, there are plenty of places to stay that allow dogs. This includes the gorgeous Gorki Apartments, which offers spacious and homey apartment-style accommodations that any dog will love.

Geneva, Switzerland

Between Geneva’s awesome parks and natural wonders, there’s so much for you and your dog to explore. This goes for whether you go by foot, bus, or any form of public transportation! 
Geneva is known for its dog-friendly mass transit system. This city is also highly regarded for its cleanliness and efficiency, making it a safe place for your dog to roam. With Geneva’s high standards in mind, it is always best to check if a park is dog-friendly – there are a few areas in the city that have some restrictions. 
dog-friendly cities

Rome, Italy

Pasta for your pup is actually a thing. Or, so it is in Rome! From personal experience, we can say we’ve seen a dog chow down on a bowl of pasta. That’s because Romans love their dogs. One morning stroll on this ancient city’s cobblestone streets will prove it. You will spot many locals walking their dogs everywhere, especially on their way to get their morning caffè (coffee.) 
With that said, many coffee bars and restaurants in Rome are very dog-friendly. Plus, with Rome’s expansive piazzas and parks, there is enough space for any pup to Rome, and even have fun chasing some pigeons!

Toronto, Canada

From the plethora of dog parks to dog-friendly eateries, Toronto has become a favorite of dog owners. Dogs are free to accompany you most places, as long as they’re on a leash. But, various dog parks around the city allow dogs to go unleashed (so that they can make some friends!)
What makes Toronto especially dog-friendly is Woofstock, North America’s largest festival for dogs! It’s essentially a giant party for pups, with delicious doggy eats, fun shows, and tons of 4-legged folks to meet.
dog-friendly cities

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv may be small, but it boasts ample space for your dog to have some fun. Whether you want to go to the beach or bar, this city makes it possible for you and your dog to have some serious fun together. That’s because this city has the most dogs per capita in the world!
What we love most about Tel Aviv are its dog beaches. Yes, you heard right – dog beaches. Your dog can splash around and have some real fun in the sun, while you catch up on your tan.
If you’re searching for a new place to visit or move with your dog, look no further than these top 7 dog-friendly cities around the world. Each offers something for your dog, to ensure they have just as much fun as you on your trip.

Have you been to any of these cities before? We’d love to hear about your dog-friendly experience! Don’t be shy to drop a comment below.

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