What’s The Best Way To Show My Dog I Love Him?

We all love our canine companions to the moon and back. I tell my boys I love them at least 5 times a day. Sometimes they respond by licking my nose or wagging their tail, but what is the best way to show my dogs I love them besides telling them? They can’t understand the English words describing it, but there are many ways to show your dog that you love them. Keep reading to find out.


Dogs are social creatures. They need socialization in their lives! This not only makes your dog happy but is also vital for puppies to avoid aggression and fear biting. Take your dog out to meet potential playmates and to stores like Lowes that allow dogs to come in to meet other people. However, never leave them unattended!

Wellness and Preventative Care

Taking your dog to the veterinarian from puppyhood to seniorhood is the number one way in showing your dog you love them. Vaccines, deworming and regular check-ups are so important to your dog’s health. Dental health is just as important too. You go to the dentist at least once a year. Well, so should your dog. Having your dog’s teeth cleaned can prevent dental disease, loss of teeth, bad breath, infections, and add years to their lives.

Good Diet

Feeding your dog a healthy diet is another way to show them you love them. But what diet is the best? Stay away from grain-free brands as it linked to heart disease in younger dogs. The grain-free diet myth is a total bust. Boutique brands spend more time and money in marketing than on the actual nutritional quality of the dog food. Talk with your veterinarian about what brand is best. We always recommend Hill’s Science Diet, Purina Pro Plan, and Royal Canin for our clients. This is especially important for senior pups!

Healthy Weight

Ensuring your dog remains at a healthy weight is another way to show them you adore them. Extra pounds can lead to sore joints and other health problems. Keep the dog treats to a minimum and give them green beans and carrots instead! My boys love carrots and really any vegetables (NO ONIONS!). These veggies are much healthier and taste just as good. Talk with your veterinarian about the amount of dog food to feed too. Based on your dog’s activity level and age, they may require a diet tailored to them.


No dog wants to be cooped up inside all their life, so take them out! Dogs love walks. My Milo knows what “hike” and “walk” means. He gets so excited about going that he will step into his own harness and basically dresses himself. Walks and hikes are both a great way for you to spend some time with your dog and it is great for you too!

A brother or sister

Dogs are like potato chips, right? You can’t just have one! Getting your dog a friend is really the best way to keep him busy. Humans are super boring to dogs, so a permanent puppy play date is always a great idea. The best thing about getting your dog a puppy is that they really end up teaching the puppy how to behave in the house and they get a best friend to keep them company when you are away.

There are so many ways to show your dog how much you love them. Of all the ways listed above, wellness and preventative care are ultimately the best. Keep them healthy and they will love you even longer. How do you show your doggo you love them?

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