4 Signs That Your Dog Needs Dental Care

We get it pup parent, it’s hard to keep up with your dog’s dental care. Unfortunately, dogs suffer from dental problems just like people do. The American Veterinary Medical Association estimates that 80 percent of dogs and cats older than 4 years have moderate to severe dental disease. Here are some signs that your pet might need treatment.

dog dental care

1. Rotten Breath

Okay, so most dog breath isn’t minty fresh. It shouldn’t be that bad, though. Try to keep and eye (or a nose) out for long-term changes in your pet’s breath, because bacteria and infection often produce a rotten smell in their mouths. A build-up of trapped bacteria could be a cause of periodontal disease, which can negatively impact your dog’s overall health. A little breath-freshening dental care will benefit both your dog and your sense of smell.

2. Loss of Appetite

If your pet is having difficulty chewing or stops eating completely, they might be suffering from gum disease or gingivitis. Avoiding other activities that involve the mouth, like chewing, playing, or carrying objects in their mouth could also be a sign of infection or inflammation.
dog dental care

3. Stained Teeth

Your pet’s teeth don’t have to be pearly white, but significant yellow and brown staining signals tartar build-up. This can cause bad breath and infection, but regular dental care should solve the problem.

4. Mouth Irritation

If your is pet dealing with dental pain, they might paw at their face or drool excessively to relieve discomfort. Tooth trauma, hard chewing, and bacteria can all cause dental abscesses and mild to severe soreness. Visit your veterinarian to have abscesses removed and put your pet on the road to recovery.
We get it, you barely have time brush your own teeth, let alone take care of your dog’s dental health. But you’re a super dog mom/dad, and you know your dog’s teeth need taken care of. Start by taking five minutes once a week to brush your dog’s teeth and evaluate their dental care needs. It’s a small step that could have a big impact on your dog’s quality of life.

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