This Family Thought They Were Robbed, But It Was Just Their Mischievous Dog

There’s never a dull moment when you have a mischievous dog!

When Dylan Raynor, 21, and his mom came home from a shopping trip, they were appalled to find their home a complete disaster. Entire cabinets had been emptied with the contents strewn on the floor. The trash can was upended in the kitchen, and it looked like everything they owned had been either ripped, broken, or thrown to the ground. Completely panicked, their first thought was that they had been robbed.

Raynor told Caters News Agency,

“We went shopping and we were out of the house for just shy of two hours. As we arrived back my mother looked through the window and we honestly believed we had been burgled.”

The family went in to survey the damage, and in the process, they noticed something strange. Everything on the floor wasn’t just trashed, it looked like it had been bitten. There were little nibble marks on pieces of cardboard, and some of the food looked half eaten. That’s when they turned to their mischievous dog, Dory. Their “burglar” was none other than their four-legged family member.
mischievous dog
At only a year old, the adorable Cocker Spaniel has a mischievous reputation. She learned how to open the kitchen cabinets all on her own, and getting into the trash can is one of her favorite tricks. The energetic puppy likes to steal socks from the laundry and drink from the bathtub, but none of her previous antics even came close to her fake robbery. While having to deal with the cleanup wasn’t fun, her family can’t help but laugh at their impressively naughty dog.
Despite attending doggy day care and passing puppy classes, Raynor describes Dory as a “full-time nutcase who enjoys causing havoc.” But how can you be mad at that cute face?! And don’t worry, even after taking a bite out of almost everything in the house, the mischievous dog is safe and healthy.
h/t: Daily Mail

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