Cavoodle Puppies: Some of the Cutest Puppies Alive!


Cavoodles have quickly become one of the more popular cross breeds in the world! These cute puppies are also known in some circles as a Cavapoo or a Cavadoodle. A cross between a cavalier King Charles spaniel and either a toy poodle or miniature poodle, these dogs make fantastic family pets for all different types of people!
Cavoodle dog breed

Brief history on the Cavoodle

The Cavoodle  is a fairly new crossbreed. The first recorded Cavoodle breeding took place in Australia in the early 1990s. A “designer breed”, Cavoodles were bred specifically for their companionship and abilities as a family dog. Crossing these two breeds also makes their offspring much healthier in general and less susceptible to health conditions that plague their forefathers. Classified as small dogs, these poodle-like pups have become a mainstay breed all around the world, particularly in Australia, Canada, and the United States.

Are Cavoodle puppies well behaved?

Classified as a small dog, Cavoodles are a great pet for families living in smaller homes or city apartments. As puppies, Cavoodles are known for having high energy levels and acting very playful. It is important to note the socialization levels of your Cavoodle puppy. These pups need a lot of attention and stimulation when they’re young. Their small size means they certainly wouldn’t work as the best guard dogs, but they are awesome for families with small children or other pets!
Cavoodle puppies

Characteristics of the Cavoodle puppy

Now, we will get into some of the defining characteristics of the Cavoodle. We will talk about Cavoodle temperament and some traits. A small size mixed breed, Cavoodles also tend to lead healthier lives than most purebred dogs. Here are some key points on the characteristics of the Cavoodle.

Companion dog

Cavoodles were specifically bred to be companion dogs. This makes them a perfect fit for families with children, as well as people who live alone and are seeking companionship.
Fiercely loyal, Cavoodles grow extremely strong bonds with their families. In fact, they are known to always stay by the side of familial children. Many owners never even have to put them on a leash because of how steadfast they are to sticking within sight.


The Cavoodle is known as a very affectionate dog breed. They love to be cuddled and are known to shower you in kisses and affection. Their gentle and kind nature makes them extremely compassionate and empathetic. They can often be used as therapy dogs for this reason.
They have a very social and friendly nature about them. This means that they are rarely scared by strangers. It is rare for a Cavoodle to act aggressively towards people for any reason whatsoever.
cavoodle puppies

Family dog

Cavoodles make excellent pets for families with children! Their caring and nurturing nature makes them the perfect companion for small children and even babies. Because of this nature, Cavoodles quickly integrate into a family environment. They tend to think of their family as a pack, and they make it their duty to protect the members of that pack. Small, gentle creatures, there is never any risk that a Cavoodle could hurt a small child or anything like that.

Intelligent dog

Like many other small dogs, the Cavoodle is a highly intelligent breed. Known to be highly aware of their surroundings and in tune with human emotions, Cavoodles truly do make a fantastic pet for pretty much anybody.
In recent years, Cavoodles have been used increasingly as service dogs. Always eager to learn new tricks and skills, it’s this curious nature that makes them so naturally intelligent.


Cavoodles are often referred to as a lapdog. This is a term that applies to basically all small dogs who are affectionate. Cavoodles love to curl up in your lap and be petted and played with. They will often fall asleep right in your lap, which is just plain adorable!

Floppy ears

Cavoodles are known for their big ole floppy ears! Although very cute, these ears can sometimes lead to health problems.
The ears don’t allow for much airflow which can lead to some different ear infections. One of the most common maladies is when Cavoodles get water stuck in their ear or ears. This can quickly lead to nasty infections and things like Swimmer’s Ear. For this reason, it’s very important for all Cavapoo owners to avoid washing inside their pets’ ears, even when giving them a bath.
cavoodle puppies

Cavoodle size and colors

The Cavoodle is a smaller dog. They usually stand at 12-13 inches tall and weigh between 13 and 18 pounds. Because they are a mixed breed, it is not uncommon for a litter of Cavoodle puppies to all look completely different.
The appearance of Cavoodles varies greatly, without any real rhyme or reason. Some may have coarse, thick hair, while others may have thinner, sleek coats. They also come in just about ever color. Colors can range from black and white to auburn to blonde.

Similar types of poodle puppies

A crossbreed of two pretty common breeds, the cavoodle has several cousins, especially in the poodle family. The miniature poodle is often one of the parent breeds for the cavoodle. The two breeds are often around the same size and can look very similar. One main difference is that miniature poodles will often have coarse fur and slightly more rigid ears. The labradoodle is another cousin breed to the cavoodle. Although larger in size than the cavoodle, labradoodles have many of the same behavioral characteristics. Both make fantastic family dogs, and both have endless amounts of energy as puppies. Like cavoodles, labradoodles are known for their intelligence and easiness to train. Goldendoodles are another similar crossbreed. Like Labradoodles, goldendoodles are generally larger than cavoodles. Goldendoodles are more known for their proclivity towards exercise and may be more suited for environments with lots of outdoor space.

Best food for a Cavoodle puppy

The best dry dog food for most Cavoodles would probably be a high-quality feed like Blue Buffalo. Cavoodles need a protein-rich, nutrient filled dog food in order to keep them happy and healthy. A proper diet is the best way to keep your family pet from developing health issues, especially later in life. This is a surefire way to extend your companion’s lifespan!
facts about the Cavadoodle

Cavoodle puppy health issues

The average life expectancy for Cavoodles is reported to be between 11 and 15 years. However, many Cavoodles have been known to live into their twenties! This goes back to making sure your pup has a healthy diet and is getting the right amount of exercise.
Although generally much healthier than its parent breeds, the Cavoodle does have a predisposition for certain health problems. We discussed how to avoid ear infections in your Cavoodle in the section above, but here are some other common illnesses your Cavoodle may encounter.


Cataracts are a slow clouding of the lens of the eye. Over time, this can lead to complete blindness if not properly treated. Relatively common in humans and dogs alike, cataracts can be debilitating and painful. If you notice that your dog’s eye or eyes look unusually cloudy, you should take them to the vet immediately and get a medical professional’s opinion.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Another eye disorder, Progressive Retinal Atrophy occurs with the deterioration of photoreceptor cells within the eye. Commonly found in smaller dogs, this condition can be quite serious if left untreated.


Common amongst older Cavoodles, Syringomyelia is the development of fluid cysts along the spine. This can cause serious pain and discomfort for your pup. You can sometimes feel these small bumps by running your fingers along your dog’s spine. There are treatments available to sooth the disorder, but it is important to catch it quickly and alert your veterinarian!

Separation anxiety

Cavoodles are devoted, loyal companions. They thrive in the symbiotic relationship between pet and owner. Due to this, they will sometimes experience separation anxiety when apart from their owners for extended periods of time. For this reason, if you are leaving on a trip where you cannot bring your pup, it is important to have somebody they know and like taking care of them while you are away.
cavadoodle puppies

What to look for in Cavoodle breeders

As a mixed breed, it can be tough to figure out the best place to get your Cavoodle from. Not quite as common as its parent breeds, it is always important to look into testimonials and reviews of dog breeders if you can. It is also great to meet in person with the breeder as well.
You can also research certain breeders certification and experience. The best way to do this would be through the AKC (American Kennel Club)!
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Cavoodle puppies have quickly become one of the most sought after designer breeds in America, and that’s for good reason. They are versatile dogs who can adjust to pretty much any owner personality and lifestyle type. Smaller dogs, they can live in pretty much any environment. Although they can be a bit needy as puppies, cavoodles grow up to become much more self sufficient and resourceful. As far as training goes, they are known to be very obedient pets and very respectful of their owners. For more information on the Cavoodle be sure to check out this article.
cavoodle puppies

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