Where Should You Take Your Dog on a Surprise Outing?

dog with pink vest in field

Are you thinking of mixing things up by taking your dog somewhere where they can enjoy a new experience? Answer these questions to see what we recommend! 

How old is your dog?

Profile shot of pleased dark skinned female kisses small french bulldog, expresses love to favourite pet, wears casual orange jumper, poses against blue background. Little dog in hands of master Adobe Stock

Which environment most accurately illustrates where your dog socializes the most?

Handsome Man Plays Catch flying disc with Happy Golden Retriever Adobe Stock

How is your dog’s temperament?

Cockerpoo in the Bluebells Adobe Stock

Do they like water?

Golden retriever in pool Adobe Stock

How socialized would you say your dog is?

Dogs playing at park Adobe Stock

How much does your dog bark?

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Where Should You Take Your Dog on a Surprise Outing?

Happy woman sitting and hugging her dog on the beach

If your dog loves the water and loves taking drives with the wind on his or face, then a trip to a dog beach might be the perfect match! Find out the rules and hours for a safe place nearby! Enjoy!
Dog Play Date

two adorable small dogs playing outdoors together

A play date with one dog or a couple of other dogs is best if you are not confident in knowing your dog’s play style yet, or if your dog gets anxious when being around a lot of other dogs at once. Enjoy!
Dog Park

Dogs playing together at a dog park

A dog park is a great option if you’re confident in knowing your dog’ s play style, and if they have socialized in the past and you’re able to assess any potential issues that could arise at a dog park. Overall, a dog park can be a great way for a hyper dog to get out a lot of energy while also interacting with other dogs and other people. If you have a smaller dog, and are worried about going to a dog park where there are larger dogs, research the dog parks in your area; some areas are commonly designated for smaller dogs. Enjoy!
Outside Cafe

Terrier dog sitting on its woman's knees

If your dog is new to socializing, or is shy and doesn’t like to socialize that much, this could be the perfect opportunity to get your dog around other people, and maybe other dogs! This kind of environment will help your dog get acclimated to being around a lot of stimuli. If your dog hasn’t been socialized in the past, plan for a quick trip, a cup of coffee, for example, then build up from there. Enjoy!

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