The Finest Dog Food Brands on the Market

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  1. Key Points
  2. Grain Free Dry Dog Food
    $76.99 ($3.08 / lb)

    by ACANA 

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    02/19/2024 04:51 am GMT
  3. Blue Buffalo
  4. Merrick
  5. Orijen
  6. Royal Canin
  7. Taste of the Wild
  8. Wellness
  9. Fine Food

Key Points

  • Providing the best nutrition for dogs is essential to them and their owners.

  • There are so many dog food choices available that finding the best fit for your dog is sometimes overwhelming.

  • Many dog owners want the convenience and affordability of shelf-stable food.

  • This guide examines well-known dog food brands to help you decide based on your dog's needs.

As a pet owner, you want to provide the best nutrition for your canine companion, and choosing the right dog food brand is essential. With so many options available on the market, determining which one best fits your dog's specific needs is often overwhelming.

A fresh, whole-food, minimally-processed diet is the best choice, but many dog owners favor the convenience and budget-friendliness of shelf-stable food. Polish researchers Dr. Katarzyna Kazimierska et al. point out, "The dominant type of pet food available on the market is dry food formulated in kibbles, as it is easily stored and effective in satisfying nutritional needs of the animal."

This guide examines some of the top dog food brands for their quality, nutritional value, unique features, ingredients, and benefits to enable you to make an informed decision for your beloved pet.

Grain Free Dry Dog Food
$76.99 ($3.08 / lb)


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02/19/2024 04:51 am GMT

Acana dog food strongly emphasizes high-quality ingredients that mimic a dog's natural diet. Their products are free of artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. Acana obtains its ingredients from regional suppliers to ensure their freshness and quality. Their formulas include a variety of quality proteins like free-range chicken, turkey, wild-caught fish, or red meat.

Nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables complement these proteins to give your dog a well-balanced and nutritious meal.


Acana offers diverse products catering to dog breeds, sizes, and life stages. Acana has formulas for their unique nutritional requirements, whether you have a small-breed puppy or an adult large-breed dog. They offer specialized diets to address health concerns, such as weight management or grain sensitivities. Acana Singles feature limited ingredients for dogs with food sensitivities.


Acana maintains strict control measures to ensure their dog food is safe and meets quality standards. Their ingredients are carefully selected from trusted suppliers. The entire production process is closely monitored.

Acana operates their kitchen, allowing them to have complete control over the source of ingredients, preparation, and cooking of their recipes. They strive to provide dogs with the freshest and most nutritious meals possible.

Life Protection Formula Natural Adult Dry Dog Food
$64.98 ($2.17 / Pound)

by Blue Buffalo 

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Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo stands out for their unique formulations to provide well-balanced and nutritious meals. They offer various selections, including grain-free, limited-ingredient, and life-stage-specific formulas.

Blue Buffalo includes LifeSource Bits in their recipes. These are a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that support your dog's healthy immune system, oxidative balance, and overall well-being.

Ingredient Sourcing

Blue Buffalo provides detailed information about the source of their ingredients and processing. They use high-quality proteins like chicken, fish, or lamb as the main ingredients and include wholesome fruits and vegetables for a balanced diet. They avoid using by-products, corn, wheat, soy, and artificial additives, making their food suitable for dogs with sensitivities or dietary restrictions.


Blue Buffalo offers specialized diets to address specific health concerns or preferences. They have formulas for weight management, sensitive stomachs, allergies, and even breed and size-specific diets. Blue Buffalo provides options to support their unique nutritional needs, whether you have a Labrador retriever with joint issues or a small breed dog with a sensitive digestive system.

Dry Dog Food
$72.98 ($3.32 / lb)

by Merrick 

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Merrick provides dogs with wholesome and nutritious meals made from high-quality ingredients. They obtain proteins from trusted farmers and ranchers and never include by-products or fillers in their recipes. Merrick's dog food is cooked in their own US kitchens, allowing them to maintain quality control throughout production.

Merrick offers a wide range of product lines to suit different tastes and preferences. They have grain-free, limited ingredient formulas. They also have special recipes featuring novel proteins like duck, venison, or guinea fowl. Merrick's product line focuses on providing dogs with flavorful and protein-rich meals while meeting their nutritional needs.


Merrick understands that every dog is unique, so they offer customized preferences based on your dog's needs. They have recipes designed for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs that provide the right balance of nutrients. Merrick's specialized diets include their Backcountry line, which includes freeze-dried raw pieces for dogs that thrive on a high-protein diet.

Original Dry Dog Food
$101.15 ($4.30 / lb)


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Orijen prides itself on creating biologically appropriate dog food, reflecting the balance and variety of meats in a dog's natural diet in the wild. Orijen's recipes feature a high protein content and limited carbohydrates, making each meal rich in essential nutrients.

Orijen receives its ingredients from trusted farmers, fishermen, and ranchers, providing a fresh source of protein. They use a variety of premium animal proteins, such as free-run chicken, wild-caught fish, and heritage pork. Orijen maintains strict quality control protocols, including testing all incoming ingredients for quality and safety.

All Life Stages

Orijen offers formulas suitable for all life stages of dogs, from puppies to seniors. Their recipes are carefully formulated to meet the changing nutritional needs of dogs as they grow and age. Orijen recognizes that a puppy has different requirements than an adult dog, and their formulas adjust to accommodate these needs.

Small Breed Adult Dry Dog Food
$59.99 ($0.27 / Fl Oz)

by Royal Canin 

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Royal Canin

Royal Canin focuses on providing nutrition based on the breed, size, and specific requirements of dogs. They understand that different dog breeds have unique nutritional needs and design formulas to meet them. Whether you have a small dog, a large breed puppy, or a senior dog, Royal Canin has a formula to meet their requirements.

Royal Canin collaborates with veterinarians and nutritionists to develop their formulas. They rely on scientific research and veterinary expertise to ensure their products provide maximum nutrition. Royal Canin's commitment to veterinary research sets them apart and assures pet owners their dog's nutrition is in capable hands.

Specific Concerns

Royal Canin offers specialized diets to address various health concerns in dogs. They have formulas for dogs with digestive sensitivities, skin issues, urinary health problems, and other issues. These diets are carefully formulated with specific ingredients and nutrients to support and alleviate certain health conditions.

High Prairie Canine Grain-Free Recipe
$87.94 ($3.14 / lb)

by Taste of the Wild 

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Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild emphasizes grain-free recipes, providing dogs with a diet similar to that of their ancestors in the wild. They use premium animal proteins like roasted venison, bison, or salmon as the main ingredient in their formulas. These proteins are complemented by a blend of real fruits and vegetables, offering your dog a balanced and nutritious meal.

Protein Sources

Taste of the Wild offers a variety of unique protein sources, including wild boar, quail, and duck. These novel proteins are suitable for dogs with allergies or food sensitivities. Using different protein sources, Taste of the Wild provides variety in taste and decreases the chance of triggering allergic reactions in dogs.

Digestive Health

Taste of the Wild includes proprietary probiotics in their formulas, promoting healthy digestion and a robust immune system. These probiotics support the growth of beneficial gut bacteria in dogs, aiding in nutrient absorption and gastrointestinal health. Taste of the Wild also incorporates antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables to provide essential nutrients for overall well-being.

CORE Grain-Free High-Protein Dry Dog Food

by Wellness 

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Wellness takes a natural and holistic approach to dog nutrition. They use high-quality proteins and are free of by-products and fillers. Wellness dog food balances protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. They include nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables and avoid artificial additives, colors, and preservatives.

Wellness offers specialized formulas to address specific health conditions in dogs. These include recipes for weight management, joint health, and digestive sensitivities. For example, their Complete Health line focuses on overall wellness, while their CORE line offers high-protein diets, including grain-free for active and performance dogs.

Wellness dog food is widely available at pet specialty stores and online retailers. They offer a variety of package sizes to accommodate different budgets and dog sizes. While the cost may be higher than some other brands, the quality and nutritional value of Wellness dog food justify the investment.

Fine Food

When choosing the finest dog food brands on the market, you have options like Acana, Blue Buffalo, Merrick, Orijen, Royal Canin, Taste of the Wild, and Wellness. DVM360 reported in April 2023 that ingredient choices and personalization are important to pet owners. Each brand has unique features, ingredients, and benefits to address specific needs.

Whether you're looking for grain-free, specialized diets or nutrition based on breed and size, these brands offer a wide range of choices.

Considering the ingredients, nutritional value, sourcing practices, and targeted benefits of each brand enables you to decide to provide your pup with the best nutrition possible to enjoy a happy and healthy life.

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