Leash Length Matters: Find the Right Dog Leash for You

Key Points

  • Finding the correct dog leash length for you and your dog is important to best suit their individual traits. 

  • Each size and type of dog leash offers support for different canine needs. 

  • Some leashes are long and others are short, giving you a varying distance between you and your pup. 

Finding the right dog leash length for your pup is essential for ensuring they remain comfortable, under control, and manageable during your walks. Many leash types range from short to large, single or double, and varying width sizes. 

Determining which dog leash length is best depends on many factors, such as your dog’s size, age, training, and where you’re taking them. Understanding the differences between leash types helps you find the best leash for you and your furry friend. 

Short or Long Leash?

A short leash keeps your dog under control while walking.

Short leashes are best for dogs new to training and prone to walking/running off.

Because of their short length, these leashes are best for medium to large dog breeds. They’re also an excellent tool for keeping reactive dogs at your side and out of trouble.

There are cases when using a longer leash or no leash suits a reactive dog. Ali Brown, the reactive dog expert, talks about the best way to keep these types of dogs active and well-behaved: “Training, training, training. Lots of focus exercises, lots of nice quiet hikes where recall can be rewarded and then the dog sent off again to sniff.” Having different leash options provides more flexibility for such training.

Long leashes give your dog extra freedom throughout your daily walks. They also release some of the strain you experience when using a shorter leash.

Longer leashes are excellent for low-traffic environments, camping trips, or hiking. You can use a long leash for any size dog or breed. 

Double Leashes

A double leash comprises a single leash that separates into two sections on one end.

Each of these two ends contains a clip that allows you to walk two dogs simultaneously.

Double leashes are great because they cut down on holding two separate leashes while walking. If you usually walk your dogs separately, with a double leash, you can walk them together.

These leashes provide enough room between each dog for a comfortable and hassle-free walk.

Thinner Leashes for Small Dogs

A small dog only requires a leash with a thin width. Smaller dogs don’t have the same strength or resistance as larger canines; walking them requires you to expend less energy than you would otherwise.

If a leash is too thick, it prevents a small dog from moving around comfortably, causing you to unintentionally pull them as you try to gain control. A 3/4-inch or smaller width is an excellent choice when dealing with the smallest canine and even a few medium-sized breeds.

You also want a leash that’s made from a lightweight material like nylon, so that it doesn’t weigh your dog down on your afternoon strolls.

Thicker Leashes for Bigs Dogs

Big dogs usually require a thicker leash to keep them safe and under control during their walks. Thick leashes are more durable and withstand any tugging or pulling a larger dog may do.

You need to have control while walking, especially large dogs, which isn’t possible with a thinner leash.

Nylon material is best, especially for heavy-set dogs, helping to keep them safe and secure and resist premature tearing or breakages. Look for a width of one inch or thicker for medium to large breeds.

Reflective Leashes

Reflective dog leashes are a must-have for anyone that walks their dogs in low-light conditions. These leashes often contain sheened threads along the sticking that produce a bright glow as cars pass by.

Reflective leashes come in various styles, colors, and sizes, making it easy to find one that best suits you and your dog.

These dog leashes help remove some of the strain while providing you with next-level safety.

Short Dog Leash With Padded Handle

The Leashboss short dog leash makes for a comfortable fit around the hand with the plush, padded handle. The soft neoprene handle allows maximum grip and control, helping you steer your pup for the entire walk.

The leash also consists of high-strength, nylon webbing material that withstands the strength of all dog breeds. The short length of this leash is great for anyone with a service animal who needs to keep their canine close by at all times.

The easy fit doesn’t cause discomfort, so it’s safe and cozy to use throughout the day. Animal trainers also benefit from using this Leashboss product, which helps keep their dogs in line while they walk through various training protocols.

Regardless of your dog’s size or training needs, Leashboss offers this fantastic product in four sizes for you to choose from, starting at 12”. There are also three color options available. Leashboss offers a five-year warranty to ensure you’re happy with their leashes, no questions asked. 

This leash starts at $14.95 and goes up from there. 

Short Dog Leash With Padded Handle

Short Dog Leash

by Leashboss

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Double Handle Dog Leash

Sometimes, a heavy-duty leash is necessary to remain in control while walking large dogs. Leashes without a sturdy grip wear down your hands quickly and make for an uncomfortable walk. 

Leashboss offers a heavy-duty dog leash specially designed for large dogs or reactive canines. The leash has a dual handle system that prevents the dog from pulling away.

The handle consists of thick padding that provides comfort and strengthens your grip if your dog decides to pull away or try to gain control of the walk. Simply grasp hold of both of the handles whenever you need an extra set of force.

The leash is five feet long, allowing just enough space for your dog to walk comfortably without giving them too much leeway. The extra-strong nylon material promises a sturdy leash that withstands time even after consistent use.

Leashboss offers this leash in four color options. 

This option is priced at $28.98.

Double Handle Dog Leash

Heavy Duty Dog Leash

by Leash Boss

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Free Range Dog Leash

If you enjoy taking your dog on long walks on the trails or have them tag along on camping trips, you want to have a long leash that allows for a leisurely walk. Longer leashes provide more freedom for you and your pet, especially in areas where they don’t necessarily need to be by your side. 

Leashboss offers a free-range 20-foot leash that assists in training medium to large dogs. This leash is made from heavy-duty nylon material and includes a nickel-plated clip that swivels as your dog wanders around. The swivel movement prevents the leash from twisting, allowing for more comfortable and controlled walks, even at longer lengths.

The handle is comfortable and robust, helping to prevent leash burn. The rubber molding slightly bends and is durable enough to last many years.

The leash is ¾ inch wide and perfect for long walks without the possibility of tearing. If 20’ isn’t long enough for you and your furry friend, there’s also a 30’ or 50’ option.

You can also choose between orange or black for your leash color aesthetic. 

This one starts at $24.95 and has higher-priced options. 

Free Range Dog Leash

Free Range 20 Foot Nylon Dog Leash

by Leash Boss

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10’ Dog Leash

Long leashes are great for well-behaved dogs, especially while going on long walks. If your dog has proper training, long leashes allow you to relax and enjoy the walk without having to have a tight grip on your dog constantly. 

Leashboss has a 10’ leash that’s great for medium to large dogs.

The handle padding is comfortable yet thin, providing a solid grip for easy control. There’s also a D-ring clip at the base of the handle for attaching bags, keys, or other dog-walking essentials.

One of the biggest challenges when walking your dog is having the leash distorted. Leashboss includes a swivel clip at the end of the leash, which clips onto your dog’s collar or leash to prevent twisting.

If 10 feet isn’t long enough for you and your dog, a 15-foot option comes in both 1-inch and ¾-inch widths. 

The 10’ leash runs $22.95 and up.

10’ Dog Leash

10 Foot Dog Leash with Padded Handle
$24.99 ($24.99 / Count)

by Leashboss

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Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash

Reactive dogs or canines going through their first training instance are prone to tugging and pulling on the leash. This is because they easily become reactive to external stimuli, causing them to act on all of their impulses.

The force of a dog pulling on a leash is uncomfortable and sometimes painful, especially if you don’t have a leash that offers stability and support. 

Leashboss offers a shock-absorbing bungee leash specially designed to relieve some of the force of walking reactive dogs. The leash also has a heavy-duty swivel clasp on one end to help prevent the leash from twisting.

On the other end is a metal clip that attaches to any other standard leash. This allows you to use this bungee product on short or long leashes while providing enough support and comfort.

By reducing the strain your muscles experience having to work towards keeping your dog in line, this leash is excellent for keeping your walks easy and pain-free.

There are also reflective threads throughout the length of the product to help with visibility in low-light conditions. 

This leash is only $12.95.

Shock Absorbing Bungee Leash

Pattern Bungee Dog Leash Extension
$14.95 ($14.95 / Count)

by Leashboss

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Extra Long Double Leash

If you have more than one dog, Leashboss has a leash to alleviate the strain of holding onto two leashes. The leash is split in half at the collar or harness clips so that you can keep your dogs directly side-by-side and only have to use one hand to hold the leash.

The leash is also adjustable, allowing you to mix and match sizes to accommodate the various dimensions of your canines.

If you need a strong and durable leash, the one-inch wide nylon straps withstand the power of two dogs simultaneously and last for years.

Each clip contains a swivel clasp that keeps the leash from twisting and turning as you walk. This makes for a hassle-free time, keeping you and your dogs focused and on track.

Choose between three sizing options to find the perfect fit for your pets. 

Extra Long Double Leash

Extra Long Double Dog Leash

by Leash Boss

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Reflective Dog Leash

Walking your dog isn’t always convenient during the day. With busy schedules, sometimes the only time you can walk their pet is early morning or at night.

When walking a dog during darker hours, it’s essential to have a reflective dog leash to keep you and your companion safe. This six-foot leash is perfect for medium-sized or fully trained and well-behaved dogs on their daily walks.

Leashboss has a vibrant collection of 6-foot dog leashes that are both reflective and expressive. Choose between the nine color options available, ranging from teal to rainbow; they even have a space-themed leash.

Each leash consists of double-thick material for extra strength and durability while walking your dog. Two reflective threads offer you and your pet extra visibility in low-light conditions. A D-ring on the handle allows you to clip on a bag dispenser or set of keys for added convenience. 

Consider this option for only $17.95.

Reflective Dog Leash

6ft Dog Leash

by Leashboss

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Keeping Comfort and Function in Mind

When choosing your dog’s leash, consider all aspects of what makes for a great walking experience. You need to be as comfortable as your dog, and finding a leash with a supportive handle is helpful.

Choose a leash length that supports your dog’s size and weight. Otherwise, you may have issues keeping them under control.

Leashboss has a leash for any dog, regardless of size or training needs. After reviewing the options featured in this article, you will find the best fit for you and your canine companion.

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