Police Officer Adopts Pit Bull Puppy He Saved From An Abusive Home

Girard Borough Police Officer Nick Spurgeon says he cares about animals as if they were his children. He treats his dog named Louie with love and respect, and he has a special place in his heart for rescue dogs. So when he responded to a call about a hurt pit bull puppy, he knew right away that it wouldn’t be an ordinary day on the job.
The dedicated dog lover felt an instant connection to the scared puppy. She was hurt, confused, and afraid, but Officer Spurgeon plans to change her life for the better.

He’s adopting her, and he can’t wait to make the puppy he rescued a part of his family.

The pit bull puppy, now named Luna, was brought to The ANNA Shelter in Erie, PA after Officer Spurgeon responded to a call about what looked like a dog hit by a car. It was soon discovered, however, that little Luna’s injuries were not caused by a car accident. She was being abused by her owners, and she was thankfully removed from their care.
Safely in the arms of rescuers, Luna received the medical attention she desperately needed. Her shoulder was broken, and Pittsburgh Animal Hospital treated her injuries. Emily Danskin, a foster with the shelter, told an Erie news station,

“It’s pretty delicate because now she has screws and a plate. We’ll just have to make sure it heals and those don’t break or sheer off.”

After handing off Luna to trained animal rescuers, Officer Spurgeon couldn’t stop thinking about her. He wasn’t sure at first if he could adopt her. He wanted it to be the right decision for both his family and Luna.

Ultimately, Officer Spurgeon knew loving Luna was meant to be.

He said,

“She absolutely is a sweetheart and she acts as such. I decided that I didn’t want her to go to another house where she could potentially have an unloving family, so I’d like to do that myself.”

Luna has a lot of healing to do before she can finally start her new life. She needs to recover from her ordeal, and it will also take time to adjust to a new life.
In the meantime, Officer Spurgeon and his girlfriend have visited their new pup and are getting Louie ready to have a new sister. They can’t wait to welcome Luna into their family and give her all the love and care she deserves.
You can also follow Anna Shelter on Facebook to support their cause.
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