Dog Breeds That Love Warm Weather

We all love our dogs, but we aren't always as in tune with our furry friends' wants and needs as we think we are. Believe it or not, certain dog breeds are naturally suited for specific climates. With summer approaching, here are some dog breeds that love warm weather.

There are a lot of dog breeds out there, but the ones on this list are dog breeds that love warm weather most of all!


These pint sized pups originate from the Mexican desert, so it's no surprise that they can handle the heat! They have very thin layers of fur that allow their skin to breathe in dry, hot weather. The flip side of this, of course, is that they tend to have a bit of a hard time in colder weather. If you live somewhere where it's cold most of the year, you may want to reconsider before adopting a chihuahua. For you Floridians and Southern Californians, these little amigos are perfectly suited for that warm weather lifestyle.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies have been a super popular breed for over 100 years now. Despite originating from the cold and rainy British Isles, these good boys and girls are definitely a dog breed that loves warm weather. A big reason for this is that they technically don't have fur. They have hair just like we do! This means that despite being a long haired dog breed, Yorkshire Terriers' hair is very thin. This allows for their skin to easily breathe, as opposed to most dog breeds who have thick fur which traps hot air.

Great Dane

The biggest dog breed on this list may come as a shock to you, but Great Danes absolutely love warm weather. The reason is actually quite simple. Great Danes are naturally inclined to conserve energy. This basically means that they have a predisposition to be couch potatoes. They also have  extremely large tongues and are almost constantly panting. Dogs cannot sweat, so they regulate their body temperatures by panting and drooling. So, next time you see a Great Dane panting and slobbering all over himself on a hot summer day, think of it like somebody on the beach under an umbrella with a portable fan.


This one may come as less of a surprise. Greyhounds are known internationally for their speed and athleticism. For years, they have been bred as racing dogs in some of the harshest climates. Greyhounds' bodies are generally extremely muscle-bound with a very high muscle to fat ratio. Due to this, they regulate their body heat incredibly efficiently. They also have a very short, thin coat, which keeps heat from being trapped next to their skin. dog breeds that love warm weather

Afghan Hound

These canine cohorts originate from…you guessed it…Afghanistan! Afghanistan has one of the most unique weather systems in the world. For the majority of the year, this mountainous country has dry, hot days and chilly, wet nights. This climate variety forced the Afghan Hounds to naturally adapt to any extreme temperature. During the daytime, their hairs actually stand up straight on end allowing cool air access to the skin. Although, if you end up adopting one of these beautiful hounds, be prepared to be constantly grooming and brushing knots out of their fur. At night, the Afghan Hound's hair curls up and becomes matted and naturally tangled. This allows for hot air to stay tucked against their skin during those cold Afghan nights.

Australian Cattle Dog

The Australian Cattle Dog has been bred for centuries to survive the grueling conditions of the Australian Outback. It is for this very reason that this breed absolutely loves warm weather. Since the 17th Century, Australians have been breeding and raising these pups in regular temperatures between 110 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. This has resulted in Australian Cattle Hounds having amazing stamina and respiratory systems. Due to this, they can work all day, every day under the blaring sun and feel absolutely fine. So, when you or a friend is looking into which dog breed to adopt, be sure to do some research into what makes that breed unique. Dogs are not all created equal. What is comfortable and fun for one dog breed may be scary for another. At the end of the day, just like people, each dog has its own unique personality and disposition.

Now that you've learned all about dog breeds that love warm weather, check out this next article to learn all about dog breeds that thrive in those chilly temps!


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