Florida Animal Shelter Celebrates Empty Kennels After Every Dog Gets Adopted

Out of all the news surrounding COVID-19, we’re doing our best to focus on the good. There are countless stories of people coming together to help others during this crisis, and that sense of goodwill has also extended to the animals.
In Florida, animal rescuers are celebrating a historic win. For the first time in history, this kennel at Palm Beach County Animal Care and Control is completely empty of adoptable dogs. (Video below!)

The shelter posted their historic good news to Facebook earlier this week.

“This amazing milestone was made possible by the help and support of our entire community! Thank you to the shelter staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to care for, find homes for, and advocate for the pets who come through these doors; thank you to our incredible foster parents who open their heart and homes to thousands of pets each year.”

The kennel shown in the shelter’s video consists of 48 double-sided runs and is usually home to the shelter’s stray holds and adoptable dogs. On any other day of the year, the room is full of dogs of all breeds and backgrounds. The shelter typically takes in dozens of dogs a week, and the kennel is usually a busy place for both the dogs and the staff.
This week, however, there’s nothing in that hallway but empty kennels. Due to social distancing, thousands of people across the country have decided now is the perfect time to adopt. Chicago Animal Care and Control emptied their kennel of every adoptable dog last week, and shelters across the country are seeing record adoption rates.
While Palm Beach County Animal Care Control says they still have other animals looking for homes, they’re ready to keep the momentum going. They’re following all social distancing guidelines and working hard to find homes for every animal in their care. Their dogs come to them from every type of background, and each and every animal deserves a good home.

Watch the shelter celebrate their empty kennels below!

If you’ve been thinking about adding a dog to your family, now could be a great time. Rescuers want to remind adopters, however, that taking in a dog is a big responsibility. When the lockdown ends (and it WILL end!), nothing will change for all the recently adopted dogs. They’ll still need loving homes and families to call their own. Before you commit to a furry family member, make sure you’ll still be in a position to care for them once the lockdown ends.
And if you’re not 100% sure you’re ready to adopt, why not foster? Fostering is a great way to save lives without taking on the full commitment of adoption. Animal shelters in every state need fosters to temporarily house and care for rescue dogs.
Whatever you decide, I think we can all agree that seeing empty kennels is great news. People from all over the country are coming together to help rescue dogs, and countless innocent lives are being saved.
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