Meet Rae: A Unicorn Golden Retriever Puppy With One Ear

We’ve seen our fair share of adorable dogs. There’s Narwhal, the puppy with a tail growing out of his face, and Winnie, the Cocker Spaniel with gorgeous eyes. And now, the world wants you to meet another special pup with an adorably unique look.
Rae only has one ear, but she doesn’t let that slow her down. In fact, she’s a unicorn dog that’s sure to take the world by storm.

According to Rae’s Instagram account, an injury at birth left this sweet Golden Retriever puppy with only one ear. She survived the injury, and her one remaining ear eventually moved to the top of her head.
Rae’s besotted mom calls her a “unicorn,” and the world is falling in love with this magically adorable dog.
Only a few months old, Rae’s story has already made her a social media celebrity. A recent TikTok video seems to have sparked her fame, and the puppy’s Instagram account has been gaining followers ever since.
It’s easy to see why everyone is falling in love with this puppy and her one ear.

Just look at that face!

Rae’s Instagram is full of pictures of this unicorn doing all the adorable things puppies do. She plays with friends,  goes for walkies, and pouts after taking a bath.
Sometimes, Rae’s one unicorn ear sticks straight up in a delightful little point, and other times, it’s a floppy fuzzball on top of her head.
Rae’s mom confirmed on Instagram that Rae can in fact hear from her singular ear, and it doesn’t seem to cause her any trouble or disability.

While the world is always in need of adorable fluff balls, we can expect Rae’s popularity to only grow. People have been flooding the comments with statements of devotion calling her the “cutest dog in the world” and saying things like, “Rae I would die for u.”
Seeing Rae’s happy face and the love she obviously receives from her family is exactly what we need. Her pure little unicorn heart can help us forget about current trials. She’s our reminder that no matter how hard life gets, there will always be a dog ready to make us smile. 
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All images via goldenunicornrae on Instagram

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