5 Dog Breeds With The Longest Lifespans

When you decide to bring a new puppy into your life, you’re instantly wrapped around their paws – from the first whiff of puppy breath to the first time they learn how to sit. We all want our canine companions to be with us forever. Even if forever isn’t an option, there are some breeds that live longer than others.
Here are five dog breeds with the longest lifespans:


chihuahua longest lifespan dog breeds
Small but ever so mighty, Chihuahuas can live for 15 to 20 years. Most only weigh up to 6lbs, but don’t let their size fool you! They are highly spirited, but ever so snuggly. Chihuahuas do need to stay healthy to reach their long lifespan, however. Good dental health and regular exercise to keep them at their ideal body condition score are both important factors.

Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terrier longest lifespans dog breeds
Yorkies may just be the perfect lap dog for up to 15 years! Smart and loyal, these little dogs have the energy to keep you moving and tend to be a little protective. With a longer coat, this breed needs to be groomed regularly to keep that silky soft look. Yorkies are a hardy breed, but they do require good dental health upkeep. Keeping their teeth clean can add years to a Yorkshire Terrier’s life!

Toy Poodle

Toy Poodle On Grassy Field. dogs with longest lifespans
Known for their curly coats, Toy Poodles can live up to 18 years, making them one of the dog breeds with the longest lifespans! Sassy but intelligent, these dogs make a great addition to any family and will keep up with the energy of a 5-year-old child. Regular grooming and proper dental hygiene will keep them looking their best. Toy Poodles are known to have eye problems when they get older, but this can be treated with proper care and a plan from your veterinarian.

Jack Russel Terrier

A ball of energy as soon as they learn how to walk, the Jack Russel Terrier can live up to 16 years old. Originally bred to be a working dog, the Jack Russel Terrier needs a lot of exercise to keep them at their ideal body weight. Keeping them active and fit can help these lovable dogs achieve, or even pass, their life expectancy. If you have an active lifestyle and need a running partner, a Jack Russel Terrier is the dog for you!

Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherd dog portrait outdoors.
The largest breed on the list, Australian Shepherds can live up to 15 years. Extremely smart and full of energy, these dogs need an active lifestyle both mentally and physically. Used as working dogs for cattle or for competing in agility, Australian Shepherds love to move. Keep in touch with your veterinarian to keep an Australian Shepherd feeling their best. Joint problems can arise as well as eye problems. But if caught early, they can be treated and maintained.
When choosing what breed to introduce as a new member of the family, life expectancy may be a major consideration. However, age is just a number! Any breed of dog can prove their lifespan wrong when supplied with the proper care. But if you’re looking for a dog breeds with the longest lifespans, the smaller, the mightier.
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Dani Buckley is a small-town resident in Montana. She is a veterinary technician manager and mom of eight four-legged kids – 5 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 horses. When she moved back home to Montana, her horses and her dogs moved with her (Carbon and Milo). The pack grew by three when she moved in with her boyfriend, Cody. Altogether there is a German Shepard (Lupay), a Border Collie (Missy), a Blue Heeler (Taz) and her two adorable mutts.

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