Doggijuana: Don’t Worry, It’s Legal!

Key Points

  • Doggijuana is essentially catnip for dogs.

  • The plant promotes canine relaxation and serenity.

  • Doggijuana does not contain THC.

  • This product is safe for most dogs and doesn't typically result in any type of negative reaction.

Doggijuana is an increasingly popular supplement for dogs. At first glance, you may wonder whether or not this product requires your dog to be 21 years old. If animal control catches it on them, are they going to spend a night in a cell at the pound? Don't worry! Doggijuana is perfectly legal and safe for your dog. 

If you've ever had a cat, you know just how wild and bizarre catnip makes them. It might be surprising to know that Doggijuana actually comes from the same plant as catnip!

Like cats, dogs also have a unique reaction to Doggijuana, but the side effects are much different from what cats experience on catnip. 

Does Doggijuana Contain THC?

Despite what the name might suggest, there is no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) found in Doggijuana. This product is non-addictive, all-natural, and even affordable!

Dog relaxing on bed

How Does Doggijuana Affect Dogs?

Doggijuana contains an essential oil called nepetalactone. This oil causes reactions in dogs' stomachs and facial receptors.

While cats suddenly exhibit large amounts of energy and bounce off the walls anytime catnip is in the same room as them, dogs don't have this same reaction. 

The receptor in a dog's body causes canines to become naturally relaxed and calm. Dogs are missing certain receptors that cats have, which prevents them from having the same sort of reaction. 

Benefits of Doggujana 

Doggijuana has many benefits for your canine — including stress relief. 

Does your dog struggle with anxiety or nervousness? Introduce them to Doggijuana. This plant soothes your dog's nerves and relieves them of their anxiety. Use Doggijuana when you leave for the day, during thunderstorms, or when traveling with your dog. 

Doggijuana is also an antiseptic. When applied externally in the form of tea, this product has antibacterial properties.

Is Doggijuana Safe for Dogs?

Yes, Doggijuana is relatively safe for dogs. Of course, every dog's body is different. Catnip isn't usually toxic for dogs, but it's also best to check with your veterinarian before introducing new plants into your home. 

Start off small: Introduce minor amounts of Doggijuana to your dog and see how they react. Since the effects aren't similar to your cat's, you aren't going to notice any extreme changes in behavior – especially when administering such a small amount.

Continue introducing larger portions until you're up to the recommended dose to see how your dog tolerates the plant. 

How Much Should You Give Your Dog?

It's important to only give your dog the recommended dose of Doggijuana. 

For dogs who are 20 pounds or less, give them one-fourth of a teaspoon. For dogs who are 20 to 50 pounds, give them half a teaspoon. For dogs who are greater than 50 pounds, give them one teaspoon. 

If you don't know your dog's weight, use an estimate or opt for a smaller dose to be safe.

For homes with multiple dogs, find a happy medium that allows your dogs to enjoy enough of the product to feel the effects without going overboard. 

How Do You Give Your Dog Doggijuana?

There are several great ways to use Doggijuana.

Find a toy with a pouch or opening to insert a pinch of the plant. This allows your dog to enjoy the effects over a longer period of time and keeps them engaged while their mind and body begin to relax. 

Feeding dog

For a more calming effect, sprinkle the recommended dose over their food. Try feeding your dog a small portion of the dose beforehand to make sure it's something they'll actually eat. You don't want to waste a whole bowl of food! 

If you feed your dog this plant, make sure not to feed them more than their recommended dose. Ingesting the recommended dose is safe for most dogs and increases the medical effects associated with the plant. Don't give them another dose until well after the effects wear off. Be aware that even though the effects are gone, the plant's compounds are still in your pup's system. 

How Long Does It Take for the Effects To Work?

Most dogs react to Doggijuana within 30 minutes. Depending on the dog's age, breed, or size, the effects may appear faster or longer.

Allow enough time between doses to determine whether or not your dog is experiencing symptoms. These symptoms aren't as easily identifiable, so always allow plenty of time between doses – even if you aren't sure if the plant is working. 

How Long Do the Effects Last?

Doggijuana's effects usually last for about an hour. The effects gradually wear off, but your dog should find a zen state pretty easily.

Since these effects last a while, making sure you only give your dog a recommended dose is essential.

Dog resting

Why Doesn't Your Dog React?

Your dog's genetics plays a role in how they react to Doggijuana. Some dogs don't have the genetic disposition to have a reaction when they consume or come into contact with this plant.

If you introduce Doggijuana to your pup and they don't have a reaction, they probably aren't wired to react. Try a larger dose to see if your dog needs more of the plant to feel the effects. 

When Is the Best Time To Give Doggijuana to Your Dog?

When does your dog have the most unwanted energy or nerves? That's the best time to give your dog Doggijuana.

The effects of Doggijuana aren't so strong that you can't still take them on walks or play with them in the yard. Because of this, it doesn't really matter when you give your dog Doggijuana as long as your dog isn't a service or working animal.

In fact, if your dog has anxiety while walking or going to the dog park, giving them some Doggijuana beforehand may actually make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. 

What Age Can Your Dog Try Doggijuana?

Introducing Doggijuana to your pup after they're about three months old is safe. If your dog is younger than just a couple of months, they won't react like older dogs. Wait until your dog's hyper personality becomes activated before administering this plant. 

Where Can You Buy Doggijuana?

Doggijuana is available in pet stores. If you can't find Doggijuana, just buy a traditional cat nip product since the ingredients are the same. 

For online purchasing, find Doggijuana on their official website. 

Dog chilling in grass with sunglasses

What Ingredients Are in Doggijuana?

A high-quality Doggijuana product only contains catnip. Catnip also appears as Nepeta cataria on ingredient labels.

When buying Doggijuana, make sure the product doesn't contain any filler ingredients or ingredients that are harmful to your dog.

It's always best to purchase a product that's strictly catnip so you're prepared for how your dog reacts and don't have to worry about them having a sensitivity or allergic reaction. 

Does Doggijuana Lose Its Effectiveness Over Time?

Like all substances, your dog's reaction to Doggijuana loses its effectiveness if they ingest it too frequently. There's no rule for how soon or long it takes for your dog's reaction to lose its spark, so keep an eye on them. 

Why Does Your Dog Have Anxiety?

There are many reasons why your dog has anxiety. Anxiety often stems from separation, environmental circumstances, or even changes in routine.  

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is commonly found in dogs – especially puppies or rescued pups.  

Veterinarian Dr. Terry Curtis explains:

"Classic signs of panic in dogs include distress vocalization (howling, yelping), elimination ('fight or flight' urination and/or defecation), attempts at escape that results in destruction (typically through the door by which their owners have left), and/or destruction of other locations or objects (digging at walls, chewing at furniture, etc.)."

As soon as you leave, if your dog isn't comfortable, this sets off their fight or flight mode and causes distress. During this time, giving your pet Doggijuana is very beneficial.

Environmental Factors

A dog's anxiety increases during certain circumstances, such as the fourth of July fireworks display or thunderstorms. Loud, external noises are scary for dogs and cause them to panic and look for shelter. 

Routine Disturbances

When your dog's routine changes, this causes them to feel uncomfortable or uneasy until they are able to adjust to the changes. 

Dog with marijuana plant

Alternative Ways To Relax Your Dog

Since Doggijuana isn't certain to relax your dog, knowing other methods is important. Options like exercise, socialization, CBD, calming coats, and massage therapy work wonders for an anxious pup.

Increase Physical Activity

Your dog's energy levels change as they get older, and anxiety isn't always an issue.

One of the best ways to assist your dog's high-energy levels or anxiety is by increasing their daily physical activity. Add 10 to 15 minutes to their walk time, or let them stay outside a little longer than usual. 

Puppies in particular must get enough physical activity. Otherwise, they run around your home, chewing on furniture, getting into the garbage, and bouncing off the walls. Even with enough activity, your puppy may do all of this anyway! 


Your dog needs social interaction. Whether this is with other people or with other dogs, your pup benefits from being around others.

Not only does spending time with other dogs develop their personalities and allow them to adopt beneficial behavior, it also wears them out. At the end of the day, all they want to do is relax on the couch with you. 

Taking your dog to the dog park is great – especially if your dog already does well with other animals. For dogs that haven't been properly socialized yet, start off slow.

Introduce them to a neighbor's dog or set up a puppy play date with one of your friends. Going slow allows them to get comfortable being around other animals and prepares them for the large packs found at dog parks. 

Cannabidiol (CBD)

Did you know CBD is safe for dogs? CBD is a chemical found in the cannabis plant. This compound doesn't contain THC but has many health benefits for humans and dogs. CBD is great for inflammation, pain, stress, and anxiety. It also improves mood. 

Dog treats and supplements contain CBD, depending on what your canine needs. Make sure you choose a dog-friendly product, as the doses differ in products intended for humans. 

Calming Coats

A calming coat, or a ThunderShirt, is a garment for dogs that promotes relaxation and relieves stress. These coats fit snuggly around your pup and apply pressure to their body. They are similar to weighted blankets, and they provide a sense of security and comfort for your pup. 

Calming coats come in all sizes, for all different breeds

Massage Therapy

Massaging your dog relieves stress and allows them to relax during times of anxiety and stress. Rather than simply petting your dog, massage their shoulders, neck, back, and legs.

The stimulation keeps them calm and centered, no longer focusing on their anxiousness. There are also professional dog massagers if your pup needs some extra TLC. 

Calm dog resting

Nothing Seems To Be Working

After trying various methods to reduce anxiety, you may find that your dog struggles to relax or has debilitating anxiety. 

Some cases of anxiousness persist without proper treatment from your veterinarian. Take your dog in and have your veterinarian evaluate their health and the factors that play into their anxiety. 

Your veterinarian may administer anxiety medication if they feel your dog would benefit from it. These medications are for sleep, travel, and separation anxiety. 

Don't try to medicate your dog without consulting your veterinarian first. 

Don't Worry – It's Legal!

Doggijuana is a fun way to relax your dog and soothe their nerves. While this product resembles a certain substance, you don't need to worry. This dog-friendly product's only downfall is that it might not work for your dog. 

Try it out and see how your dog reacts. If you don't see results the first time, try a different brand and see if you notice a difference. 

Even your pup needs something to help them chill out after a long day. With all their barking at doorbells, rummaging through the garbage, and doing zoomies in the backyard, Doggijuana is the perfect treat to end the day on a high note. 

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