11 Fun Outdoor Activities To Do With Your Cavachon

Cavachon dog walking on the beach

Playing with your Cavachon is always going to be fun whether it’s indoors or outside. After all, this small puppy is always happy and ready to play.

The Cavachon is a mixed-breed dog. This small dog breed is the result of mixing the Bichon Frise with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, creating the happy little dog we know as the Cavachon.

If you’re looking to find some new activities to do with your Cavachon outdoors, it may be difficult to think of some great activities that’ll be suitable for your dog.

11 fun outdoor activities to do with your Cavachon include playing with sprinklers, doing yard work, and even taking your dog to a festival. These activities are sure to keep your dog active and busy, no matter what time of the year it is. Plus, there are plenty of ideas on how to keep your dog from overheating during the hotter months.

Remember that the Cavachon dog is always ready to play and have a great bonding experience with its owner, so it’s very likely that this breed will be raring to go no matter what activity you choose. With that being said, Cavachon owners should make sure to not overdo anything or keep their dogs outside longer than is ideal.

Happy cavachon sitting and looking up at camera

1. Play With Sprinklers

One very fun activity which you can do with your Cavachon dog or puppy is to play with sprinklers or at a sprinkler park. This may be a summertime activity, but depending on how warm the weather is your dog can play with sprinklers at any time of the year.

Remember that your dog will love cooling off with water, as the Cavachon’s natural coat will keep them warm. Cavachon owners will love to see their puppy playing happily under the sprinklers, whether it be at home or at a sprinkler park.

Another benefit of taking your dog to a sprinkler park or playing under sprinklers is that by getting your dog used to getting wet, you’ll be able to help your Cavachon get used to swimming and water as well. Letting your dog play in the water is a great way to get your dog used to baths, swimming, and everything else that deals with the aquatic.

Your dog will doubtless love this activity, including any other activities you may do during the time, such as playing fetch or similar outdoorsy activities.

There are plenty of summertime activities that your dog will love, and there’s nothing stopping you from creating an entertaining fusion of multiple activities while keeping your dog cool with sprinklers and other great water sports.

2. Go to the Dog Park

Another great outdoor activity which you can do with your dog, ever a classic, is going to the dog park. Although this may be a common outdoor activity, there’s no understating the fun of this activity. Taking your Cavachon to the dog park is a great way to let your dog socialize, too. Your Cavachon will be able to socialize and learn to tolerate a larger dog, and depending on the dog park participate in fun outdoor activities.

Dog parks are beneficial for your Cavachon puppy because ultimately, dogs are social creatures. This means that your dog will gain the many benefits of meeting other dogs, socializing with them, and learning to be calm and not present destructive behavior during social exercises.

Although the Cavachon does have a fantastic temperament and is known as a happy and easy-going dog, every puppy needs exposure to social situations, and dog parks are great activities that present this needed socialization.

Cavachon sniffing grass

3. Go Hiking

If you want to take your dog for a walk but switch it up a bit, why not consider going hiking with your Cavachon puppy? Hiking is a great activity for you and your dog, and as a dog owner, it can provide a great switch from the regular walks you take with your pup.

So long as you make sure your hiking trips are safe and you carry plenty of water and dog food, everything should go according to plan.

Your dog will love being able to smell new smells and discover new trails alongside you, so this option is definitely a great activity for when you want to get outdoors. Hiking with your puppy can provide a fantastic training experience as well, as you’ll be able to spend plenty of time instructing your Cavachon how to heel, walk, and sit on command. This will provide ample mental stimulation for your dog and a fantastic exercise for your pup as well.

4. Go for a Swim

Another great outdoor activity for your little dog is to take them swimming. Although you may have to purchase a doggy life jacket for your Cavachon if it doesn’t know how to swim (admittedly, life jackets are a great safety precaution even if your dog does know how to swim), this can be a great and refreshing activity for the outdoors.

Taking your dog swimming in either a backyard pool, lake, or other body of water can make a fantastic day trip or just a fun few hours in your backyard. This type of activity is extremely flexible in its execution, but so long as you and your dog have fun and cool off, it’ll be fun.

Your dog is sure to enjoy swimming around and paddling through the water, and you can use this opportunity to let your dog play fetch with water toys and play other water-related games.

Cavachon dog playing in the waves at a beach

5. Teach Your Cavachon Tricks

Teaching your Cavachon some tricks is a great way you can spend your time outdoors with your dog. Whether you want to teach your dog how to beg, roll over, play dead, shake hands, or virtually anything else, a great place to teach your dog this is in the great outdoors.

You’ll have plenty of room plus great weather, and your Cavachon is surely going to appreciate the fresh air as you teach it some cool tricks.

It’s always important to check the weather ahead of any training session – just like it is with any outdoor event or activity – but teaching your Cavachon tricks outside is no doubt a great way to pass some time.

6. Do Yard Work

If you’ve got chores around the house that you need to get done but you want to incorporate your dog into these activities, why not do yard work and play with your Cavachon at the same time?

Even taking your dog out to the yard can be a great outdoor activity if done right, and there’s no better way to do it than when you’re doing yard work and playing fetch with your puppy at the same time.

This is undoubtedly a great activity for you and your dog to bond over, as it’ll let you get some spring cleaning and maintenance done while your dog is able to release some pent-up energy.

With that being said, it’s important to ensure that your dog remains safe while you do yard work. If you’re using any fertilizer, chemicals, or mulch, remember that it’s absolutely essential to use the pet-safe versions of these items while you work outside with your dog.

Ultimately, you need to make sure that your dog stays safe during their time in the yard doing chores – or more precisely, playing fetch while you do the chores.

Because of this, always make sure to lock the gate, keep any dangerous objects such as rat or mouse traps out of reach of your Cavachon, and use pet-safe chemicals.

cavachon puppy chewing on yellow flowers in the garden

7. Go Camping

Going camping with your Cavachon is another outdoor activity just brimming with the potential of fun. Dogs naturally love the outdoors, and even if your Cavachon cherishes being indoors and the safety of the couch, going camping with your dog is a great way to spend some time.

So long as you prepare properly, having a camping trip with your puppy can be an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. Keep in mind that you don’t have to limit your camping experience to the “classic” idea we have whenever we think of camping.

If you and your pooch are looking for a more extravagant experience, going on a glamping trip can be a go-to activity as well and provide in all essence the same results.

This way, you won’t have to get overly outdoorsy but your dog will still be able to explore and go for walks in unfamiliar territory. For a dog owner, this is a great compromise.

8. Take Your Dog to an Outdoorsy Festival

If you’re looking for a more bustling activity to attend with your dog, why not consider an outdoorsy festival of some sort? These festivals are held almost every time of the year and everywhere over the globe, and a large majority of them are dog-friendly.

Because of this, why not attend an outdoor festival with your dog? A good example of this would be a renaissance fair, which you and your dog could explore together.

Keep in mind that you can get creative. There’s nothing stopping you from going to any fair you like, so long as they allow dongs. Obviously, due diligence is required before attending, but it’s an awesome socializing activity for your dog.

If you take your dog to an outdoor festival, they’ll be able to experience new things and events, while socializing en masse with the people and other animals attending.

Plus, depending on the festival you attend, there very well may be dog-specific activities your Cavachon can do.

Cavachon puppy wearing a pink flower crown

9. Attend a Charity Event

Another fantastic activity you can do with your dog is to go to a charity event. Taking your dog to an outdoor charity event is a great way to spend your evening. Another great reason you should take your Cavachon puppy to a charity event is that it’ll help raise more for charity.

It’s much easier to convince people to donate to a charity when you have a cute puppy hanging out around the area.

Plus, attending a charity event will be a great training exercise for your dog to get used to crowds and dealing with complete strangers.

This is obviously a great use of time – not only will your Cavachon have plenty of fun, but your dog will be able to learn how to socialize with tens if not hundreds of people in a day.

This is a crucial experience for any dog that is going to be dealing with people frequently, so attending an outdoor charity event is without a doubt a fun and useful activity to do with your Cavachon.

10. Make Frozen Dog Treats

Making frozen dog treats is a great outdoor activity for your adorable Cavachon, and is definitely a top pick for your summertime activity list. This is a fun way to reward your dog and practice your baking skills at the same time.

Once you find a good recipe for frozen dog treats, it’s time to grab the ingredients and start making some treats for your dog. Another great idea is to play a game of hide-and-go-treat with your dog once you’ve made the frozen treats.

This is a great way to provide ample mental stimulation for your puppy, as well as a fantastic outdoor activity to do during the summertime.

Any dog lover should be thrilled to watch their Cavachon chow down on some high-quality, homemade frozen treats. Another upside to these is that they’ll keep your dog cool and hydrated during the summer.

It may be a great outdoor activity by itself, but pack some cold frozen treats along with you the next time you take your Cavachon on a walk and you’re going to have fantastic treats for your dog anytime there’s a hotter day.

Nothing can be better than an outdoor activity that yields great results for later use.

11. Go on a Picnic

Another great and relaxing outdoor activity to do with your Cavachon is going on a picnic. Grab some lunch, a few treats and toys for your dog, and a blanket, and find a park somewhere to sit and relax as your dog plays.

It’s undoubtedly a great activity, especially on a summer evening. The awesome part about going on a picnic with your dog is that your dog will be able to tell that you’re having a great time, and will have a great time too.

If you’re taking your Cavachon puppy along with you on a picnic, make sure you know how to properly plan a picnic with your dog. It’s always crucial to pack food and water for your dog and make sure that it stays properly hydrated on the picnic.

Another important consideration is making sure your dog will do well in the situation where you’re picnicking, as well as making sure that your dog has enough designated room.

It’s also a good idea to remember that having human food laid out is definitely going to tempt your small dog, so you should make sure they have a restrained temperament. Although this is a fun way to spend some quality time with your dog, remember that they very well may try to thief some food from your picnic.

appy couple resting at a picnic in the park with a dog

Remember to Stay Cool

Remember that during outdoor activities, your dog may very likely overheat if you’re not careful. Because of the physical nature of a lot of outdoor activities and the overwhelming heat which is likely to accompany them, keeping your puppy cool at all times is an absolute must.

Packing water and plenty of treats for your dog during any activity are recommended, as well as keeping a good eye on your charge to make sure they don’t display any noticeable behavioral changes during the activity.

If your dog does begin to act differently, stop the activity and take the opportunity to take a chilling break in the shade of a nearby tree or within your house.

This is an absolute must if you’re trying to make sure your dog is safe and the outdoor activity you picked turns out to be successful.

Have Plenty of Fun

In the end, just make sure you and your dog have plenty of fun. Doing an outdoor activity with your pup is a great joy for any dog lover, so take advantage of it while you can and make sure your dog enjoys every second of what you’re doing.

The 11 fun outdoor activities to do with your Cavachon that are mentioned above are sure to keep you and your pooch entertained, now it’s time to pick which activities you want to try and experience.

In the end, as long as you and your dog are having fun, the activity you picked is a success.

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