5 Off-Leash Dog Beaches In The US Your Pup Will Love

As the weather heats up, it can be tempting to take your pooch to the beach for a bit of R and R, but not every beach is canine friendly. While leashing your puppy is an essential tool to keep your dog safe within large public spaces, sometimes you want to let your pup free, to run wild along the shore and go for a swim. Here are five public dog beaches that all leash-free living so you can safely run your pooch without fear of trouble.

Here are the five top dog beaches in the US in no exact order…

dog beaches

1. The Original Dog Beach, San Diego CA

Located at the end of 1-8 at the mouth of the San Diego River, Dog Beach is one of the first official leash-free beaches in the United States of America open 24/7. It was both dogs and humans can coexist with the sand and sea in perfect harmony. The beach even sports a self-service dog wash so you can scrub the sand from your precious pooch before attempting the long drive home. Just be sure your dog’s vaccinations are all up to date, and you carry a license from the county department of animal services. No one wants a ticket!
dog beaches in the US

2. Jupiter Beach, Jupiter, FL

Home to one of Florida’s best off-leash dog beaches, Jupiter beach has a two-mile stretch of coastline where your dog can free roam unabated. This beach even offers free parking near the intersection of Ocean Boulevard and Marcinski Road so you can spend your money on what truly matters, dog treats and ice cream. Just be sure to watch out for the large signs marking the edge of the off-leash areas so you don’t accidentally wander into more regulated areas.
dog beaches in the US

3. Cannon Beach, OR

If there ever was a doggie vacation destination, Cannon Beach in Oregon fits the description. Not only are dogs permitted to roam the off-leash along the beach, but they can also stretch their legs hiking the myriad of local trails peppering the area. Many restaurants offer pet-friendly outdoor dining so you can enjoy the evening without worrying about where to eat. Be sure to check out The beach’s annual dog show in October, where contestants can enter to win titles such as ‘longest tail’ and ‘best bark.’

dog beaches in the US

4. Huntington Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach not only sports a 1.5 mile stretch of coastline your dog can frolic on but also a large dog park where your pup can safely run with other dogs of a similar weight group. After a long day of sun and sand, walk on over to Fred’s Mexican Café for doggie date night every Monday, where pups eat for free with the purchase of one human dinner.
dog beaches in the US

5. Coronado Dog Beach, Coronado, CA

Located directly across from sunset park on Ocean Boulevard, Coronado Dog Beach is the perfect destination for dog lovers desperate for some salt air and sea. Dog owners must keep their dog on leash until they reach the beach to avoid disrupting traffic but once they have safely reached the shoreline, feel free to let them loose and roam around. Be sure to follow up your beach day with a trip to Wag’N Tails pet store, where you can use their self-service wash station to clean up your pup before heading home.

Have you ever been to one of these dog friendly beaches before? Share with us in the comments and tell us which of these dog beaches you’ve explored with your pup!

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