UPDATE: Husky Rejected For Being “Funny Looking” Needs A New Home

Update: 1/18/2020

Jubilee has been adopted!! Husky House posted on Facebook that after her story went viral, the “funny looking” dog is finally going home. Her new family thinks she’s beautiful, and she even has two new fur siblings! We wish Jubilee a lifetime of happiness with her new family. She’s living proof that different is beautiful, and every dog deserves to be loved.
We also want to thank all our BarkSpot readers for helping make this happen. All of your shares, comments, and likes helped get Jubilee’s story in front of more people. We’re all working together to help dogs live their best lives, and this was a big win!

Original Story

With their wolf-like good looks and gorgeously fluffy fur, Huskies are one of the most popular dog breeds in the country.

The Husky’s widespread popularity, however, doesn’t keep them out of shelters. Husky House in Matawan, New Jersey specializes in taking in Huskies that have either been abandoned, abused, or neglected. A lot of their dogs come from people who couldn’t handle the breed’s strong personality and high energy. But that’s not the only reason Huskies end up without homes. Sometimes, it’s irresponsible breeding that puts a dog in harm’s way. That’s the case for one of Husky House’s longest residents, Jubilee.
In most ways, Jubilee is like every other dog looking for a home at Husky House. She’s a Husky that was once abandoned by humans and is looking for the perfect family. Her personality tends to be on the shy side, but she loves people. She’s active, friendly, and smart. So why has she been at the rescue for so long?
Jubilee’s life is an example of what can happen when “breeders” behave irresponsibly. She was originally surrendered to the rescue because her breeder couldn’t sell her. They said people want Huskies because of their majestic good looks, but Jubilee doesn’t look like the average Husky. She was described as “weird looking” and left at the rescue with no home of her own.
For years, Jubilee has waited to find a family that’s willing to look past her not-so-average looks. Other dogs have come and gone, but she’s still where she started. Jubilee’s interesting appearance is likely a result of irresponsible breeding. She didn’t choose to look the way she does, and she definitely didn’t choose to live her life without a family of her own.

BarkSpot spoke with Husky House, and they’re determined to help Jubilee move on with her life.  They told us that Jubilee has been in a foster home for the past year. Her foster dad, however, is preparing for a knee replacement, and he can no longer care for her. Jubilee is back at the kennel and more than ready to go home for good.
A representative of Husky House told BarkSpot,

“She’s a very sweet dog and loves people once she warms up. She’s skittish at first, but if you offer her a treat, she’s your best friend!”

Husky House says Jubilee will do well in a home with other dogs, but she’s not a fan of cats. She’s shy at first, but she truly loves people.
If you think Jubilee would make a good addition to your family, reach out to Husky House. All potential adopters are required to fill out an application and agree to home visits. The rescue does everything possible to ensure their dogs go into responsible homes with people who will love them unconditionally.
Even if you can’t adopt Jubilee, it’s important to share her story. People need to know what can happen when irresponsible breeders abandon their dogs. We want Jubilee to find the perfect home and encourage people to do their research before choosing to buy a dog from a breeder.
You can also donate to Husky House or look at their other dogs up for adoption on their website.

All images via Husky House

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