The 9 Best Gps Dog Trackers for Tracking Your Dog

Global Positioning System (GPS) dog collars aid owners in keeping track of their canine companions. These collars use GPS to track the dog's location and can be programmed to send an alert to the owner's phone if the dog leaves a specified area.

GPS dog collars can also monitor the dog's health and track their activity level. Various collars are available on the market, each with features and qualities tailored to your dog's needs. In this article, you'll find a list of the nine best GPS collars for your dog, each with a detailed description of its features, uses, and functions to help you choose the right one. 

Top Reasons for Buying a GPS Dog Collar

GPS Dog Collars Are Ideal for Dogs Who Frequently Escape Their Yard

If you're looking for a way to keep your dog safe at all times — even when you are not around — consider purchasing a GPS dog collar. If your dog escapes the yard or gets lost while you're hiking in the woods, these tracking devices can help you locate them.

GPS dog collars are also helpful for monitoring your pet while you're out walking or running with them. You never know what could cause your dog to break free of their leash — especially in public around loud traffic, other animals, or strangers. Dogs prone to running away should always be equipped with a GPS collar so they can be quickly tracked and located.

There are numerous potential causes for your dog's escape. Maybe they were pursuing a squirrel or bird and ran too far off of the trail. Perhaps they were excavating and digging beneath the fence. Alternatively, someone may have left the gate unlocked. Regardless, taking measures to prevent your dog from escaping again is essential. Check for and repair any holes in the fence. Ensure that the gate is locked and latched. Finally, consider purchasing a GPS collar for your dog to track their location if they escape again. You can help keep your dog safe and sound at home by taking these precautions. 

GPS Collars Are Fantastic for Camping Trips

GPS dog collars are beneficial when camping and hiking. They allow you to monitor your dog's location and ensure their safety. If you spend time in the wilderness with your dog, you should have a way to keep track of them — especially if you allow them to wander off-leash. Forests, trails, and hunting grounds can be expansive, making it difficult for you to keep an eye on your dog. You cannot always predict their behavior; if they become agitated by their surroundings, they may flee. Using a GPS collar to track your dog outdoors can make you feel more secure on your trip, as you won't have to constantly worry about where your dog is.

You Can Keep an Eye on Your Dog While You're Out of Town

Your dog is the last thing you want to worry about when you're out of town. With a GPS dog collar, you can rest assured that your furry companion is always safe.

You can also set up safe zones for your dog so that you are notified if they leave the area. If you have a dog sitter, you can keep an eye on them to ensure they don't let your dog out of the designated area, or you can assist them in locating your dog if it escapes while you're away.

Questions to Consider Before Buying a GPS Dog Collar

What Makes GPS Collars Great?

Several factors make a GPS –or "smart" — dog collar exceptional. The collar must be comfortable for your dog. The collar should be lightweight and not bulky so as not to impede your dog's movement. The GPS device should accurately track your dog's location and provide you with up-to-date information regarding their whereabouts.

Some collars monitor your dog's health and activity levels and provide you with feedback to ensure their overall health. More outdoor-oriented collars may also include a handheld device where you can preload specific maps; this can be helpful if you spend a great deal of time outdoors. The GPS device's battery life should be sufficient, so you do not have to constantly recharge it.

How Does a GPS Collar for a Dog Work?

GPS pet tracker is attached to the collar. The GPS device uses satellites to determine your dog's location. The data is then transmitted to a receiver you carry with you, or to a third-party application.

The receiver will display the location of the dog on a map. You can use the receiver to determine the dog's location and whether or not they are moving. Some devices allow you to send shocks or vibrations to your dog to assist with boundary training.

Are GPS Collars for Dogs Waterproof?

If your dog spends a lot of time in the water, consider purchasing a waterproof GPS collar. Yes: There are waterproof options available (and discussed below).

Do GPS Collars Include Rechargeable Batteries?

Yes, most GPS dog collars include a rechargeable battery. This is convenient because you will no longer need to purchase batteries for your collar. However, the battery life will vary depending on how frequently you use the collar and how much your dog moves. If your dog is highly active, you may need to recharge the collar more frequently.

How Much Should You Expect to Pay?

The average price range for a GPS dog collar is between $100 and $200. However, there are some more expensive collars that can cost up to $500.

Typically, GPS dog collars require a monthly subscription fee. This fee covers a data plan that enables you to track your dog's location. The average monthly cost ranges between $5 and $10. Additionally, there are activation fees ranging from $25 to $50.

It is essential to compare prices and features when shopping for a smart dog collar to find the best option. When comparing different collars, always consider the monthly subscription fee. animal tracking image

The 9 Best GPS Dog Trackers for Tracking Your Dog

Smart Dog Collar

by Fi

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1. Fi's Series 3: Go Weeks Without Having to Charge Your GPS Collar

When considering a GPS dog collar, you may be concerned with having to frequently charge the device. This isn't a problem with the Fi's Series 3 dog collar. The Series 3 collar boasts a record-setting battery life of up to three months. Through specialized software, this Fi collar is a trusted way to ensure you know your dog's whereabouts for weeks without having to remember to charge the device.

The Series 3 collar is excellent for anyone who travels frequently, lives out of an R.V. or camper, or goes on extended camping adventures. This collar ensures that no matter where you go, even if for a long while, you can track your dog.

Fi also includes a step and activity monitor, which helps ensure your dog receives adequate daily exercise. You can set your goal for your dog's activity, which can help you follow any specific protocols or recommendations from your vet. The stats are then compared to similarly sized dogs and breeds for you to see how your dog's activity compares.

Fi Strain Score is a feature equipped on this collar that helps you understand exactly what your canine friend needs for both activity levels and sleep quality. This feature enables you to understand whether your dog is receiving the quality of life they deserve and what you can do to help them achieve their best state of health.

All collars are not made with high-quality materials, and depending on your dog, they can quickly destroy or remove collars of flimsy or cheap materials. Fi understands the necessity of having a heavy-duty device that is both comfortable and durable. The Fi collar is made of an entirely stainless steel body that protects your dog's collar while they play with other dogs, explore various terrains, or in the case that they try to remove it on their own. The steel frame is supportive of up to 400lbs of resistance force.

A waterproof GPS collar is essential if your dog enjoys swimming in the lake or loves playing outside in the rain. The Fi Series 3 has been tested against the IP68 and IP69K standards, allowing your dog to swim underwater without causing damage to the device.

The Series 3's waterproof structure outshines the previous model, making it a much more comprehensive device. Compared to the Series 2 model, the new collar model is half the original size. The collar is also equipped with 50 percent more force pull than the Series 2, offering a much more durable collar. The GPS capabilities for the Series 3 have also been enhanced, accessing over 40 percent more satellites to help keep track of your canine.

Fi's app showcases your dog's location and tracks your dog's steps and sleep activity. You can also use their app to add family members to view your dog's size or temporarily allow your dog walkers or sitters to monitor their whereabouts. They even offer a privacy feature that lets you disable certain network members from viewing your dog at specific periods.

Price: Starting at $14 / month

GPS Pet Tracker for Dogs

by Tractive

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2. Tractive GPS Dog 4: Be Alerted When Your Dog Leaves Its Safe Zones

Instead of fitting your dog into a brand new collar, some GPS tracking devices can attach to your dog's current collar while still offering all of the benefits of a GPS collar. The Tractive GPS Dog 4 is a removable tracking device that you can use to keep tabs on your canine. This option is especially great for anyone whose dog doesn't tend to run off or has trouble keeping track of their location.

When traveling, taking your dog out in public, or hiking, it's hard to predict the environment you'll be bringing them into. Certain stimulants can set your dog off, causing them to leave your view or location. With Tractive's GPS device, you will know exactly where your dog is, no matter what happens.

Tractive GPS Dog 4 tracks your dog's steps every two to three seconds. This is an impressive feature, helping you keep track of your dog in real-time. This live feature helps you quickly and efficientlylocate your dog, saving you time and stress.

Do you live in a rural area or have a fenceless yard? Some dogs will have no problem staying in the perimeters of their yard, but others will want to explore anytime they are given the opportunity. You can set virtual fences or create safe zones that alert you when your dog crosses them. With this feature, you can leave your dog to its own devices until they venture past your designated areas.

Hiring a dog walker or trusting your family or friends to care for your dog when you're not around can be stressful. If you spend most of the day away from your dog, you may be curious to see what they've been up to all day. Tractive's GPS pet tracker showcases your dog's location history, so you can look back throughout the day and view everywhere they went.

When purchasing your Tractive collar, you'll choose between subscription services. They offer both a primary and premium service to best suit your needs. There's also a special discount provided on the length of your subscription. Choosing to pay yearly or every two years saves you the most money.

Tractive GPS Dog 4 allows you to track your dog without borders, allowing you to observe your dog's location worldwide. You can also easily use this device if you internationally travel, ensuring that you can keep your dog safe and sound.

Tractive's service also ranks your dog's performance in comparison to other dogs. You can see how your canine friend is ranking, helping you determine how well they're maintaining their activity levels. It can also be fun to see if you and your dog can reach the top of the list.

Inside the box, you'll receive the GPS device, a spare charging cable, and a rubber clip that will attach the device to your dog's collar. They recommend pairing it with a collar width of up to 2.8cm. The battery life for this device lasts up to seven days without a charge. Tractive has also been IPX waterproof verified, so your dog can enjoy a dip in the lake without compromising their collar device.

Price: $49.99

Collar 2+ (Medium, Graphite)

by Halo 

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3. Halo 2+ GPS : Your Dog's Safety Should Be A Priority

One of the most important aspects of dog safety is knowing their location. If you let your dog outside for long periods unsupervised, even if you have a fenced-in yard, there is still a chance that they may wander off the property. This is especially true for anyone who doesn't have a fenced-in yard or has a very large yard that only has partial fencing.

The Halo 2+ GPS collar puts your dog's safety at the forefront of its mission. Their collar allows you to create up to 20 GPS wireless fences that alert you whenever your canine crosses these boundaries. These fences can be created on a camping trip, at the dog park, or anywhere you take your dog for long periods of time. There's only a small window between when your dog leaves your view and when they've managed to cross boundaries. With the wireless fences, you'll shorten the time needed to find your dog because you'll immediately know when they've left your designated vicinity.

The Halo 2+ was developed by expert dog trainer Cesar Millan, and was designed to help train your dog. These collars are most beneficial when your dog is a puppy and more apt to learn new training protocols. Boundary training is essential — especially when you intend to let your dog play in the yard or wander around your property.

Your dog won't mind wearing these collars because they are equipped with a thick, plush band that sits comfortably around their neck. There are two color options, gray or black, making them an excellent collar for a dog of any size or breed.

Activating your wireless dog fences is as easy as opening the Halo app. From there, you can set the perimeters for your fences, and once it's synced to your dog's collar, those boundaries will be consistent in their programming. Your phone will have to be connected to wifi for these boundaries to be established.

Cesar Millan teaches you how to properly train your dog by emphasizing the positive associations — such as sounds, vibrations, and static — that will be produced from your dog's collar.

Through the Halo app, you'll be able to review your dog's activity throughout the day, such as active vs. resting statistics.

The Halo 2+ collar has three plan options: basic, silver, and gold. Basic includes the 20 wireless fence capabilities. Silver includes basic features, as well as historical data and activity tracking. Gold includes silver features, premium monthly training, expert trainer life sessions, and Q&A from canine experts.

Once you identify your dog's needs and how much you'll utilize the collar, you can decide which plan is for you.

Price: $669 with code – HALOFREEDOM*

Alpha 200i GPS Galileo Receiver

by Garmin 

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4. Garmin Alpha 200i: Track Your Dog Through a Sophisticated Handheld Device

While many dog tracking collars and devices use downloadable apps for you to track your dog, only some people want to take up that space on their cell phones. If you want to keep your dog tracking separate from your mobile device, the Garmin Alpha 200i offers a simple solution. Garmin's Alpha 200i handheld device has a similar look to a walkie-talkie and comes in varying size options, depending on how many dogs you own and what qualities you want your dog tracker to have.

Garmin offers sizes for a large, medium, and small dog, so you can use this device on any member of your canine family.

If you're a hunter and use your dog to help scout prey, this collar allows you to track your dog even when they aren't in your surrounding location. View your dog's location through your handheld device, and send them commands if they begin to veer too far off the path or cross any hazardous boundaries. The handheld device has an adjustable screen to help you view your dog's location easier, especially in low light or harsh weather conditions.

Depending on what training works for your dogs, the controls, such as a sound or vibration, can be customized. If you have multiple dogs in your pack, you can find a handheld that supports multiple dog tracking to help keep tabs on all of your dogs while hunting in the field.

Dr. Laura Hancock from Animal Clinic Ltd talks about the importance of dog safety while hunting, and illustrates issues that can arise from your dog wandering into dangerous territory. She says:

"We commonly see hunting dogs for lacerations generally sustained from barbed wire. These injuries can be anything from a minor scratch that only requires cleaning and antibiotics to multiple deep lacerations that require suturing. We also treat many cases of pododermatitis, which usually results from plant material entering the skin between the toes. This condition is excruciating and can result in significant lameness in your hunting companion. Every year we also treat several dogs for hyperthermia. Many of these dogs do not survive, so monitoring your dog during the hunt is important even on frigid days."

Planning your hunting trips often requires mapping out the route you want to explore with your dogs and where you predict to find the best game. The hunting metrics feature allows you to track your dog's hunting performance, helping you monitor your dog's temperature and health from a distance. This feature is also helpful when training your dog, initially showcasing which areas of their training need to be worked on. The handheld can also store inactive dogs, making it easy to track them the next time you bring them out to the field.

When hunting, dogs may wander into bodies of water while sniffing out their prey. The Garmin Alpha 200i is IPX7 certified and proven to withstand large bodies of water without damaging the quality of your device or hindering your tracking capabilities.

The pro view compass mode shows you the direction of every dog in your list, helping you track how far away each is from the base.

The Alpha 200i uses a replaceable battery for its power source, lasting up to 20 hours. Usually, this is enough time to complete your hunt while maintaining your dog's location. The battery is rechargeable, which can be done by using a portable battery device.

If you have specific maps you wish to load into the handheld, you can add them to the device using the Micro sd slot positioned on its side.

Price: $749.99

Astro 900 Dog Tracking Bundle

by Garmin 

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5. Garmin's Astro 900: Always Know Your Dog's Location

When hunting or hiking in nature, dog collars that are neutral, dull, or blend into your dog's fur are challenging to spot. Garmin's Astro 900 is a dog-tracking bundle with a collar and handheld tracking device. Both the collar and handheld come in bright orange, making it easy to identify while you're in the woods. The neon orange handheld can help you quickly find it if you happen to set it down or lose it.

You'll receive a handheld and rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which offers more power than traditional batteries. You'll also have a one-inch orange collar strap, an antenna for the handheld, a belt clip, an A.C. adapter, and multiple charging cables.

When your dog is on the move, they can run faster than your eyes can track. The Garmin Astro 900 is equipped with a fast 2.5-second location update that helps you keep track of your dog in real-time. You can simultaneously track up to 20 dogs, which is helpful if you tend to hunt in packs.

The 2.6" color display is bright, easy to read, and preloaded with topographical mapping of the U.S. and southern Canada. If you need clarification on map readings, you can opt for the compass viewing page to illustrate your dog's basic location tracking and direction. This can help you decide if you're moving in the right direction while trying to retrieve your canine. If your dog ventures too far out of the map's boundaries, you'll be alerted on the display screen and informed of how many yards away your dog is from your location.

If you have specific maps you want to preload, you can upload them onto a micro SD card and insert them into your handheld device.

The handheld also tracks your dog's activity and hunting metrics to help you train them better, find their weaknesses, and identify their strengths.

The Garmin Astro 900 is very durable and long-lasting. You can expect to use this collar and handheld tracking device for years. The handheld device is water-resistant to IPXY to ensure the quality and functions of your device work in all terrains. You can allow your dog to freely run without worrying about losing their location.

Garmin also has many compatible devices to connect to your dog's tracking collar, such as their watches. You can even track your dog from your laptop or computer.

Price: $649.99 for bundle

6. Whistle Health & GPS+: Prioritizing Your Dog's Health

The Whistle Health & GPS+ is a sophisticated means of tracking your dog's location, activity, and general health. The collar comes in two colors, yellow and black, and resembles a traditional collar. The only exception is a buckle-like piece that houses the tracking device. This collar is ideal for dogs uncomfortable with large, bulky collars or GPS devices. They recommend their device to be used on dogs five lbs and up.

Once you've set up your dog's collar and downloaded the Whistle app to your smartphone, you can begin receiving location alerts throughout the day. You can set up designated safe spots so anytime your dog is found outside of these boundaries you will receive an alert either through email, text, or an app notification.

If your dog is lost, Whistle's app has a "find my pet" feature. Once pressed, you'll receive the exact location of your dog and a timestamp for when they were last found there. To use this feature, you must subscribe to their subscription service. The subscription runs on a one-year plan and annually costs $80.

If you're curious about your dog's whereabouts throughout the day, the Whistle app offers a 24-hour activity monitor that shows you every route your dog has taken. You can track your pup's calories burned, log their weight, and view their distance traveled. To keep your dog fit and active, you can set personalized activity goals to help ensure your pet receives adequate exercise and isn't over-exerting — especially if they have a known health condition.

Whistle's GPS tracker emphasizes the importance of your dog's health. They've added an "Ask a Vet" feature that instantly connects you to a licensed vet directly from the app through chat, phone, video, or email. You can ask a professional your questions regarding your dog's health, and they can recommend simple solutions to help remedy the situation in the moment.

Whistle's health monitoring feature can help you predict issues before they develop into long-term problems. The device can track your dog's drinking, scratching, and sleeping over a long period to help you identify any irregular behaviors.

Your dog's location will be updated every 15 seconds to ensure you have a relatively accurate log of where they currently are, at all times. The collar comes with two rechargeable batteries to help ensure that you have professional battery life 24/7.

You can take your dog to the lake or the beach without keeping them out of the water. The Whistle Health & GPS+ also allows your dog to swim in water up to six feet deep without compromising the device.

You'll receive a one-year warranty. You can also try the device for 30 days risk-free to decide if it's right for you and your canine.

Price: $180.00 includes the device + one-year annual subscription.

Alpha 100 Handheld GPS Navigator

by Garmin 

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04/21/2024 12:33 am GMT

7. Garmin's Alpha 100: The Most Effective Multi-Dog GPS Tracking and Training System

Garmin's Alpha 100 is a device that goes above and beyond the standard pet trackers and other GPS collars currently on the market. The fluid combination of Garmin GPS capabilities with the Tri-Tronics electronic dog training technology offers an intuitive yet advantageous piece of equipment for outdoor recreational activities. The Alpha 100 is equipped with multi-dog tracking GPS, so you can use this revolutionary device to track up to 20 dogs at a time.

There is no need to be concerned if your dog wanders into a body of water or if your device gets wet. Using IPX7, the Alpha 100 is waterproof for up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes. Your device can withstand water exposure from light splashes to rain or snow showers.

The Alpha 100 can track your pet up to nine miles away when paired with any compatible Garmin dog collar. Your device also allows you to track up to 20 of your canine hunting buddies when hunting out of sight from one another. You can also use the device to track your dog's speed and distance progression while hunting, racing, hiking, or participating in other outdoor activities.

The Alpha 100 comes preloaded with TOPO U.S. 100k maps, providing a detailed topographic layout of your surrounding area. You can also add additional maps from Google Maps Pro straight to your device, storing information up to four gigabytes in size. If you require more space, the Alpha 100 has a micro SD card slot that can offer you more memory or storage space.

The highly efficient Alpha 100 permits point-by-point navigation and automatic routing, particularly on intricate roads. You can also use the three-axis tilt-activated compass built into your Alpha 100. In addition to a hunting and fishing calendar, your Garmin-equipped device includes moon and sun information pertinent to your current location.

Additionally, this device features remote training capabilities with over 18 momentary or continuous stimulation levels. The remote training feature allows you to train your dog up to nine miles away. Thanks to the variety of tones and vibration alerts, you will always know what is happening with your sporting dog and device. While hiking through the woods, the Alpha 100 will notify you of your dog's exact location every 2.5 seconds.

The Alpha 100 has a large touchscreen display with a high resolution that is durable and easy to read while wearing gloves. The touchscreen display has 65K colors, allowing for high-quality graphics, and is transflective to be easily seen in the dark.

The user-friendly system can be held in hand for immediate access or attached to your belt with the included belt clip for hands-free operation. The Alpha 100 has standard antennas and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a long life of over 20 hours; this device can endure long hunting or sporting excursions. You will also benefit from the USB cable and car charger that will come in the box when you purchase an Alpha 100.

Price: $599.99 for the Alpha 100 handheld device by itself. Dog collars and additional features are sold separately or available for purchase in bundles. 

Pathfinder 2 GPS Dog Tracker

by Dogtra

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03/08/2024 11:02 pm GMT

8. Dogtra PATHFINDER2: High-Tech Tracking and Remote Training System for Dogs

The Dogtra PATHFINDER2 is a full GPS tracking and training system that can simultaneously track up to 21 dogs within a nine-mile radius. Ultimately, the range can vary based on the surrounding environment. This revolutionary GPS device includes complimentary real-time alerts and training. You will also receive free Mapbox-powered map services.

The Dogtra PATHFINDER2 is designed to seamlessly connect with your smart devices, such as your smartphone and watch, to provide you with the best experience possible. Utilize the Dogtra PATHFINDER2 application on your smartphone or smartwatch for quick access to the device's functions, maps, compass, and tracking capabilities.

Use the Dogtra PATHFINDER2 App to track and train your dogs during all outdoor activities using the most advanced GPS dog tracking and training system. The new Dogtra PATHFINDER2 app is available for download on most Bluetooth 5.0 and later-compatible IOS and Android devices. During outdoor excursions, the PATHFINDER2 app provides an intuitive real-time notification and training system for tracking and training your dog.

The PATHFINDER2 system and app are only compatible with the PATHFINDER2 system series. Keep in mind that specific app and firmware updates may be required to maintain the functionality of your device. Follow the simple instructions to update your device when you receive the pop-up alert. Ensure that all your devices are turned on, Bluetooth-enabled, and less than 10 feet away. Once the update is complete, you will receive the most recent version of the PATHFINDER2 application.

Your box will contain a PATHFINDER2 GPS E-collar, a PATHFINDER2 GPS connector, and a USB charger after purchase. Your electronic collar will include an adjustable 12" neck size suitable for most dogs weighing 35 lbs or more. The coupling is flexible so that it can accommodate the ideal size for your dog. In addition, the collar will contain a GPS antenna and a MURS band antenna. This feature enables you to maintain constant contact with your sporting dog in conjunction with the microphone sensor.

You may also utilize the PATHFINDER2 GPS E-NICK collar's continuous stimulation and audible tone features. The USB charger has a rapid charging capability of 3.5 hours, so you are not required to charge your device for extended periods of time.

The new Dogtra PATHFINDER2 system features the latest dog tracking collars equipped with E-Collar training functions that now include an LED locate light and pager vibration feature. The LED find light lets you see your hunting partner in low light conditions. The GPS connector features an electronic collar function button that is simple to use and elicits a prompt response from your sporting dog. Your GPS connector enables you to set up an outdoor fence compatible with your PATHFINDER2 E-collar. This feature is only intended for outdoor use but can be used as a geofence or mobile fence for dog training.

The Dogtra PATHFINDER2 employs specific device modes to provide enhanced control and functionality on the go. The vibration feature of a non-stimulating pager will alert your dog to either return to your side or be ready for a command. The tracking-only mode is beneficial if you are only interested in monitoring the location of your dogs. The sleep mode function allows you to cease all tracking and receiving from GPS to preserve the battery life.

$429.99 includes the Dogtra PATHFINDER2 E-collar and GPS connector

TEK Series 1.5 GPS Tracking + E-Collar System

by SportDOG Brand

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03/08/2024 11:07 pm GMT

9. SportDOG Brand TEK Series: Breed-Specific Dog Tracking Collar and Training Equipment

This SportDOG Brand TEK Series GPS dog finder and trainer provides complete versatility for tracking and training your canine companion. The TEK Series GPS receives and displays your location as well as the location of your dog's GPS Collar. You can use this device to determine your dog's location while remotely training them. The Tek Series uses GPS and satellites to capture and transmit data back to you.

This tracking collar and training device is best used to stay in control if you ever have to track down your dog's location. The SportDog system lets you stimulate your dog to correct undesirable behavior or to provide a training cue. Over 99 distinct levels of static stimulation, tone, and vibrate options can be used for training. You can also switch between each trainable dog and select your training type. The TEK Series will inform you whether your dog is performing well during your next hunting excursion. You can rely on the TEK's abilities wherever your outdoor activities take you.

Two versions of the SportDOG Brand TEK Series tracking collars are currently available. You may select either the TEK 1.5 or the TEK 2.0. The TEK Series 1.5 GPS tracking system is an upgrade to the handheld device of the original system, featuring a more compact design. The 1.5 TEK series also features better tracking reliability than the original design. This device allows for the accurate tracking and training of up to 12 dogs from up to seven miles away.

The TEK Series 2.0 provides the most precise and dependable monitoring and e-collar capabilities for the SportDOG Brand Tek Series. it also allows you to track and train up to 21 dogs from up to 10 miles away.

TEK Series devices employ HopTek technology, which provides immunity to signal interference. This enables the transmitter to operate at a higher output power, thereby enhancing the performance and range of your device.

The TEK Series system boasts elite training and tracking capabilities with easy-to-use features and devices. The TEK Series training and tracking device will come preloaded with full-color topo maps that will keep you on course during your outdoor travels. You will be guided through the woods by highly detailed topographical maps as you track down your dog's hunting pursuits or their location. With adding a collar per dog, you can also view real-time feedback from the system regarding your dog's location or the locations of multiple dogs.

The TEK Series handheld device has a tilt-compensated compass and a backlit LCD screen with a 100-yard-to-75-mile-adjustable scale. The collar receiver's waterproof design suits varying weather conditions and terrain. With DryTek waterproofing, you can anticipate your device to be waterproof and submersible to a depth of 25ft. This allows your device to function in any climate or terrain.

Your TEK Series dog tracker and trainer are equipped with lithium-ion and rechargeable batteries with a four-hour charging time. Your charge should last an estimated 24 hours per charge so that you will stay supplied with battery life for a while.

$429.95 for TEK 1.5 GPS Tracking

$529.95 for TEK 1.5 GPS and Electronic Collar

$599.95 for TEK 2.0 GPS Tracking

$799.95. for TEK 2.0 GPS and E-collar

Final Thoughts: Invest in Your Dog's Safety

Dogs love to please their owners, but they also love to explore and sniff out new opportunities. Sometimes, they escape their owners' immediate presence. Further, many hunters enjoy having their dogs with them in the field and keeping track of your dog is essential. This helps to protect them from other hunters who may unknowingly mistake your dog for prey. By keeping an eye on your dog, you can ensure that they do not encounter dangerous wildlife or get into other potentially hazardous situations.

A GPS dog collar is one of the most effective tools for ensuring your dog's safety throughout the day. Accidents occur — especially with high-energy dogs. If you are training your dog to be off-leash, a GPS collar can assist with boundary training, ensuring that they know where they can and cannot explore. Some collars provide numerous health benefits, such as monitoring activity levels and logging abnormal behaviors.

Many dogs already wear collars, so replacing them with GPS will not cause any discomfort. Opening an application or activating a handheld device is all it takes to track your dog. When considering your dog's overall safety, there is no better investment than a GPS collar.

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