11 Fun Places to Take Your Chiweenie

white chiweenie puppy laying on blanket

Chiweenies are adorable mixed breed small dogs with plenty of spunk to entertain their owners. Even though this small dog is somewhat of a party animal, they can enjoy a good nap just like any other breed. 

Dachshund Chihuahua small dog mixes are sometimes also referred to as a “Mexican hotdog” or a “German taco.” The small size and mixed Mexican and German heritage play a large part in many of the nicknames given to Chiweenies. 

A Chiweenie owner might notice their small dog seems to have endless amounts of energy. Dachshund Chihuahua mixes that seem tireless can often benefit from more activity, and taking a dog out to enjoy a new scene is a great way to provide exercise.

Many mixed dog breeds inherit lovable qualities from both of their parent breeds. Chiweenies are no different, gaining a charming and playful attitude from their Chihuahua and Dachshund relatives.

A Chihuahua puppy naturally has a chaotic and exciting disposition. Daschunds, on the other hand, love going for long walks since they were bred to hunt rats. Both parent breeds are fun and troublesome at the same time, and they will always keep their owners on their toes. Even though these dogs are a small breed, they can do a lot more than people typically give them credit for.

Chiweenie Personality Traits

Some people think small dogs tend to have a bad habit of excessive barking, and those people aren’t wrong. Chiweenie puppies are infamous for their barking habits. Still, if they are trained at a young age or if they receive consistent and firm training, owners can likely train their Chiweenies out of any undesirable traits. 

This small lap dog is a companion dog and is very loyal to its owners. Chihuahua Dachshund mix dogs are likely to be clingy while also being stubborn. Although many Chiweenie puppies love to please their owners, some of these dogs have personalities that can make training a bit harder. But if you want to have a care-free loving Chiweenie who can tag along with you anywhere, you’ll need to train them to be on their best behavior.

brown chiweenie wearing a blue harness

Great Places You Can Take Your Chiweenie

1. Hiking

Chiweenie dogs are very active mentally, but physical activity can be a great way to pass the time with them. A regular walk around the block can give them a fun but brief period enjoying the outdoors. If owners take their Chiweenie puppies on hikes, they might find that they’re surprisingly great at hiking. Dachshund puppies are one of the most common small breeds that go hiking. These dogs can quickly go on a three-mile hike with some practice. But, if you are looking to take your Chiweenie on one of their first hikes, you should start small and build up to longer hikes.

Chiweenie dogs are likely to love hiking as it can allow them to see and smell things they don’t typically find around their houses. Dachshund mixes might not have the same hunting instincts as purebred Dachshunds do, but Chiweenie puppies are likely to have the same energetic qualities as their Dachshund parents. If you think hiking would be an excellent activity for you and your Chiweenie, that’s wonderful! Owners need to make sure they are ready to hike with their small dogs by doing research about the trails they’re hiking and any food, water, or other necessities they should bring along with them.

2. A Garden

Chiweenie dogs can often get all of their needs met at home. Even thirty minutes of playing tug-of-war might be their daily dose of exercise. But just because these dogs can get their minimum amount of activity inside the house doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy going out sometimes.

Gardens are great areas to bring your Chiweenie to. Often, these dogs will love gardens because they offer so many different scents. Many outdoor gardens allow dogs, and if you have a friendly Chiweenie, they can make other doggy pals on their walk. Owners that take their Chiweenies on walks through a garden will likely meet some people who are happy to see their dog. Chiweenies would surely love garden trips, and people in the garden would love to see a little Chiweenie puppy visiting.

3. Road Trip

Many dogs love car rides, and they are an excellent pastime for families who enjoy a good road trip. Anyone can imagine that classic picture of a dog hanging its head outside the car while its tongue and ears flap around in the wind. Even though these dogs are typically bigger, Chiweenie puppies would love to do this all the same. If you don’t take your Chiweenie out for car rides often, you should start giving them treats every time they enter the car. Providing positive reinforcement is the best way to make sure your dog will understand that car rides are fun experiences.

Chiweenie owners that want to take the dogs out for car rides should consider getting a doggy seatbelt. Lately, car rides for dogs have become somewhat of a safety concern, but only because many dogs ride without any sort of restraint. Keeping your Chiweenie safe in a car ride should be your first priority, and ensuring they are safe will allow everyone to have a fun ride down the road.

chiweenie dog laying on a wood deck

4. Dog Park

Chiweenie dogs typically get along with other animals just fine. The majority of small dogs were bred for companionship, which is why so many smaller dogs can live successfully with other pets. Even though some dogs can hardly tolerate living with other dogs, some pets love it! If you have a Chiweenie who is as social as they are energetic, a dog park would be a great place to take your dog.

Chiweenies are very small dogs, and they might not be suited for playing with larger pups, but this is all up to the owner’s discretion. Many types of dog parks can be found in almost any area. Off-leash dog parks, on-leash dog parks, or small dogs-only dog parks might be the next scene your Chiweenie is happy to explore. Taking your Chiweenie to dog parks when they are younger can help create excellent socialization practices as well. Owners should be sure to keep an eye on their dog at all times in a dog park and provide water for their Chiweenie, just in case.

5. The Beach

Chiweenie puppies can have a great time swimming and hanging out at the local water gatherings. If you live near a beach, lake, or pond, consider taking your Chiweenie out to enjoy a day in the sun. Even if none of these options are available, consider buying a cheap, plastic kiddie pool so your Chiweenie can have fun in the sun with a place to immediately cool off right after.

Before venturing out to the beach, just make sure you know how to care for a dog in large bodies of water. First off, Chiweenie puppies should never be in the water without the owners knowing exactly where they are. Even though these dogs will likely just get their feet a little wet, it can become dangerous if they go out into the ocean. While pups can inherently doggy-paddle, Chiweenies aren’t great swimmers, and strong waves can easily overpower them. With careful watch, the beach can be a fun trip for both you and your Chiweenie!

6. A Picnic

Sometimes, after a long week, a nice picnic on a grassy hill can be the idea of perfection. This can also be true for Chiweenie puppies. Chiweenies, like all dogs, love going outside to smell the strange scents the world has to offer. These dogs also love food! Packing a basket of pet-safe snacks and heading out for a picnic can be a fun outing for you and your Chiweenie to enjoy together. Often time, picnics are near open grassy spaces, and Chiweenies might even enjoy a little walk before or after eating.

Owners that take their Chiweenie puppies on picnics should know there are plenty of human foods that are great snacks for these dogs, as well as many dog-specific treats that Chiweenies might enjoy munching on. Imagine pulling out a big brown picnic basket with carrots, celery, peanut butter, or any other treats you and your dog might like. Taking your Chiweenie on a picnic can create a picture-perfect Saturday afternoon. Even better, if your Chiweenie’s birthday or adoption anniversary is coming up, consider buying a dog birthday cake and let your Chiweenie puppy celebrate their anniversary with you at a picnic party.

chiweenie curled up on a bed

7. Dog-Friendly Cafe

If you love coffee or pastries and your Chiweenie is a friendly little rascal, a dog-friendly cafe can be a great experience for the two of you. Dog-friendly restaurants typically have one part of the store where you order food, and then one part where you sit to drink your coffee or munch on your pastry while you watch your Chiweenie puppy socialize with the other dogs and people around the cafe.

A great bonus of dog-friendly cafes is that it can be really easy to make friends with other dog owners or for your Chiweenie puppy to make doggy friends. Cafes also offer a great environment where you can watch your Chiweenie puppy socialize with other people while they get tons of attention and pets.

8. Kayaking

If you have an energetic Chiweenie and you are an adventurer yourself, kayaking can be a great activity to do with your dog. If you take your Chiweenie to a local pond or river, you can likely find a place to rent kayaks and just paddle alone on the open water with your Chiweenie on your boat.

When owners want to take their dogs kayaking with them, it would surely make for excellent photos, but their pup will need to participate in prior training. Chiweenie puppy owners who wish to take their dogs on a kayaking trip need to train their dogs to be comfortable around, on, and in kayaks. Often, to make a Chiweenie puppy feel completely comfortable kayaking, owners will need to begin training on the ground. This excellent article can help walk any owner through the process of kayaking with their dogs.

9. Shopping

A fun place for some people to go is on a shopping spree, so why not try the same thing with your Chiweenie? There are plenty of fun malls and shopping outlets you can take your Chiweenie through without breaking the bank. However, if you want to take your Chiweenie on a shopping spree so you can get more stuff for them, you should go to pet stores like Petsmart or Petco.

Other than those two stores, plenty of businesses allow dogs in their stores. Any owners who want to take their Chiweenie shopping should keep in mind these dogs need to be properly trained and socialized and should not be overly anxious. Many stores across the nation, like Apple, allow dogs in them even though they don’t sell any pet products. Chiweenie owners can take their dogs on explorative shopping trips if they feel confident their dogs would enjoy being in public spaces. Energetic Chiweenie puppies that need more mental stimulation and love meeting new people would enjoy this.

chiweenie sitting in front of white background

10. Training Classes

Some places that dogs might enjoy going can seem like something they do already. Many dogs spend the majority of their lives inside the same house, but they still love that house! Training is no different, and while it might sound like work to humans, training classes for a dog is a chance to show off their smarts and earn tasty treats.

Chiweenie puppies are incredibly intelligent dogs and require a lot more mental stimulation than they do physical. Taking your dog to group training classes can provide them the opportunity to use their excess mental energy to accomplish new tasks. If you were to take your dog to training classes for fun, it could also encourage better behaviors in them as they become more accustomed to following commands from different people, in different places, at random times. Teaching a dog a new trick is part of training, but dogs aren’t fully trained unless they can complete that same command in a new environment around a bunch of strangers. Many dogs get too distracted in busier spaces to complete commands their owners give them, but training classes can be a great way to practice commands in energetic and distracting spaces.

11. Dog Yoga

If you’ve heard of goat yoga, you know that it is basically doing yoga while goats jump on your backs and act like their adorable natural selves. Dog yoga is similar, except better! Chiweenie puppies that participate in dog yoga with their owners can be trained to practice yoga alongside their owners while getting the health benefits and treats for their time.

Many dogs stretch on their own without the guidance of owners. Any time your Chiweenie wakes up, observe them to see if they stretch their front legs out or stretch their back legs. Dogs that stretch like this are participating in dog yoga without even realizing it. If owners wish to take their Chiweenie puppies to dog yoga, then they should ensure their dog is properly socialized and well-trained to listen to their owner’s commands. Some dogs might be best practicing dog yoga at home a few times before they go to a studio full of tons of other people and dogs. But for owners looking to take their Chiweenie on fun trips to cool places, dog yoga could be an excellent option.

chiweenie dog looking up at camera

Fun Things You Can do With Your Chiweenie

Chiweenie puppies are special dogs that are spunky and energetic while also being sweet and vulnerable. These dogs can participate in tons of cool activities that owners will find just as fun as their dogs. 

Any dog owner who wants to do these activities with their Chiweenie puppies should ensure their dogs are properly trained and will listen to their commands. If you want to take your Chiweenie on these trips, but they aren’t very obedient, try activities that require less focus and rules. Taking a less obedient Chiweenie on a shopping spree can be a recipe for trouble. But if you take your stubborn Chiweenie on a picnic, car ride, or hiking, they typically won’t be as distracted as they would be in environments with many other dogs and people. 

If, after reading this article, dog kayaking sounds like a ton of fun, start taking your dog to training classes so they can feel comfortable with kayaks. A little dog is less likely to rock a kayak than a larger breed, but they will still benefit from training. 

The Chiweenie dog breed is a great small dog to take on short and fun adventures. It’s up to the owners to choose their plans responsibly while keeping their dog’s comfort levels in mind. Even if your Chiweenie isn’t very outgoing or dog-friendly, dedicated owners can help socialize and train their dogs so they feel more comfortable in busy atmospheres. After a lot of practice and work, dog cafes, dog yoga, or dog parks can be where you spend your Saturday afternoons with your Chiweenie.

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