Moshe Prystowsky


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Moshe Prystowsky enjoys writing and sharing his knowledge with others.


  • Moshe has over five years of experience as a freelance writer.
  • His favorite animals to research and write about are dogs.
  • He has 15+ years of experience writing for unique niches.


Before writing, Moshe connected small to mid-size businesses with management, analytics, branding, and marketing solutions as a business-to-business sales rep for Fortune 500 companies. He previously worked for a record label representing singer-songwriter and Texas touring acts Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis. Moshe enjoys writing about canines and sharing his knowledge with others.


Moshe graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, with a BA in History.

Expertise: Canine activity and health-related topics

Education: The University of Texas at Austin

Location: Dallas, TX

Title: Writer

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