Moshe Prystowsky


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With over 15 years of experience in unique niches like canines, events, and e-commerce. Moshe enjoys writing about animals and sharing his knowledge of canines. A few of his favorite topics to write about are dog activities and complete guides for carrying your canine friend.


  • Author for over 5 years in various topics including canine.
  • Record label representing singer-songwriter and Texas touring acts Bruce Robison and Kelly Willis
  • Business to Business sales position representing Fortune 500 company


Prior to writing for Barkspot, Moshe connected small to mid-size businesses with management, analytics, branding, and marketing solutions.


Moshe graduated from The University of Texas at Austin, with a BA in History.

Expertise: BA in History

Education: The University of Texas at Austin

Location: Dallas, TX

Title: Writer

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