Dog Barking Like Crazy? Here’s How To Teach Them Barking Manners

We love our dogs. Your dog can be your best friend and companion. They may not talk, but they do bark and sometimes it can be so much that it can impact your job if you work from home or living situation in a neighborhood. I have a pack of five and let me tell you when one goes off about another dog walking outside the window, they all join in. Keep reading to find out how we keep our dog pack from barking so much.
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As “HOT” should be one of the first words taught to a human child, “QUIET” should be one taught to a puppy. Dogs absorb information like a sponge in their puppyhood. Just as you practice sit, stay, and lay down, you should also be practicing “quiet.” Every time your dog barks, tell them the command, and as soon as they are quiet, reward them with positive reinforcement. Then they will start thinking that if they don’t bark, they will be rewarded. When you give this command, it needs to be in a firm voice, but not yelling.

Bark Collars Can Limit Dog Barking

Bark collars can come in handy for those really hard-headed dogs that think they own you. As much as I hate to admit it, I have one of these at home (don’t judge, he had a rough start and is a rescue… I take full responsibility that I created a 40lb monster). Anyway, he talks back and will bark and groan if he doesn’t get his way with anything from a ball that one of the other dogs has to a spot on the couch. “Quiet” just doesn’t cut it with him, so I ordered a bark collar.
This is more of a gentle bark collar, not a shock collar. The collar he wears beeps at him when he barks or groans, as to grab his attention. It gives him three chances and if he doesn’t stop, it vibrates. You can increase the intensity of the vibration. Once it goes off he stops and has a “what in the world was that” and after a couple of times, it totally worked! He didn’t like the buzzing and we had a quiet monster! why is my dog barking so much?

Ignore the Bark

Ignoring the barking is another option. It is especially important when crate training a puppy. As much as it may drive you insane, hold yourself together and ignore them. Once they have stopped barking, reward them with a treat and praise. As this goes on, lengthen the time between when they decide to be quiet to when you reward them.

Excessive Dog Barking Can be Limited by Ultrasonic Devices

There are some actual devices made specifically to help with barky dogs. They use ultrasonic waves that only your dog can hear and quiets them. We haven’t used these devices before. But, if nothing else works, it may be worth a shot. Once your dog knows where the sound comes from, you may only need to show it to them to stop barking. However, one should know that this method would be considered negative reinforcement. There is nothing positive coming out of this tool for your dog and it should only be used if absolutely needed.

Our methods to keep our dogs quiet is by training them on the term and using the vibrating bark collar. What methods have you used to keep your dog from barking so much?
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