Karen Parquet


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Karen Parquet is a writer and animal expert with over 20 years in the pet industry.


  • Karen is a ghostwriter for over ten books.
  • She's written for FiveBarks, Tails to Scales, and other pet blogs.
  • She's currently writing a book of her own.


Karen is an expert in the field of canine training and behavior and continues to educate herself in the canine world. Before writing for BarkSpot, she owned a dog training and pet-sitting business. She currently lives in the D.C. area with her husband and two dogs, a Saluki, and a golden retriever. All three of them keep her on her toes. When she's not spending time with her husband gaming or out at the dog park with her dogs, she's reading, writing, or painting.


Karen has a degree in Forensic Psychology, is self-taught in canine behavior and training, and is currently in a graduate program for English and Creative writing to pursue her passions.

Expertise: Forensic Psychology

Education: Southern New Hampshire University

Location: Alexandria, VA

Title: Writer

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