John McDonald


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With years of raising, training, and grooming his dog companions, John amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience that he enjoys sharing with others.


  • John is the writing lead for BarkSpot.
  • He has over five years of experience in copywriting and content creation.
  • He also writes and publishes website content, social media posts, e-books, books, and email content.


John has experience with various dog breeds, including Italian greyhounds, toy poodles, shih tzus, huskies, and German shepherds. He understands the qualities that make each dog breed unique and the differences in their specialized care. He is a professional copywriter, focusing on topics and niches he's most passionate about, such as dogs, psychology, spirituality, and travel. He commits to well-researched, informative, helpful, and authentic content that adds value to the reader.


John has independently studied copywriting, creative writing, animal behavior, and pet nutrition.

Expertise: Researching and writing fact-based canine articles

Education: Roosevelt High School

Location: Sioux Falls, SD

Title: Lead Writer

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