Stray Dog Saves Orphaned Kittens From Freezing, And Now She’s One Proud Mom

Exciting update – 12/12/2019:

Pet and Wildlife Rescue shared an amazing update concerning this rescue dog turned hero. The dog, which the shelter appropriately named Serenity, has since been adopted by an amazing family! Just look at her adorable photos below and the update shared from the Pet and Wildlife Rescue Facebook page.

Animal shelters see a lot of heartbreak in their work, but this story comes with a happy ending.
Winter is always a dangerous time for any animal that finds itself outside without a home. That’s especially true for animals in Ontario where cold weather can kill. So when a Good Samaritan spotted a shivering dog on the side of a snowy road, they had to do something. They approached the dog hoping to help, and they learned the sad stray wasn’t alone. She was curled up around five kittens trying to keep them warm.

There’s no way to know how long the unlikely family had been out in the snow. We don’t even know if they knew each other before that night or if the dog found them all on her own. Either way, it was clear that the stray dog was trying her best to protect the helpless kittens.
Unwilling to leave them in the cold, the surprised Good Samaritan gathered all the kittens and the dog into their car. The Pet and Wildlife Rescue shelter in Chatham, Ontario took them in, and rescuers could hardly believe their story. The dog could have found a warmer, safer place to spend the night, but she refused to leave the kittens. A shelter spokesperson told The Dodo,

“It’s truly heartwarming. It had been a very cold night so these kittens would have had a very hard time surviving.”

The caring dog kept the kittens alive out in the snow, and she wasn’t willing to give them up once they were safe inside. It was clear to shelter workers that the dog had formed a special bond with the kittens she saved.  Now safe at the shelter, she’s kept up her role of  kitten caretaker.  She visits the liter regularly and looks over them like a proud mother.
Besides fleas and worms, the kittens and their adopted mama were all in good health. The shelter hopes someone will recognize them and take them home. But if not, the family will be put up for adoption.

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