Entropion In American Rottweilers

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Entropion is a condition of the eyelid that can cause pain, irritation and further medical issues if not properly treated. This condition can happen to dogs, cats and humans alike. Entropion causes the eyelid to roll inward, causing issues such as pain and possible vision problems. If you think your Rottweiler might be suffering from entropion, it’s best to get them into a veterinary professional as soon as possible. This condition can be treated very easily, helping your dog get back to a normal, healthy life in a short period of time. 

Rottweiler Entropion Explained

Entropion is a common eyelid abnormality that can affect a wide variety of dog breeds, including Rottweilers. This condition causes inward rolling of the eyelid, which can be the top or bottom lid. During this inward rolling, hair that is present on the eyelid may rub against the eyeball itself. This can cause a good amount of pain in the cornea of the eye that is affected.

This condition is typically not noticeable to the naked eye of a Rottweiler owner, meaning you may not know your dog is experiencing entropion. Entropion initially causes pain and discomfort, but if left untreated, can lead to far more serious corneal issues. 

Causes Of Entropion In American Rottweilers

Entropion is an hereditary disorder that is more prominent in certain dog breeds such as Rottweilers. Unfortunately they are amongst the types of dogs that are more susceptible to entropion, but this does not necessarily mean this condition is inevitable for your Rottweiler. Any breed can develop this condition, despite it being a typically inherited disease. Other eye conditions and diseases, trauma experiences and neurological disorders can also use entropion. If your Rottweiler had a bad experience before you adopted them, this may lead to the development of entropion. 

Breeds that are more likely to develop entropion include those with flat faces or flattened noses,  or with wrinkly faces (brachycephalic).  This is why American Rottweilers commonly inherit this condition. Dogs who experience primary entropion are dealing with a type of entropion that is due to genetic factors. This is the most common eyelid disease among purebred dogs. Mixed-breed dogs are less likely to have entropion that’s caused by genetics. Secondary entropion is not caused by breed, but rather by environmental causes or other related health problems. Obesity, eye infections, rapid weight loss and other different factors can also lead to the development of secondary entropion. 

Rot resting his head on sofaHow Entropion Can Effect Your Rottweiler

Entropion can be very uncomfortable and painful for your dog, but luckily it can also be resolved easily with the correct medical care. Though surgery is required to treat Rottweilers with entropion, once this is completed, most dogs go on to live normal, healthy lives. 

Negative long-term effects can occur when entropion is left untreated for a longer period of time. A corneal ulcer, perforation or pigment developing on the cornea are all negative impacts on your American Rottweiler’s vision, making their life a little more difficult. It is best to seek immediate medical care when you notice the signs and symptoms of possible entropion to avoid chronic effects. Once treated, entropion is typically resolved and does not worsen, though some additional surgeries to correct this abnormality may be needed. As long as the appropriate medical care is received, this condition will not progress and can easily be fixed. Be sure to minimize the effects of entropion on your American Rottweiler by seeking immediate care and keeping up on routine examinations with their vet. 

Life Expectancy Of An American Rottweiler With Entropion

We all want our dogs to live as long as possible, and will do anything to make sure they are healthy and happy during the years that they are with us. Every day with your Rottweiler is a day well spent. While entropion can greatly affect your Rottweiler’s life and require a series of surgeries to manage it, it will not take any years off of their life. Entropion has not been found to affect life expectancy, meaning dogs with this condition can still live many years as healthy and happy as any other puppy.

The prognosis of dogs that receive entropion surgery is very good, meaning that your Rottweiler can still live a pain-free life after diagnosis with entropion. This surgical correction has a very high success rate, and there is little risk involved with treatment of entropion. If permanent damage has occurred due to entropion, it may not be reversible, but that does not mean your American Rottweiler will experience life-expectancy changes. 

baby rot laying on grassSigns That Your Rottweiler Might Have Entropion

If your Rottweiler is experiencing entropion, they may show signs through the way they hold their eye open or closed. Squinting or keeping their eye shut may be a sign of entropion. Excessive tears or mucus coming from the eye can also be another sign that your Rottweiler may have entropion. Redness and obvious irritation may be caused by entropion and will be visible to you as their owner. Most dogs develop this condition as a puppy, so if your young Rottweiler is showing any of these signs it is best to get them checked immediately.

Older Rottweilers can still develop entropion, despite this disease typically developing within months of birth. Some may even develop it at a young age before you adopt them and not receive treatment yet. Ensuring that your Rottweiler gets treated for entropion as soon as possible can help minimize or eliminate long-term damage, making it important to know the signs of this condition and keep watch for them. If treated immediately, this condition will stop progressing and no longer affect your American Rottweiler.

Sometimes entropion that is near the inside corner of the eye, called medial entropion, may not exhibit any signs of discomfort in your Rottweiler. If mucus and excessive tearing is evident without signs of pain or irritation, you should still take your dog to be checked. Both eyes are usually affected by entropion, so do not dismiss excessive tearing, mucus, squinting or other signs as simple characteristics of your dog. These may be pointing to an abnormality in both eyes.

Unfortunately, American Rottweiler owners cannot accurately determine if their dog or puppy has this condition on their own. This condition must be diagnosed and treated by a vet, so be sure to take your dog to a medical professional for the next steps once you notice possible symptoms. They will be able to confirm or rule out entropion in your American Rottweiler, as well as determine the next steps.

How To Care For And Treat Your American Rottweiler With Entropion

Diagnosing Entropion In Rottweilers

Though scary, this disease is relatively easy to diagnose. Vets are able to notice entropion upon examination, and may even notice early signs of this condition during regular check-ups. This is why taking your Rottweiler into the vet at least once a year for routine wellness checks is so important. Simple appointments like this can help you catch health issues early on, making them much easier to treat and care for.

Once your vet has confirmed entropion through examinations a fluorescein stain test will be used in the affected eye to check for any damage to the cornea. During this test, a safe fluorescent dye will be used within the eye, followed by a saline rinse. Using a light, your vet will be able to see if there are any corneal ulcerations or abrasions present. If there are, additional treatment for this specific issue will be necessary. Diagnosis of entropion can be done by your regular vet, along with diagnosing any permanent damage that may have been caused by this condition. If your vet diagnoses your Rottweiler with entropion, the treatment surgeries may be performed by a specialist, though most vets can do this procedure in-house. 

Rot playing tug warTreating Rottweiler Entropion 

Care and treatment of American Rottweilers with entropion is pretty straightforward, making it relatively easy for your dog to overcome this disease. Your dog can still live a normal, happy life after proper medical care for entropion. Treatment of entropion almost always consists of surgical correction for affected dogs. Only in very mild cases will dogs with entropion not have to undergo a corrective surgery. If both eyes are affected, then both eyes will need to be operated on to correct this abnormality.

Most dogs will not be eligible for entropion surgical correction until they are at least six months old, when they have reached their relative adult size. Until they are old enough to receive surgery, eyelid tacking may be used to prevent further damage from entropion. Sometimes with age and growth, reshaping may take place that resolves the entropion issue. Waiting until your Rottweiler is old enough to receive surgery helps to ensure entropion doesn’t come back as they grow older, and that they do not experience facial development issues due to having the surgery too young.

Though surgery can be scary, this specific one is not very invasive and is very safe for your Rottweiler. Without it, their entropion will not heal and will continue to progressively get worse, causing a variety of other issues.

During the initial procedure, the operating veterinarian will remove a section of skin from the eyelid to prevent it from being able to roll inward. This procedure is called blepharoplasty, and is routinely performed by a board-certified veterinary ophthalmologist.

Once this heals and is deemed successful, a secondary surgery will typically be performed later. This secondary surgery will consist of ensuring the entropion has not been overcorrected, leading to an outward rolling of the eyelid known as ectropion. After both surgeries have gone well, your Rottweiler should be on their way to healing and not need any additional procedures. Typical recovery time for entropion surgery is around two weeks before your dog is back to being healthy as ever and ready to live their normal life.

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Other Treatments For Rottweiler Entropion

Before and after these surgeries, your American Rottweiler will be prescribed various medications to help combat their entropion and any damage this condition can cause. Antibiotics and artificial tear lubricants can help to treat any issues that have developed from entropion and help protect the cornea from further damage. These medications will be prescribed on a specific dosage schedule that will be provided to you by your vet. With a combination of surgeries and medications, your American Rottweiler will be on their way to recovery in no time, free of any entropion issues to worry about. 

Rottweiler Entropion Treatment Costs

Given the need for multiple surgeries and medications, entropion can be costly to treat. Typically, each surgery can cost between $500 and $1,000 on one eye. If you are worried about funding these treatments, pet insurance is a great option to help alleviate some costs. Pet insurance will cover a portion, if not all costs of each surgery and medication. The monthly fee for pet insurance can be a great alternative to paying for the entire cost upfront. Some vet offices may offer payment plans or credit lines to Rottweiler owners who need a little extra help financially when treating entropion. Given these treatments are necessary to prevent further damage, it is best to explore all payment options when deciding on how to fund this. There are plenty of ways to ensure your American Rottweiler gets the medical care they need without putting you in a financial bind.

Preventing Rottweiler Entropion

Primary entropion is an inherited disease that is prominent in many dog breeds. This is caused by aspects of facial structure such as wrinkles, flatness, eyelid length and more, which can contribute to entropion development. This form of the condition can’t be prevented, so being watchful for symptoms is the next best option. Knowing your Rottweiler is predisposed to entropion and keeping an eye out for possible signs will help them receive the treatment they need in a  timely manner. Though there is no clear way to prevent primary entropion, you can still avoid further damage and pain by being vigilant about your Rottweiler’s eye development and health. Regular check-ups and examinations for your American Rottweiler will also help catch this condition early and avoid further issues resulting from it. 

Secondary entropion is caused by health and environmental factors rather than genetics. Though Rottweilers are more likely to experience primary entropion rather than secondary entropion, this form of the condition is still possible. To avoid it, keep your dog at a healthy weight. Obesity is a risk factor for entropion, along with sudden weight loss. If your American Rottweiler has existing eye conditions, be sure to keep an eye out for entropion as well. This disease can be a result of other related eye issues over time. While your Rottweiler developing secondary entropion is very unlikely, it’s still best to keep them healthy at all times to prevent this possibility. 

Rot waiting in the middle of wood bridgeHow To Help Your Rottweiler Live A Fulfilling Life With Entropion

Your Rottweiler can still live its best life possible with entropion. Though this condition does require some medical procedures and prescription, it can be overcome easily with the right treatment and care. Ensuring proper diagnosis is the first step to providing a fulfilling life with entropion for your dog. This will allow them to receive the proper care they need from their vet. Once surgeries have been completed, maintaining your dog’s medication dosage is important. This will ensure that they recover from this disease completely. By taking all necessary steps to correct this condition, your American Rottweiler should live a normal and happy life. Pain and discomfort caused by entropion will be eliminated with the proper care and healing.

Once your dog has healed from entropion, they are free to live out the rest of their many years to their fullest potential. This condition will not stop them from doing all of the things that they love. Even if irreversible eye damage has occurred, this can be managed and will not stand in the way of their happiness. Adjusting to your dog’s abilities and needs with eye damage is the best way to make sure they are getting all that they can out of each and every day.

Entropion is a common eyelid disease for certain breeds of dogs including Rottweilers. Purebred American Rottweilers are the most likely to experience this condition. Though daunting with its surgery requirements, entropion can be overcome easily for your dog to live a normal and healthy life. Examinations will be performed by your vet to check for signs of entropion. If your dog does develop this condition, it will need to be treated immediately to avoid further damage. Once treated, your Rottweiler will heal rather quickly and no longer have to suffer from entropion. Knowing the signs and symptoms to look out for is a great way to prevent further damage from entropion. Overall, this condition has a great recovery outlook for any Rottweiler diagnosed with it. 

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