Which Toy Will Your Dog Love To Fetch?

dog with tennis ball in mouth running through park

Have you been wondering which toy would be best to play fetch with your pup? Answer these questions about your dog and find out which toy we recommend! 

How old is your dog?

Dog food birthday cake on a cake stand isolated on white background Adobe Stock

How big is your dog?

Dog bones for chewing different sizes Adobe Stock

How much experience does your dog have with playing fetch?

Miniature Goldendoodle playing fetch in an open park Adobe Stock

How’s your dog’s dental hygiene?

white poodle dog with a toothbrush in the mouth Adobe Stock

How much energy does your dog have on an average day?

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Which environment best describes your dog’s play areas?

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Which Toy Will Your Dog Love To Fetch?
Ball in the middle of a rope

POMERANIAN with chew toy

This type of toy is great for a game of tug-of-war and for you to teach your dog how to fetch if they still haven’t grasped the concept yet. If your dog is teething, this might help alleviate any pain they feel as well. The size of the rope and ball may vary depending upon the size of your dog.
Electronic ball thrower

Creative composition made with tennis balls on green background.

If your dog is exceptionally active, especially if they’re a puppy, you might find yourself throwing in the towel and worn out from throwing a ball or toy before your dog is ready to stop playing. If that’s the case, then this electronic machine might be best for you and your dog!
Flippy Flopper Frisbee Disk that is durable


This toy is durable for indoor and outdoor use, all seasons, and in rain or shine. The flying disk is ideal for a medium or large dog that loves to jump and fetch things in the air. This toy also floats in water, so it is great for pet beaches and playing in pools.
A squeaky ball that is textured

Close up of dog running and playing fetch with orange ball toy

A squeaky ball is softer than a tennis ball and can include a unique texture, which makes it a great option for dogs of all sizes and all ages! If your dog is a puppy and just learning how to play fetch, the squeaky sound will surely get your dog’s attention. This toy is also just as easy to pack to play outdoors as it is to play indoors! The versatility of a squeaky ball can make it the perfect fit for your dog!

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