Tractive Dog GPS: The Cheapest Way To Track Your Dog

Do you have a sneaky dog that tends to get out of the yard? How about a pet with health issues that needs extra monitoring? A GPS dog tracker is a simple solution to keeping tabs on your dog, whether in the yard or while running errands with you. These collars can –quite literally — be life-saving.

While many GPS trackers may seem expensive at first glance, they are usually worth the money in the long run. And if you’re on a budget and need to track your dog, there’s an option that won’t break the bank.

The Tractive dog tracker is one of the most affordable options on the market while still providing many of the essential services of competitor products.

In this article, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the Tractive collar, how it can benefit you and your dog, and review what current users have to say about the device.

Who Needs a Tractive Tracker?

There are many reasons why the Tractive Tracker can be helpful for you and your canine companion. If you live on a property without a fence or have a fence that is not fully secured, you can benefit from having one of these collars in case your dog ventures out.

Anyone who frequently travels and leaves their dog with a dog-sitter or family member may worry about their dog while they’re away. With a Tractive device, you can keep an eye on your pet from anywhere in the world.

The Tractive Tracker also monitors your pet’s wellness by keeping data on activity, and sleep, and giving an overall wellness score. This information can be used by owners and veterinarians when making diagnoses and prescribing treatment.

Taking your dog to the dog park is an exciting way to socialize with other dogs. Your dog may run off impulsively if they are hyperactive or gets stressed easily around other dogs or people. Having a GPS tracker on your dog allows you to track where they run off to, find them quickly, and prevent them from getting hurt or taken away by animal control.

Hunters can use the Tractive Tracker to keep track of their dogs’ routes out in the field. It can’t be easy to follow exactly where your dog has been, but with a GPS, you can know exactly where they are without searching for them.

How To Handle a Dog Who Frequently Runs Away

Most dog owners have been frustrated by a pet who runs away — especially when it is in pursuit of something and is absolutely not listening to your commands. While a GPS dog tracker cannot prevent your dog from fleeing, it assists you in locating them more quickly in the case of escape.

If your dog is prone to bolting, keep them on a leash while they’re outside. This allows you to track them and keep them from wandering too far away.

Keep an eye on your dog at all times if you’re walking or hiking with them. If they begin to wander away, call their name and make sure they return to you. Do not be alarmed if your dog manages to escape. Keep calm and use the GPS tracker to find them.

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GPS Tracker Vs. Shock Collar

When it comes to keeping track of a pet, there are several options. A shock collar or GPS tracker are two of the most popular methods. Which is the superior choice?

Shock collars have been popular among certain pet owners for some time. They work by shocking the dog with a small electric shock when it barks or runs away. While shock collars can be effective, they can also be harmful if not used correctly. Many pet owners are uninterested in harming their dogs in any way whatsoever.

GPS trackers are a newer option that provides a more humane way of tracking a pet. They use satellite technology to track the pet’s location and can even send alerts if the pup leaves a specific area. Unlike shock collars, GPS trackers do not cause harm to the pet.

Force and pain-related training can hinder your relationship with your dog. Wonder Dog University expert, Pat Miller, shares her thoughts on properly training your dog:

“Old-fashioned training uses coercion, force, pain, and fear to control a dog. I know; I used to use those methods. They are seductive because they can successfully stop some behaviors – but they always come with unintended side effects and have a strong potential to damage the relationship between dog and human.

“Force-free training, correctly done, is effective, strengthens the canine/human bond, creates relationships built on mutual voluntary cooperation and trust, and teaches the dog what to do rather than focusing so much on what not to do.”

Do GPS Trackers Work in Rural Areas?

GPS trackers can have their signal interrupted by trees, buildings, and other obstacles. This is why finding a tracker that uses GPS and cellular signals is the most useful.

Cellular signals are much more reliable in rural areas than GPS signals because they aren’t interrupted by obstacles. If you’re looking for a tracker that will work in rural areas, make sure it has a cellular connection.

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Do GPS Dog Trackers Work in the Absence of Wi-Fi?

Yes, GPS dog trackers work in the absence of Wi-Fi. The pet tracker connects to the internet via cellular data and sends location data to the owner’s smartphone. Even if there is no Wi-Fi signal, the tracker will continue functioning.

With this technology, you can always see where your dog is and be notified if they leave a designated safe area. Even if there is no Wi-Fi signal, the tracker will continue to function as long as there is cellular data service.

Can Small Dogs Use GPS Trackers?

Small dogs can benefit from GPS trackers just like their larger canine counterparts. Though a tracker may be only required for large dogs that may escape, there are several situations in which a tracker would also be useful for a small dog.

For example, if a small dog escaped from the yard and ran away, a GPS pet tracker is extremely useful in locating them. The tracker pinpoints the dog’s exact location, saving you from searching aimlessly throughout the neighborhood.

GPS trackers can also be used to monitor the activity levels of a small dog. Both owners and veterinarians benefit from this information. If an owner notices that their small (or large) dog is not moving as much as usual, they should take them to the vet.

Tractive Tracker Features

Even though the Tractive GPS Tracker is one of the most inexpensive products on the market, it still includes many fantastic features including live mode, virtual fences, location history, wellness scores, and family sharing.

Live Mode

You can know exactly where your dog is in real time. The Live Mode feature records your dog’s location every two to three seconds. With this information, you can find your dog quickly and efficiently and also prevent them from wandering past your boundaries in the first place.

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Virtual Fences

The Tractive dog tracker allows you to create safe zones around your home. These safe zones act as virtual fences that alert you whenever your dog approaches or crosses the boundaries you have set. The virtual fence feature helps prevent your dog from wandering into the neighbor’s yard, stepping into your garden, or running into the street.

Location History

When you’re away, there is something very comforting about being able to check in on your dog and see what they are up to throughout the day. The location history feature allows you to review your dog’s day and imagine you are with them on their adventures.

If your dog is ever lost, the location history helps retrace their steps and enables you to know where not to check when searching for them.

Do you let your dog walk off the leash? If so, it is essential to have a GPS pet tracker to ensure you can find them in an emergency. The location history feature allows you to find your dog quickly, whether at the dog park, hiking, or on a hunting adventure.

Wellness Score

The Tractive Tracker keeps track of your dog’s wellness stats. It records your canine’s activity levels and sleeping patterns. The stats are compared to previous days to help you see how your dog performs on any given day. You can set specific goals for your dog’s activity levels to help keep you and your dog accountable. These features benefit a dog who needs to lose weight or lives a sedentary lifestyle.

The wellness score can help express patterns in your dog’s performance, both positive and negative. Sometimes, a dog’s activity levels will change if they are experiencing issues in their health or temperament, which can be spotted with the wellness tracker. Catching these patterns early on is key to finding a solution to help overcome them quickly.

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How Much Sleep Should Your Dog Get Per Day?

Dogs require between 11 and 14 hours of sleep per day, which varies depending on the dog’s age, breed, size, and activity level.

Puppies sleep more than adults because they are growing and require extra rest. Smaller breeds sleep more than larger breeds.

Active dogs and working dogs may require less sleep than less active dogs.

When traveling or moving, your dog’s sleep patterns can change. The Tractive sleep monitor can help get your dog on track to a healthy night’s rest.

Family Sharing

If you have multiple family members or friends taking care of your dog, they can also monitor the pup through the family sharing feature.

Find Nearby

Another feature called “Find Nearby” lets you locate your dog by alerting you as you approach them. If you can’t find your dog inside, or they’re hiding from you around the yard, this is a great feature.

The Tractive GPS Tracker Versus GPS Collars

One of the key differences between the Tractive Tracker and other GPS collar products is how the device is attached to your dog. Unlike collar varieties, the Tractive comes as a clip-on device that you attach to your dog’s existing collar. If you don’t need to track your dog 24/7, you can easily remove the device without removing the entire collar.

Since the device is just a tracker, it’s somewhat bulkier than other products, though still small and comfortable enough for your dog not to mind. The pet tracker’s battery lasts up to seven days without charging, so you don’t have to worry about charging it nightly. When you’re ready to charge it, the device fully charges within two hours. The battery also has a power-saving mode to use when you’re at home or somewhere that doesn’t require you to track your canine.

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Do You Need a Subscription?

To use the Tractive GPS Tracker, you need a subscription service. These fees help provide you with a wireless network that connects to the GPS and sends the information to your app. Without a subscription, you won’t have access to tracking your dog or any other features on the device.

Tractive Subscription Plans

Two subscription plans are available for the Tractive tracker — basic and premium:

Basic Includes:

  • Regular location updates

  • Unlimited LIVE Tracking

  • Activity and sleep monitoring


  • The monthly plan costs $13/month.

  • The yearly plan costs $8/month.

  • The two-year plan costs $6/month.

Premium Includes

  • Regular location updates

  • Unlimited LIVE Tracking

  • Activity and sleep monitoring

  • Family Sharing

  • Worldwide Coverage

  • 365-Day Location History

  • GPS Data Export


  • The yearly plan costs $9/month.

  • The two-year plan costs $7/month.

  • The five-year plan costs $5/month.

Is It Worth the Money?

The price of the GPS device is only $49.99 and comes in three color options: black, brown, or white. For only $49.99, you can monitor your dog’s activity and health, set virtual fences, access their location in real time, and add family members to keep track of them.

Now, potential drawbacks: Tractive’s product doesn’t offer commands, isn’t fully waterproof, and doesn’t come equipped with a collar. These features, however, are only sometimes vital for some dog owners’ needs. Considering the relatively low price compared to other devices on the market, this GPS is definitely worth the money.

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Tractive for Dogs Review

On Tractive’s website, they have over 12,300 reviews and score 4.6 out of five stars. The high rating shows just how useful this device is and how much value is provided at its low cost.

Check out these actual reviews from real Tractive users:

This is the best tracker yet. (I’ve tried three!) The signal is consistent and accurate. The live feature can be used and turned off to save battery. The battery lasts a long time, longer than any tracker I’ve tried. The heat map lets you know where your dog spent his time away so you can avoid it – or leash up -next time. This tracker is great for mountain bikers and hikers who want their buddies to join them on adventures!” -Rose Law from TrustPilot

My dog and I have been using a Tractive tracker daily for over a year, and we love it! It works great even though we live in the middle of a forest. The app, especially the virtual fence, gives me peace of mind and gives him much more freedom to roam around. Since the battery-saving zone was introduced, he’s been wearing it 24/7. It’s so great to see how he’s sleeping at night and if he’s calm when I’m not at home.

“I had some technical issues with my last tracker, but I got a replacement with home delivery in just two days. The support is the best I’ve used.” – Aleks from TrustPilot

We have two very active and adventurous dogs. Tractive makes it possible to locate them quickly when they get out of our yard. We live in a very rural area, so finding them could be almost impossible otherwise. There are some quirks to set a virtual fence, but that is probably easier on a tablet or laptop. Customer service is very helpful when you need to contact them. Get a plan with insurance; my dogs have lost their tracker at least once. They play rough and run through wooded areas when they get out, so these trackers take a beating and hold up well, but nothing is invincible. Claims are not a hassle, so the insurance is well worth it.” – Kimberly Wright from TrustPilot

Save Money, Gain Security

Instead of buying an expensive collar, consider choosing the Tractive GPS Tracker and adding it to your dog’s favorite collar. For half the price of other products, you can set up an invisible fence around your home, monitor your dog’s activity levels and sleep patterns, and review their location history throughout the day.

The subscription plans are generally cheaper than other options and offer an inexpensive way to add extra protection and security for your pet. Preventative measures are the only way to ensure your dog’s safety and help you find them quickly if they ever wander out of sight.

While the Tractive Tracker may not be the most petite or heavy-duty option, it still offers a variety of convenient features. Try the Tractive GPS Tracker if you’re looking for an effective and easily accessible way to monitor your dog.

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